Casual shoes for men

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Casual shoes for men: comfortable footwear for an active outdoor lifestyle

If you enjoy spending time in nature, going on short hikes, discovering sights on foot or experiencing exciting outdoor adventures with the whole family, our casual shoes for men are the ideal companions. With their special combination of grippy soles, relieving cushioning, breathable and weatherproof materials as well as high wearing comfort, these robust shoes have everything you need for outdoor activities.Furthermore, our leisure shoes for men with attractive designs that have something for every taste, from elegant to sporty.

Whether versatile all-rounder for everyday wear or hiking shoe for demanding tours - in hiking online shop you will find comfortable casual shoes for men that are suitable for a wide range of activities.These include popular brand highlights such as the functional and ultra-light shoes from the Adidas Terrex collection as well as genuine outdoor all-rounders from manufacturers such as Lowa and Meindl, which you can order online in just a few clicks.Practical: With our filter function you can now find your dream shoe even faster.Simply select the area of use and size and you will be presented with suitable shoe models.If you're still not sure which shoe suits you, read on to find out what makes a good casual shoe for men, which uppers and linings are available and why you should also opt for a waterproof shoe for summer tours.

Casual shoes for men: robust, comfortable and functional

Whether it's a relaxed walk through the city, a casual hike in the forest or a challenging hike through the low mountain range: for all outdoor activities, it is important to wear a shoe that offers a high level of comfort, relieves the strain on joints, ligaments and tendons and provides secure support in every situation.If you don't want to commit to one activity and want to remain flexible in your adventures, casual shoes for men are the best choice.The shoes, which are tailored to the needs of outdoor fans, are characterised above all by their high-quality, hard-wearing materials, a grippy and flexible sole and good cushioning.Equipped in this way, the shoes ensure optimal wearing comfort even on longer tours and changing terrain.

When choosing a casual shoe, however, you should take into account the activities you prefer to do.Because there are some differences in the shape of the sole profile or the shaft height.For trekking and hiking tours that literally take you over hill and dale, a coarser tread is advantageous because it gives you a secure grip.This also applies to a high upper, which offers you more stability and thus better protection against twisting and at the same time protects the sensitive ankle area from impacts.

Mens breathable and waterproof casual shoes

As a true outdoor fan, neither rain nor snow will stop you from getting outdoors and exploring nature on foot.To ensure that you always reach your destination with dry feet, it is important that your shoes are waterproof.Many of our casual shoes for men, but also leisure shoes for women and leisure shoes for children are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane for this purpose.Thanks to its special construction, the membrane reliably keeps both dirt and water out, allowing you to cross even puddles, slush or streams without getting your feet wet.At the same time, warm air and moisture can escape unhindered from the inside of the shoe to the outside, which is particularly advantageous on warm days and on longer tours and ensures a pleasant foot climate.Practical: Shoes with Gore-Tex remain waterproof and breathable in the long term and do not need to be reimpregnated or otherwise treated.

Good to know: A good foot climate not only prevents unpleasant odours, but also prevents blisters on longer tours.So if you are prone to blisters, breathable models are the best choice.

Comfortable casual shoes for men: The choice of upper material and lining

In addition to the shape of the shoe, the design and details such as the profile of the sole, the height of the shaft or the width of the last, you can also choose from different uppers and linings for men's casual shoes.A popular option for outdoor shoes is synthetic as the upper material and Gore-Tex as the lining.The synthetic material makes the shoes light, insensitive to dirt, breathable and waterproof in combination with a Gore-Tex membrane.Another advantage not to be sneezed at is that synthetic casual shoes for men are usually cheap.Suede is also popular because of its good breathability.The soft and very open-pored leather is often combined with a Gore-Tex or mesh lining.Men's casual shoes with nubuck leather uppers look robust and elegant.The breathable and soft natural material is often combined with a leather lining or - for warm and dry feet in winter - with lambskin and Gore-Tex.Whether leather, synthetic or textile: Order your casual shoes for men online and benefit from our fast shipping.

Order best casual shoes for men online - now on walking!

Outdoor fun in wind and weather: With our comfortable, breathable and waterproof leisure shoes for men, you are equipped for every tour and can enjoy your time outdoors relaxed and with a safe feeling.Browse now at your leisure through our low-priced brand shoes from manufacturers such as Adidas, Lowa or Meindl, which are known for their high quality and durability, and make some real bargains.Because at irregular intervals we offer you comfortable casual shoes for men with attractive discounts.Keep your eyes open for our discount codes or subscribe directly to our newsletter.Not only will you be automatically informed about the best offers, but you will also receive a voucher for your next purchase.If you haven't found what you're looking for in our men's casual shoes, check out our men's outdoor shoes that are perfect for hikes and trekking adventures, or our men's trail running shoes that will help you keep up the pace on the trails.