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Are you looking for the perfect hiking shoe for your outdoor hobby? In our Wanderschuhe.net online store you are exactly right! We show you which outdoor shoe fits you and your needs perfectly! From our classic hiking boots, modern trekking shoes to our sporty mountain boots: In our large assortment of Lowa, Hanwag, Meindl, Adidas Terrex and many other first-class outdoor brands, everyone will find the perfect companion! You are unsure whether it should be a shoe, boot or even a trekking sandal? You wonder in which size you should buy your hiking boots? You want to buy a particularly high-quality hiking or trekking shoe at a bargain price? We explain to you what is important when buying and what you should pay attention to! Of course, our hiking boots team is always available with expert tips and tricks!

So what are you waiting for? Let us inspire you and find the perfect hiking boot for your next trekking tour.

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Why good walking shoes are essential

No blisters on the way, dry feet in wet conditions and optimum support for the foot and ankle: good hiking boots are essential for a successful hiking or trekking tour. They enable outdoor activities lasting several days and long daily distances and ensure comfort through maximum wearing comfort. With their strong soles, sturdy seams and a robust tread, trekking boots and co. are a guarantee for stability and safety even on difficult terrain and ensure a good grip on slippery or ascending ground.Our high-quality hiking shoes are absolutely suitable for everyday use, anything but boring and can even be extraordinarily stylish, depending on the model.

With the large selection in our hiking shoe shop, no wishes remain unfulfilled.Whether <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/">women's hiking boots or <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/men/">walking shoes for men - there is a suitable model for everyone.

The right brand: Which hiking boots should I buy?

Whether trekking shoes, hiking boots, mountain boots or trekking sandals - what unites all our outdoor shoes is a high level of functionality and quality.This is demonstrated above all by our top brands Meindl, Hanwag, Lowa and Adidas Terrex, which combine the latest technologies with a particularly modern look.Here we show you what our favourite brands have to offer:

Lowa: Lowa hiking boots are partly handmade in the traditional way and impress with particularly high-quality materials.The outdoor shoes, boots and sandals thus have an amazing longevity.Lowa outdoor, hiking and trekking shoes are waterproof, breathable and have a perfect fit.Lowa hiking boots are particularly popular with women - the Lowa Women collection picks up on the special anatomy of women's feet and is thus a real pioneer in the field of hiking boots for women.A particularly popular collection, for both men and women, is Lowa Renegade.

Meindl: Hardly any other brand masters the balancing act between innovation and traditional craftsmanship as well as Meindl.A permanent development of sole, footbed and material makes Meindl shoes probably the most comfortable hiking boots ever.The hiking boot label remains true to its tradition and manufactures its hiking, trekking and mountain boots by hand in over 200 steps.Perfect for summer are the Meindl sandals, which promise a particularly airy feel.

Adidas Terrex: Adidas Terrex hiking shoes are the perfect choice for the extra sporty outdoor fan.As a multiple winner of the Outdoor Industry Awards, the well-known sports brand has secured a firm place in the outdoor footwear sector.When developing new collections, Adidas Terrex relies on the experience of top athletes to develop shoes, boots and sandals that can withstand even the roughest terrain.The professionals' favourite model: Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX.

Hanwag: Hanwag hiking boots are real all-rounders.High quality, the latest technology and premium materials make boots and shoes from the cult brand particularly popular companions.The Hanwag Alaska GTX is a real perennial favourite.

Buying hiking boots and trekking shoes: What do I need to consider?

The best <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/styles/walking-shoes-outdoor-shoes/trekking-shoes/">trekking shoes are suitable trekking shoes.Otherwise, aching feet are pre-programmed despite a high-quality hiking boot brand.Meanwhile, most manufacturers of hiking and trekking shoes offer intermediate sizes and models with different last widths for different foot widths.Please also bear in mind that the shoe size is not 100 per cent fixed.For example, feet are smaller in the morning than in the afternoon and longer and wider in old age than in younger years.For winter use, it is important to allow more space for thick socks.Therefore, it is better to choose shoes that are a little wider than too tight for outdoor adventures.It is also important to break in the shoes well before the first tour by taking short walks or at home in the flat.Before you decide on a model, you should also determine the intended use.Depending on the location and purpose of the shoe, it is assigned a category (A, A/B, B, BC, C, C/D, D).

Comfortable and safe: In which size should I buy my hiking boots?

When deciding on the size of your new hiking boots, it is important to consider both the length and the width.The following rule of thumb applies to the length: You should have about a thumb's width of space in the toe box.Compared to your casual shoes, hiking shoes are usually one size larger.

How should hiking boots fit?

The hiking boot should enclose the heel well.The sides of the boot or shoe should rest against your foot - there should be no uncomfortable pressure.When walking, whether uphill or downhill, you should feel a secure hold in your hiking boot without having the feeling that you are "swimming".

The right last width for trekking shoes and boots

The best hiking boot is the boot that fits the shape of your foot perfectly.Therefore, when buying, pay particular attention to the last shape.The last is, so to speak, the shaper of the shoe sole and upper.Depending on whether the shoe is made for wide or narrow feet, the last used in production also varies.Since hiking, mountain and trekking shoes have to fit particularly well, they are available in different last widths and shapes.

Our tip: Take a close look at your feet before buying shoes.Ask yourself whether your feet look wide or narrow.Do you have a hallux valgus (bunion)? What is the shape of your toes? All these questions will help you find the perfect shoe for your feet.

If you're not sure what type of foot you have, our staff are always on hand to advise you!

The right fitting of your hiking boots

When trying on hiking boots, trekking shoes, trekking sandals, hiking shoes or mountain boots, the time of fitting is crucial.Here you can find out what you should look out for when trying on your hiking boots:

  1. Socks: Try on your hiking boots with the right socks.As a rule, hiking socks are slightly thicker than ordinary socks for everyday wear.If you don't have any hiking socks yet, don't worry - in our online shop you'll find a wide range of comfortable <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/socks/">walking socks.
  2. Time of day: Try on your walking shoes in the afternoon.At this time your feet are at their largest (feet are slightly smaller in the morning than in the afternoon).When you try on your walking shoes in the afternoon, you should have about one centimetre of room to move forward.
  3. Hiking boot test: You can also carry out a hiking boot test in your living room.Wear the boots indoors for a longer period of time and then inspect your feet carefully for pressure or rubbing points.Our tip: In the (cleaned) stairwell you can perfectly simulate running uphill and downhill.

Hiking shoe category: Which shoe suits which area of use?

The intended use plays another important role when buying hiking shoes.Thus, the market distinguishes between light hiking boots of category A, high hiking boots of category A/B, classic trekking boots of category B, heavy trekking boots of category B/C, mountain boots of category C and expedition boots of category D.This categorisation, which is now universally valid, was introduced by the Meindl company.

Hiking boot category A

This type of shoe is a lightweight hiking shoe or hiking boot.Low shoes with flexible sole and low cushioning.As hiking shoes, they are suitable for use on largely firm and flat forest and meadow paths, for short day tours with light luggage or for sporty use in everyday life, for example as Nordic walking shoes or for trail running.

Hiking boot category A/B

Hiking boots from class A/B are hiking boots for predominantly paved paths with an ascent.With their high shaft, they support the ankle on extended day tours or tours with overnight stays.The sole of the boot is comparatively stiff and thick, but still twistable.The luggage should not exceed a weight of 35 litres.

Hiking boot category B

This includes classic, rather light trekking shoes and boots for mountainous and partly impassable terrain with a defined route, which can also be used with dangling rods.These boots are usually made of leather, can be resoled and have a torsionally stiff shoe sole with a thick midsole.They are suitable for multi-day tours with a trekking backpack - the weight should be between 40 and 70 litres.

Hiking boot category B/C

Category B/C includes heavy trekking boots with high lacing and a stable shaft for use on steep, difficult terrain without direct routing and for short winter tours in frosty weather.It is also possible to use via ferratas between 3,000 and 4,000 metres.The sole is stiff, has a deep tread and can be fitted with climbing rods and crampons with double basket bindings.

Hiking boot category C

These are extremely robust, heavy mountain boots for use on rough and icy terrain.These alpine boots have a high shaft, extra insulation and a deep profile.They are suitable for altitudes of up to around 5,000 metres and are therefore ideal for winter tours lasting several days.An edge on the heel allows the use of semi-automatic crampons.

Hiking boot category D

Category D hiking boots are, in a way, the off-road vehicle among hiking boots and are among the strongest and most stable hiking boots of all.Also called expedition boots, they are the right shoes for extreme mountaineers or expedition members.They have a removable, insulated inner shoe and are fully crampon-compatible.

Hiking boots made of leather, synthetics and co.What material should hiking shoes be made of?

Nubuck leather, suede, yak leather, synthetic or textile - hiking shoes are made of a wide variety of materials.When buying the right trekking shoes, trekking boots and trekking sandals, it is essential to consider the upper material, weather resistance and inner lining of the hiking shoes.Here you can find out what it's all about:

Shoe upper material

Depending on the intended use and manufacturer, the upper material of hiking boots is either made of leather or synthetic materials (often Cordura).Brands such as Meindl, Timberland or Lowa rely more on full leather or suede (nubuck and suede), whereas Adidas terrex relies exclusively on synthetics or textiles.The use of full leather is particularly suitable for heavy mountain boots and mountain boots, whereas the material is too heavy for light hiking boots.This is why nubuck leather is often used as the outermost layer in lightweight shoes.

Which upper material you choose when buying your new hiking boots is primarily a question of personal preference.On the one hand, leather shoes are more durable and robust, but on the other hand they require more care and are heavier than synthetic shoes.

Waterproof hiking boots with Gore-Tex (GTX)

Whether trekking shoes are waterproof is mainly determined by the construction of the shoe.If a GORE-TEX® membrane is present, the penetration of mud, snow and rain is prevented or at least significantly delayed.This is usually referred to as a Mid GTX shoe (Gore-Tex hiking shoe).Without the membrane, the shoe is not completely waterproof, but it is much more breathable.Today's most popular trekking shoes are made of synthetic material on the inside and leather on the outside, with a Gore-Tex membrane in between.

Shoe lining

The inner lining ensures a pleasant foot climate and is therefore particularly important for wearing comfort.It transports the moisture produced by activity to the outside as quickly as possible, thus preventing heat build-up and blisters on the foot.As a rule, the lining is made of mesh or leather.

Mid, low or sandal - summer and winter hiking shoes for every weather condition

Every hiker has his or her personal preferences when it comes to the season.While one prefers to roam through green seas of grass at 30 degrees, the other climbs snow-covered mountains in winter.To ensure that you are equipped with the right outdoor shoes for every season, our online shop offers a particularly diverse range of hiking boots, shoes and outdoor sandals for every weather condition.

Summer hiking boots

Popular walking shoes for summer are:

  • <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/styles/sandals/outdoor-sandals/">Outdoor Sandals
  • Trekking Sand
  • Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Winter hiking boots

Winter hiking shoes and boots should be particularly sturdy and provide plenty of support.Models suitable for this time of year are:

High hiking boots with a firm sole

  • waterproof Gore-Tex hiking boots (GTX)
  • leather hiking boots with high cut
  • Alpine boots

Hiking boots for spring and autumn

Mild seasons, when it is neither too hot nor too cold outside, are particularly popular with hikers.Comfortable outdoor walking shoes for spring and autumn are:

  • waterproof hiking boots with Gore-Tex (GTX), especially Mid GTX models
  • Light leather hiking boots with mid-cut

Hiking shoes for men and women: Buy high-quality hiking shoes at Wanderschuhe.net

Whether hiking boots, trekking shoes, outdoor sandals, mountaineering or hiking shoes: we offer ladies, men and children a diverse range of hiking boots online for a wide variety of outdoor sports.Our models come from established manufacturers with great experience in the hiking boot segment.These includea.Brands like LOWA, Meindl, Timberland, Adidas or Keen, offering the best hiking shoes at unbeatable prices.Likewise, you can get hiking shoes at thenet also offers matching socks, care materials and lots of accessories.A comprehensive hiking shoe consultation is of course included on request! Contact us simply and easily by email or phone - our hiking enthusiastic employees are always available to answer your questions about your new outdoor shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the couch and have a look around: hiking shoes, Nordic walking shoes, mountain boots, walking shoes and many other models for men and women are waiting for you to try them on!