Trekking shoes for men

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Trekking shoes for men: outdoor shoes for different uses

A hike is a unique experience at any time of the year and in any weather. After all, there is a lot to see along the way. Rustic forests with bizarre rock formations and rushing streams, exciting adventure trails, millennia-old moors and sparkling lakes make every tour a great experience. But before you plunge into your next trekking adventure, you should get the right footwear.Trekking shoes offer you good wearing comfort, optimum support and usually also protection against moisture on your trekking tours, walks and hikes.They are specially designed for long distances so that you can enjoy your tour with healthy feet.In our online shop you will find lightweight trekking shoes and trekking boots from renowned brands such as Meindl, LOWA or Hanwag, which in many cases are breathable and waterproof.You can filter by manufacturer, colour, size and many more categories so that you can buy your favourite model quickly and easily online.

What exactly are trekking shoes?

If you like to explore nature on foot, you should have a good selection of different outdoor accessories.Since conventional shoes quickly reach the limits of their load-bearing capacity on long trekking tours, trekking shoes in particular are part of this.Even if your sports shoes or leather boots look robust, they are still designed for everyday wear on flat surfaces and asphalt.A trekking shoe, on the other hand, is characterised by a relatively soft and flexible sole that allows for comfortable walking and rolling of the foot.Available are low shoes for light hiking and trekking boots with a high shaft for longer or winter outdoor activities.Which form of shoe is suitable for you depends first and foremost on the use.The terms trekking shoes and trekking boots are often used synonymously with hiking shoes and hiking boots.

What distinguishes trekking shoes and trekking boots?

Trekking shoes are specially adapted to the conditions of nature and are characterised by a non-slip tread, their robustness and the aforementioned soft sole made of rubber or Vibram.Most of them are also waterproof and breathable.A trekking shoe or trekking boot keeps your feet warm and dry and can adapt perfectly to the ground conditions thanks to its robust material.To ensure that the shoe fits securely and firmly, it is often equipped with tear-resistant laces and stabilising elements.

Trekking shoes waterproof for men and women: What brands and models are available?

Many manufacturers from the outdoor industry have dedicated themselves to the production of trekking shoes.The best-known brands include Meindl, LOWA and Timberland also Dachstein, Hanwag or Keen.A distinction is made between trekking shoes and trekking boots, whereby the latter can also be used in winter depending on the equipment.For example, a winter trekking boot should definitely be equipped with a stiff and insulated snow sole and a thick lining.If in doubt, seek advice on whether the trekking boot you have chosen is winterproof.The walking shoes team is at your disposal.

How should trekking shoes fit?

A good trekking shoe must fit comfortably and have a firm grip.It must not pinch at all, otherwise blisters are already pre-programmed for the next outdoor adventure.It is therefore best to buy the shoes a half to full size larger so that the toes do not hit the front on sloping terrain.If you are a woman, you should go for Women's trekking shoes which are tailored to the special needs of women's feet.The manufacturers LOWA and Meindl have particularly excelled in this segment and have brought out a special collection of women's hiking boots with Women and Lady.

Which model fits a hallux valgus?

Hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe in which the big toe gradually deviates more and more outwards.Sooner or later, the pronounced bunion leads to feelings of pressure and pain in the affected area when wearing a shoe.Some manufacturers such as Hanwag, Keen and Meindl offer so-called bunion lasts for such cases, which offer significantly more space in the area of the metatarsophalangeal joint.As a general rule, shoes with a relatively wide shoe width, orChoose fit.If you are affected by hallux valgus, you should choose a walking shoe or walking boot that has at least an H width.

Which trekking shoes are the best?

The question of which trekking shoe is best cannot be answered in a general way; the purposes of use and the shapes of the feet are too different.First and foremost, you should adapt the shoes to your intended use and choose a manufacturer who specialises in the production of trekking and hiking shoes.Here you can assume that years of expertise flow into the development and production of the shoes.As a rule, the models from Meindl and LOWA perform particularly well in the trekking shoe test, because the manufacturers are known for their high quality standards.Professionals also appreciate the trekking shoes of the two brands and fall back on one of the high-quality models again and again.The current season also plays a major role in the choice of suitable trekking shoes.If temperatures are high outside, you should prefer breathable, lightweight trekking shoes, even if they may not be waterproof.Since the low shaft prevents heat from accumulating, the foot climate remains much more pleasant.If, on the other hand, you often hike in frosty and cold temperatures, a high shaft and a water-repellent finish are an absolute must.

How long do shoes and boots last with good care?

Hiking boots are significantly higher quality in material and workmanship than trainers or trainers and are, to a certain extent, designed to last.Like any other shoe, trekking shoes for women, men or children need to be cared for regularly so that they can endure many outdoor tours with you.The following instructions show you step by step what you have to pay attention to:

  1. Remove laces + insole
  2. Remove the coarse dirt and grime from the surface with a brush.
  3. Clean the inside and outside of the shoes with lukewarm water.
  4. Allow the shoes to dry sufficiently
  5. Finally, apply a suitable leather care product with wax.

Are trekking shoes also suitable for snow?

With a high trekking boot designed for winter, you can get through the snow without any problems.These so-called winter trekking shoes usually have a high shaft and a waterproof membrane made of GORE-TEX®-(GTX), which keeps moisture out of the inside of the shoe.In addition, the heat is also stored well so that unpleasantly cold feet do not occur too quickly.In addition, the winter trekking shoe should have a winter sole and a warming inner lining.

Trekking shoes for the whole family

In the shop from you will find trekking shoes for women, men and children, including the classics LOWA Renegade GTX Mid, Hanwag Alaska GTX and adidas Terrex.In addition, we offer you the matching hiking socks, laces and shoe care products the whole world around hiking shoes.We advise you on our free advice hotline and grant you a 30-day return policy on ordered trekking products.Take a look!