Hiking boots for men

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Men's hiking boots: Following the call of the mountains

Enjoying fresh mountain air, discovering new areas and feeling at one with nature: outdoor activities clear the mind and are an ideal way to switch off from everyday life. However, to ensure that hiking in the wilderness on all terrains is an all-round successful experience, you need the right shoes. Here, hiking boots with a high shaft prove to be the ideal all-rounder in the low mountain ranges and in the foothills of the Alps.You can find out what you should consider when trying on, breaking in and lacing up a men's hiking shoe in the hiking shoes shop.net, your online supplier for trendy and comfortable hiking-shoes.

Men's hiking boots as multi-talent

First of all, you should think about where you want to hike and only then choose the right hiking boots.Once the intended use has been determined, you can start looking for the right model.If you plan to hike all day or stay above the tree line, a sturdy, supportive and injury-protecting hiking boot is required.You should also not underestimate that the backpack has an additional weight on the feet, so that these should be relieved by the appropriate footwear.What's more, with most hiking boots for men you are equipped for any weather.

Men's hiking boots: Choosing the right fit

When buying shoes, the principle is: as much support as necessary, as light and comfortable as possible.The following tips will help you find the right hiking boots for men.

Take time

To ensure that your hike is not disrupted by annoying blisters and pain, the fit is the be-all and end-all when buying shoes.First of all, you should take your time when trying on the different men's hiking boots and test the shoes for a few minutes both standing and walking.

Tracing during the fitting

Because of the different size systems (EU, UK, etc.)) of the hiking boots for men, your attention is required when trying on the boot.The right socks, which should be thinner or thicker depending on the strength of the shoe, are also important when trying on shoes.To feel out the fit of the hiking boot, it is advisable to divide the foot into three areas:

  • Toes: The toes need space.As soon as you have to pull them in, the shoe is too short or too narrow.If in doubt, the hiking boot should be bought a half to a whole size larger.
  • Instep: The foot should get good support from the lacing.However, the instep should not hurt.
  • Heel and ankle: At the back of the foot, the heel should have enough space to roll.

With the valley test, you can test on an inclined plane to what extent the toes are still mobile.As soon as the toes bump minimally in front, the hiking boots are not suitable.

Special shoes for malpositions

In the case of foot malpositions such as the so-called bunion (hallux valgus), the big toe is thickened so that the toes need more space due to the crooked position.Narrow-cut hiking boots are also only suitable to a limited extent for particularly wide feet.Special hiking boots for women and men address this foot problem and offer those affected more space at the toe of the boot through wide lasts.The shoe manufacturer Meindl is particularly worthy of mention here; LOWA and Hanwag also have suitable models in their range.

Hiking boots for men: Pay attention to the durability of the soles

A hiking boot that is also used on scree on uneven terrain and exposed to wind and weather on extended tours should be designed to last a long time.It is important to pay particular attention to the sole and the kilometres to be covered.Breathable hiking boots should easily be able to withstand 1200 to 1500 kilometres.Depending on the gait, however, the edges of the soles wear out quickly, so that after a certain period of use, only a new sole will help.When buying, you should make sure that it is possible to sole the boot.

Men's hiking boots: the right care makes all the difference

Remove incrustations

To keep your hiking boots looking good for a long time, they need a place to be stored that is free from damp, cold and heat.The shoes should be cleaned of dirt with a soft brush and water and the sole should be free of encrustations.

With soapy water against foot sweat

Since hiking boots are usually worn for a long time during the day, they are also exposed to sweat.To clean the shoe effectively, it can be filled up to halfway with lukewarm water and washed with a mild soap.To avoid damaging the fabric, do not use a coarse brush, but rather a sponge or soft cloth.To dry the shoes afterwards, they should be filled with newspaper inside the shoes and placed in a warm room.

It is not advisable to put the men's hiking boot on the heater or directly by the fireplace to dry.Otherwise, the shoe may contract and become too tight.

Wax and waterproofing spray as a finish

For an ideal finish and a resilient upper, leather shoes should be maintained with grease, i.e. shoe wax.In comparison, synthetic and textile shoes require less care.Waterproofing sprays are particularly suitable here shortly before hiking, as they make the shoes waterproof.

Men's waterproof hiking boots

GORE-TEX® membrane for protection against moisture

Hiking boots should also be suitable for colder seasons and above all be one thing: waterproof.In cold winter weather, hiking boots with a high shaft and a waterproof membrane made of GORE-TEX® are therefore a must.The effect of GORE-TEX® (GTX) can be seen in the fact that the material does not soak up moisture so quickly on the outside.This prevents moisture from penetrating the inside of the shoe and keeps the feet warm.

A high shaft for snow tours

The more than ankle-high shaft of the hiking boots for men is especially important for tours with high snow.This also has the advantage that you can better attach the straps and buckles to the high shaft when using snowshoes.

Insole for more warmth

For both women's and Men's winter boots an insulated sole is indispensable.This so-called EVA sole (for example from adidas) insulates the boot and guarantees the necessary warmth.Foam, fleece or aluminium foil insoles are also suitable.

You should make sure that the walking boots for winter do not get too tight and there is still room in the boot despite the sole.

Hiking Boots Men Meindl & Hiking Boots Men LOWA

The best hiking shoes for almost all purposes are usually available from the labels Meindl and LOWA available, including mountain boots in hiking boot category D.A particularly popular model for hiking on paved trails is the waterproof Lowa Renegade Mid GTX.However, according to the manufacturer, the hiking boots should not be used as mountain boots for difficult climbing tours.In our shop you will also find suitable Men's mountain shoes.Both brands rely mainly on high-quality and robust materials in their production.The upper material is usually made of leather and the sole is made of Vibram, a winter and waterproof rubber.

If a little less performance is required, boots and hiking shoes from adidas - for example the Terrex Swift - can complete the outdoor equipment.These range up to hiking boot category A/B and are usually made of synthetic or textile fabric.

Hiking boots for men from renowned manufacturers

In our online shop, you can draw from the full range, so to speak.Besides Meindl, LOWA and adidas you will also find models from Salewa, Hanwag and Keen.We offer lightweight hiking boots, waterproof hiking boots, lined and breathable Men's hiking shoes in many colours and sizes.Depending on your taste, you can choose between black, brown, blue and many other colours.It's best to order several models at once so you can find the boot with the ideal fit for you at home.

You have 30 days right of return on all men's hiking shoes and hiking boots for men and can buy on account.We are also happy to advise you on the choice of the right boot.