Meindl winter shoes

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Meindl winter shoes: shoes for the highest demands

Whether women, men or children - with Meindl winter boots or Meindl winter shoes, the whole family is perfectly equipped for all outdoor activities in the cold season. The traditional Upper Bavarian manufacturer of hiking boots also impresses with its winter shoe range and ensures warm feet and the best grip on ice and snow with models such as Filzmoos, Fontanella Lady GTX and Meindl Sölden.

Meindl shoes: Quality made in Germany

Tradition meets innovation - this is how you sum up the recipe for success of the Meindl shoes, which are appreciated by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world, best to the point.Already in the ninth generation, high-quality hiking boots and leisure shoes for women, men and children are manufactured in Kirchanschöring, Bavaria, under the direction of Lars and Lukas Meindl.The first hiking boot with GORE-TEX® was developed here as early as 1981, and the southern German shoe manufacturer has also always been ahead of the game with concepts such as Air Revolution and the Meindl Identity.

Warm and non-slip: Meindl winter boots and Meindl winter shoes

Reliable Winter shoes must be functional and warm.With models named after the most beautiful winter sports areas such as Kitzbühel, Fontanella or Arosa, from fashionable boots for women, waterproof children's shoes and hiking boots designed for the most extreme weather conditions, the Meindl winter boot collection offers a wide range of footwear for the most diverse uses.

Filzmoos: The classic Meindl winter boots

The Meindl Filzmoos is an extremely robust winter boot for men and women.The goat-sewn boot with a high shaft made of high-quality dark brown aniline leather and contrasting brown felt is lined throughout with lambskin and is therefore also suitable for the lowest temperatures.The stable, grippy Vibram sole guarantees slip resistance on ice and snow.

Calgary GTX: The Meindl winter boot for sporty men

The Calgary GTX is also characterised by the use of robust materials.Like all winter hiking boots from Meindl, the black lace-up boot made from suede and mesh is waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear.The high-performance GTX membrane also ensures a pleasant foot climate.The footbed made of warming winter felt also protects against the cold.

Meindl Sölden: The perfect shoe for winter hiking

Cold feet? Guaranteed not with this winter boot from Meindl! The footbed and inner shoe of the high-laced brown boots made from suede are made from warming thermal material and insulating woven fur.This means that the winter boots from Meindl can be used in temperatures down to minus 25° C.Particularly practical: the removable inner boot of the Sölden can also be used as a hut boot.The winter hiking boot is not only made for men, but also in the lady variant as a winter boot for women as well as the Meindl Sölden Junior in dark brown for girls and boys.

Garmisch Pro GTX: Robust Meindl winter boots with lambskin

Genuine lambskin has proven its worth as a lining for winter boots.The natural material not only keeps feet toasty warm, but also ensures a pleasant foot climate with its breathable and antibacterial properties.For the brown Garmisch Pro GTX winter boot, lambskin is used as the inner lining in combination with GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear.Together with the removable lambskin footbed, the boots can withstand temperatures down to minus 30° C - ideal for extended tours in winter.The lace-up boot is perfectly equipped for snow thanks to the Ultra-Grip sole, which is equipped with claws on the entire surface that grip into the snow and reliably prevent slipping.

Meindl: Lined winter boots for children

When sledging on icy toboggan runs and having hilarious snowball fights, children quickly forget the time in winter and spend a long time outdoors.It is therefore all the more important that little feet are well protected from the cold and wet.With Meindl Meindl children's shoes parents can rely on high quality and comfortable wear.The Yolup Junior GTX is a durable lace-up boot that protects the ankles from the cold with its high shaft and prevents snow from penetrating the boot from above.However, if this should happen, the footbed can be removed and the boot will dry again more quickly.Equipped with extra wetness protection and waterproof GORE-TEX® lining, feet stay warm and dry down to minus 20° C.As with most Meindl children's shoes, practical stoppers have also been incorporated here, which only need to be tightened for a firm hold of the boot.Boys and girls appreciate the fact that it eliminates the hassle of tying shoelaces.The movable, concave claws along the entire length of the sole ensure non-slip footing on any surface.To ensure that the blue or anthracite coloured shoe, which is optionally produced with contrasting elements in bright blue, orange or pink, also stands out in the dark, it has also been equipped with reflectors.The Meindl Snowy 3000 also has a cosy, warm inner lining. The inner boot made of woven fur and thermal material is removable and can also be worn as a hut boot thanks to the integrated rubber outsole.The tightenable snow guard on the upper edge of the shaft ensures a perfect fit on the leg.The children's shoe is fixed in place with a practical strap with Velcro fastening.

What size winter shoes from Meindl?

The same applies to Meindl winter boots: even the highest quality shoe is only optimal if the size is right! Shoes that are too small compress the toes and can cause painful swelling and inflammation if worn frequently.No less harmful is a shoe that is too big.The foot finds no support in it and cannot roll naturally.In the long run, this changes the gait and puts strain on the joints.That's why the following applies especially to Meindl winter boots for children: Don't buy too many and choose the size that currently fits.If you want to buy shoes and boots conveniently online, you can easily measure your feet yourself:

  • Basically, measure in the afternoon or evening - that's when the foot is at its largest.
  • Put on normal winter socks
  • Place your foot on a piece of paper and mark the end and tip of the foot with a pen held vertically: Measure the length
  • Add about 1.5 cm for sufficient space to the front of winter boots and compare the value with the Meindl size chart
  • Meindl shoes are available for men and women not only in full sizes, but also in half sizes.Some models are also available in different last widths.

Attention: For Meindl winter boots with lambskin, it is recommended to choose one size larger.The same applies to the Meindl Sölden and Sölden Lady and Garmisch models.

Meindl winter shoes in the online shop: Fast delivery, low prices

walking offers a rich selection of Meindl hiking boots and winter boots for women, men and children.Browse through our wide range of shoes from the comfort of your own home and find the perfect shoe for your next outdoor adventure! If you are still unsure about fit and size, simply contact our advice hotline, which will be happy to answer all your questions competently and, of course, free of charge.

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