Lowa mountain boots

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Lowa mountain boots - robust footwear for mountaineers

When the mountain calls, there's no stopping many people. But to really enjoy the beauty of nature and the joy of mountain hiking, you need good footwear. Our Lowa mountain boots are a good choice. They are up to the special and often changing demands of alpine terrain and will guide you safely over unpaved terrain with ice, snow and scree, as well as challenging via ferrata, all the way to the summit.

In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net you will find a large selection of Lowa mountain boots made of leather or synthetic for different terrains, some of which can even be used with crampons.In our guide, you can find out what advantages the individual models offer and what you should look out for when buying.

What distinguishes Lowa mountain boots from hiking and trekking boots?

Even though all three terms sound similar and are often used synonymously, they are actually different shoes with some similarities, but also some different features.When making your choice, you should therefore pay close attention to whether the shoes you select really meet the requirements for your tours.

Common to all three shoe types is the rough profile and the mostly waterproof and breathable upper material.The differences, on the other hand, can be seen in the robustness, the shaft height and the sole, among other things.The following comparison provides a rough orientation:

Hiking boots

  • soft sole that can be easily bent over
  • semi-high shaft
  • not suitable for crampons

Trekking shoes

  • medium-hard sole that can be bent over with some effort
  • medium to high upper
  • also available as crampon-compatible shoes

Mountain boots

  • very robust
  • higher shaft
  • due to the additional sole layer, very stiff sole that can hardly be bent over
  • also available as crampon resistant shoes

A question of terrain: Which Lowa mountaineering boots do I need?

For paved surfaces, such as those you encounter on easy mountain hikes, softer soles that allow the foot to roll well are best suited.On paths through open terrain, low shoes are usually sufficient.On uneven terrain, the risk of twisting an ankle increases, so you should opt for a mountain boot with a higher shaft that covers the ankle.This not only provides a more secure hold, but also protects the ankle from painful bumps or abrasions.

Conditionally crampon-compatible mountain boots are good all-rounders that cut a fine figure on moderate tours as well as on easier via ferrata.For safety reasons, you naturally need a crampon-compatible model for demanding high-altitude tours and ice climbing.Regardless of the terrain, but rather due to the rapid change of weather in the mountains, mountain boots should have a Gore-Tex membrane and be waterproof.However, this applies to almost all Lowa mountain boots.

What should I look for when buying Lowa mountain boots?

Good mountain boots are characterised by a breathable, waterproof and windproof membrane and an abrasion- and slip-resistant sole with a deep tread.Despite their low weight, they are extremely robust and available in various sizes (some also in widths).The more demanding the tour, the more important it is that the shoe fits perfectly.In order to have enough freedom of movement in the shoes, the manufacturer recommends a length allowance of 15 mm for adults and 12 mm for Lowa children's shoes.In addition, the individual foot shape and personal preferences must also be taken into account when determining the fit of a shoe.When making your choice, bear in mind that your feet will swell on longer tours and you will also need to allow some space for insoles or socks, especially if you wear thicker socks when hiking.

Leather or synthetic?

The upper material of mountain boots can be made of leather or high-quality synthetic.Both materials have advantages: leather offers an optimal foot climate, as it warms the foot in winter and cools it in summer.However, to be breathable and waterproof, leather shoes need to be well cared for and regularly waterproofed.But then they are very stable and robust.Synthetics are lighter in weight, easier to care for and dry faster.On the other hand, it adapts less well to the shape of the foot and is perhaps less robust than leather in a direct comparison.

Low, Mid or High? Which shaft height is the right one?

Depending on the model, the shaft height of the Lowa men's shoes and women's shoes.The low cut models (LO shoe) enclose the foot up to the ankle.Slightly higher are the mid cut shoes (MID shoes), which reach above the ankle and enclose the base of the calf.The highest upper is offered by the high cut models (HI shoes), which go far beyond the ankle and sometimes also enclose the lower calf.

Crampons may be necessary on steep via ferratas - with the appropriate shoes you are well prepared for such situations.

Does Lowa offer mountain boots that are crampon resistant?

Yes, there are some Lowa hiking boots that are crampon resistant.Basically, mountaineering boots can be divided into 3 categories in this respect (mainly based on the stiffness of their sole):

  • Fully crampon resistant: The shoes have an extremely stiff sole with an exposed sole edge to which you attach the rocker arm.They are suitable for tours in the alpine high mountains and glacier tours.These include the Alpine Pro GTX Lowa, for example.The Lowa mountain boots for men & women convince with high wearing comfort and maximum performance.
  • Conditionally crampon-compatible: These models with medium-stiff soles are suitable for light crampons with strap bindings, but do not severely restrict comfort.They are suitable for balanced mountain tours that include moderately difficult via ferrata but no major ice areas.Examples include the Cevedale models from Lowa, which are available as mountain boots for men and women.The breathable, waterproof shoes with the 2-zone lacing are very suitable for high altitude tours and alpine climbing thanks to the pull-on loops and scree protection edge.
  • Unsuitable for crampons: Shoes with soft soles are suitable for simple mountain hiking, but not for the use of crampons.

Buy Lowa hiking boots for men and women online now - at Wanderschuhe.net

High-quality materials and different fits characterise the various models of Lowa mountain boots for men, women and children in our range.Whether fully or conditionally crampon-compatible, whether easy or difficult terrain - for every hiking tour in the mountains there is the right Lowa women's shoes and men's shoes.Find the right model for your next tour now and convince yourself of the qualities of these high-quality brand shoes.