Hiking shoes for children

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Hiking boots for kids - The ideal companions for your kids

Children love to discover nature and experience exciting outdoor adventures. They romp about in rain, mud and snow and are not deterred by impassable terrain. On the contrary: a ravine, a ditch or a cave make the game even more interesting. So the little ones are out on the trail as cowboys, are on a war campaign as Indians or live as knights in a medieval castle.A hiking trip with the whole family also offers imaginative kids numerous opportunities to go on a discovery tour.Whether in play or hiking; a good trekking shoe for children should always be with you.Find out here what you should consider when buying and how you can find the perfect shoes for your offspring.

Why are hiking boots for children so important?

Especially for children, good and durable footwear plays a crucial role.As children's feet are still growing, they have very special needs.Hiking boots for children guide and protect the feet in their growth phase, help to avoid bad posture, provide security and give good grip and surefootedness.This is enormously important, especially for smaller children, as they still have to learn how to walk safely and with sure footing on uneven terrain.As waterproof outdoor children's shoes, they also ensure dry feet on rainy days and thus a high level of wearing comfort.So it's never too early for the right children's trekking shoes.

Which hiking boots for children are recommended?

Hiking shoes for children are not a smaller edition of men's or women's shoes. Many manufacturers offer independent children's collections that are visually and technically designed to meet the special requirements of children's feet. In order to find the right children's hiking shoes from the large selection of outdoor, hiking and trekking shoes, it is important to clarify the area of use in advance. Should the shoes withstand a mountain tour in the Alps lasting several hours or only the devious and muddy terrain in the forest at home? Will the children's shoes be worn in winter or rather in the transitional season? The age of the child and the shape of the foot also play a central role in choosing the right hiking shoes.Following the hiking boot categories defined by the manufacturer Meindl, there are three different types of hiking boots for children depending on the intended use.

Children's hiking boot (category A)

Category A hiking shoes for children are flat low shoes that can be used in a variety of ways and impress with their high level of comfort and first-class materials.Whether as children's outdoor shoes on the playground or scooter riding or as hiking shoes on Sunday family outings: trekking shoes in this category are the ideal everyday companion for junior.They score points with cheerful colours, offer plenty of freedom of movement and are also weatherproof when equipped with a GORE-TEX® membrane.The sole of the hiking shoes has a good profile and the footbed is ergonomic.Top brands in this segment are <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brands/lowa/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">LOWA, <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brands/meindl/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Meindl and the manufacturer <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brands/adidas/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">adidas, whose hiking shoes for children are often visually reminiscent of trainers.

Children's hiking boots (category A/B)

Many parents do not see much difference between children's hiking boots and children's hiking shoes.However, the difference is relatively easy to recognise.The hiking boot has a high shaft, while hiking shoes for boys and girls are low-cut.The classic hiking boot for children is valued for its high-quality and robust materials, provides support, stability and surefootedness and is particularly suitable for slippery and stony terrain.The high shaft keeps dirt and pebbles out, offers additional high protection for the ankle and reduces the risk of twisting or spraining.In addition to the durable materials and high protective function, these hiking boots for children have extremely stable soles, which can be either rubber or Vibram, depending on the manufacturer.Customers of our online shop can choose between the brands LOWA and adidas, whereby only hiking boot models from LOWA always have a GORE-TEX® membrane.

Children's trekking boots (category B)

The most stable hiking boots for children are so-called trekking boots of category B, which are also suitable for demanding hikes in low mountain ranges.Since these are mountain boots for children orIf you are dealing with mountain boots that are mainly used on difficult terrain, please make sure that the sole grip is correct for the safety of your junior.Vibram soles offer particularly strong surefootedness.As with all other mid-height boots, it is important to wear thick and high socks to prevent possible rubbing of the shaft on the shin.

Hiking boots for children: Which size is right for you?

Depending on the manufacturer, hiking boots for children are usually available from size 28 (EU), i. e.h.from the age of about five.Category B shoes usually start from size 31 (EU) due to the rather difficult area of use.With smaller children, however, it is not always easy to find the right size.Here are a few tricks to help you find the perfect fitting walking shoes for girls and boys.

Determine shoe size

The best thing to do is to take a pair of your daughter's or son's shoes that fit well.Then pull out the insole and measure it.If this is not possible, you can also place the bare child's foot on a thin cardboard, then outline it with a pencil and measure it.It is advisable to measure children's feet in the evening, as this is when they have the greatest expansion.Then you can use a size chart from the internet to determine the right shoe size for children's hiking boots.

Allow for a buffer

To ensure that your child's feet have enough room to grow and move freely, you should allow for a buffer from the longest toe to the toe of the trekking shoes for children.This should be at least 12 millimetres.

Running in before the first tour

It is important to break in children's hiking boots at home or during short walks before the first hiking tour.

Hiking shoes kids order online

Nothing is easier than trekking shoes for kids at Hiking Shoes.net on the Internet.Regardless of the mood and condition of your kids, you can browse through our range and compare the individual prices and models at your leisure.You can make your selection much easier by sorting by manufacturer, area of use, size, sole, colour or other criteria relevant to you.For example, you can search for your junior's favourite colour.In addition to unisex children's models, you can also look directly for hiking boots for girls and hiking boots for boys.If you find a suitable model, you have a 30-day right of return.Alternatively, you can also use our free advice hotline.We are waiting for your call!