Hanwag hiking boots for ladies

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Hanwag hiking boots for women - robust shoes for demanding outdoor fans

Whether it's a casual hiking adventure in the forest or a demanding mountain hike - with their robust workmanship, good fit and non-slip soles, Hanwag hiking shoes for women are the perfect companions on any tour. The outdoor shoes from the company, which was founded in 1921, are characterised by their manufacture according to old shoemaking traditions and the use of high-quality materials.Especially with the leather used as upper material and lining, the Bavarian manufacturer attaches great importance to quality and keeps the supply chain from the raw material to the tannery completely within the EU.The only exception are the Hanwag hiking boots for women made of leather from Tibetan yak.In addition to the traceability of raw materials, the issue of sustainability plays an important role, as shown by the Waxenstein Bio Lady shoe models.In addition to organic leather, compostable soles are also used for the first time.

For whatever purpose you are looking for a hiking shoe: In the online shop of wanderschuhe.net you will always find a large selection of affordable Hanwag women's shoes for a wide range of needs.Among them are always attractive offers that are heavily reduced.Tip: Use our practical filter function to discover shoes in different colours, fits, materials and price ranges with just a few clicks.

The best Hanwag hiking shoes for women

Not only many outdoor fans, but also ambitious hikers and mountaineers prefer Hanwag hiking shoes for women.And for good reason, because the trekking and hiking shoes, most of which are made in Germany, are characterised by the perfect symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies.To help you choose a suitable shoe, we would like to briefly introduce the best Hanwag hiking shoes for women below.Among them are traditionally made hiking boots with sustainable materials like the Hanwag Waxenstein Bio Lady or particularly light and functional models like the Hanwag Tatra Light for women.

By the way: You will also find a large selection of Hanwag hiking boots for women, which you can have delivered to your home quickly and cheaply for your next tour.

Hanwag Waxenstein Bio Lady

The robust and sustainably produced Hanwag Waxenstein Bio Lady is the ideal companion for easy to moderately difficult hikes in the lowlands and low mountain ranges.The leather used as the upper material and lining of the comfortable hiking boot comes exclusively from certified species-appropriate cows and has been tanned without chrome in a special process.Soft leather in the shaft and flex area ensures maximum freedom of movement and a high level of comfort on your hikes.A highlight of the Hanwag Waxenstein Bio Lady is the fully compostable Vibram Endurance sole.This can be replaced with a new one at any time thanks to the gussetted design of the mid-height shoe.Besides these, the Waxenstein Bio Lady scores with other product features, as the following overview shows.

  • Chrome-free tanned upper and lining leather
  • Extra soft leather upper
  • Straight fit last for plenty of toe room
  • Clamp hooks for quick lacing
  • Deep-drawn hooks for firm heel fit
  • Compostable Vibram sole
  • Can be resoled at any time

Hanwag Tatra Light Lady GTX

The Hanwag Tatra Light for women is a lightweight and very comfortable hiking boot for easy to moderately difficult hikes and hut tours.Thanks to its Gore-Tex membrane, the hiking boot made from a robust leather/synthetic mix is breathable and waterproof.The Vibram sole provides reliable grip on different surfaces.For comfortable cushioning, the manufacturer has integrated the so-called Integral Light Sole into the Hanwag Tatra Light for women.Visually, the Hanwag women's shoes also know how to impress with a modern design and attractive colour combinations such as black/orange, asphalt/ocean and asphalt/dark yarns.The following overview shows you what other features the Hanwag Tatra Light for women has to offer.

  • Breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • Lacing with clamping and deep-drawing hooks for optimum hold
  • upper made of waxed nubuck leather and synthetics
  • Lightweight Vibram Integral Light sole with trekking profile
  • Toe and heel protection cap
  • Two-zone lacing
  • Scree protection rim

Other popular Hanwag women's shoes

Perfect for easy tours on paved trails are the Robin Light Lady GTX.The breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex hiking boots offer you plenty of freedom of movement, comfortable and relieving cushioning and reliable support on a wide range of surfaces.Equally versatile is the Makra Low Lady GTX, which is made from a robust combination of suede and Cordura.The PEPE outsole with its aggressive sole profile provides extra grip.If you come across climbing passages on your tour, you will overcome them with ease thanks to the climbing zone in the front area of the sole.Discover these and many other hiking shoes from the traditional brand online.

The most popular Hanwag hiking shoes for women in leather

Leather hiking shoes like the Hanwag Waxenstein Bio Lady not only make a robust and valuable impression, but also shine with other advantages.For many women, the decisive factor when deciding on a leather hiking boot is the issue of perspiration.Even Hanwag hiking boots for women made of leather cannot prevent the feet from sweating on long hiking tours and in warm outdoor temperatures.However, the breathable natural material absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside, keeping the feet themselves as good as dry.Furthermore, leather has the advantage that it does not absorb odours as strongly as synthetic materials.Models that offer these and many other advantages include the Bunion Lady II and the Tatra II Lady.You can order both models online quickly and cheaply in different sizes and fits.

Did you know: If you are looking for special Hanwag hiking boots for women made of leather, the models from the Yak collection are a good choice.Their upper material is made from the particularly robust and durable leather of Tibetan yaks (grunt oxen), whose special grain structure makes each pair of Hanwag women's shoes unique.

Order cheap Hanwag women's shoes online - on wanderschuhe.net

Whether it's a robust shoe for your active everyday life or a reliable partner for your outdoor adventures - in our range we offer you Hanwag hiking shoes for women in different designs.Choose robust low shoes if you are walking on firm paths and prefer a high degree of mobility.Or choose one of our mid-height hiking boots if you're hiking with luggage and want to protect yourself from accidental twisting on loose surfaces.If you are planning a hike with your partner, be sure to check out our Hanwag hiking shoes for men an.