Hiking shoes for men

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Hiking shoes for men: The best shoes for your outdoor adventure

Hiking shoes for men are an absolute must-have for all outdoor freaks! Testing limits, experiencing excitement, discovering nature and finding peace: hiking is a sport with many facets and numerous possibilities. The right footwear: men's hiking shoes. These are not only perfectly adapted to men's feet, but also convince with lots of great features. No matter whether it's a Sunday excursion with the family, the challenging trail running tour with friends or lonely climbing in the mountains.Hiking shoes for men come in a wide variety of designs and are thus available for a wide range of outdoor activities.Here you can get the best hiking shoes for men at a great price from the top brands in the hiking scene: Meindl hiking boots for men, Lowa hiking boots for men as well as our Adidas hiking shoes for men are among the absolute favourite hiking shoes, both among hobby hikers and true professionals.

To make sure you find the perfect outdoor shoe, we have summarised the most important facts about rustic shoes for you.So get started now and find your new men's hiking shoes - at Wanderschuhe.net!

Meindl hiking boots for men: Perfect for rough terrain

Our Meindl hiking boots for men are made for all hikers who are often on the move in uneven terrain.A hiking boot with a high shaft makes sense here.A very popular model from Meindl is, for example, the Meindl BORNEO as a Mid or Mid GTX version.This gives your ankles stability and prevents you from twisting on stones.If you are more experimental and adventurous and don't shy away from a gorge or a quarry, it is best to go for a trekking boot for men in category B.This is also suitable for longer tours with luggage, has a thick, robust sole and can usually be resoled.

Lowa hiking boots for men: The classic

Lowa Hiking boots for men are considered absolute classics among hiking boots.Extremely high functionality, a comfortable fit and particularly robust materials make Lowa men's hiking boots especially popular companions for outdoor sports.The Lowa Renegade is a real perennial favourite from Lowa, which is now available in a wide variety of designs for outdoor enthusiasts.Online, in our shop, you will find the chic lace-up shoe in mid-cut and mid GTX.

Hiking shoes for men by Adidas: Functionality meets style

Particularly widespread among sporty hikers are adidas hiking shoes.These are particularly suitable for short hikes and treks with light luggage.Adidas hiking shoes are also particularly popular for running.Of course, Adidas also has hiking shoes for men in the Adidas Terrex range that you can wear on more demanding tours.A particularly popular model, for example, is the Adidas terrex Swift as GTX Mid, i.e. with GORE-TEX lining.For short hikes, for example, the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 is recommended as a low shoe.

Hiking shoes for men: What is important when choosing?

The best men's hiking shoes are no good if the wearing comfort leaves much to be desired or the fit is unsuitable for men's feet.Nevertheless, the look is now playing an increasingly important role in men's hiking boots as well.While most models used to be in practical brown, black or grey, there are now more and more colourful options in the hiking boot ranges.However, the most important thing for you is how well your shoe fits.When choosing the right men's hiking boot, the following considerations will help you:

WHERE do you go hiking for HOW LONG in WHAT WEATHER?

The most important criterion when buying men's hiking boots is the intended use.That's why hiking boot manufacturer Meindl has defined six hiking boot categories for a wide range of requirements; from light hiking shoes to heavy expedition boots.You will find this categorisation in the product descriptions of many online shops for hiking shoes, including hiking shoes.net.Basically, it can be assumed that most hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts are well served by the first three categories (A, A/B and B).Finally, the hiking boots in the remaining categories are suitable for the demands of the high mountains and difficult via ferratas and are considered mountain boots.

So with mid-height walking shoes or our hiking shoes for men, you are perfectly equipped for the family outing at the weekend.Since they are also city-suitable and look good, they are almost part of the normal everyday outfit in the men's world.

Do you have a wide foot or do you have hallux valgus?

Many hiking shoes for men are also available with a wider last, so that the forefoot has significantly more space overall.This is often referred to as Comfort Fit.Popular manufacturers who offer hiking shoes in extra width are Hanwag or Meindl.

What about body weight?

Above a certain weight, the shoe must also have other properties - for example, extra cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot, so that the shoe is comfortable and provides optimal support for the joints.Especially in such a case, it is advisable to fall back on well-known, high-quality hiking shoe brands and rather avoid cheap outdoor shoes for men.

What else should you look out for when buying men's hiking boots?

In addition to the intended use, the technical features of the men's hiking boots also play a role.Is the shoe waterproof or at least water-repellent? What are the sole and upper material like? Basically, you can't go wrong with a hiking boot with GORE-TEX lining.You can recognise the waterproof models by the GTX suffix.

Men's hiking boots: Waterproof - Yes or No?

The foot climate is another important feel-good factor.For example, the inner lining should be breathable and not allow liquid to penetrate.However, if men's hiking boots are waterproof, they are not always breathable.In any case, it is advisable to take a closer look and seek advice if in doubt.In our hiking shoe shop, this is possible via a free advice hotline.If in doubt, opt for weatherproof shoes, because a dry foot is a major factor in well-being, especially on longer hiking tours.In order to optimally protect the transition between trekking boots and trekking trousers from wetness, the use of rain and hiking gaiters is recommended.

Outdoor shoes for men: sole & tread

A large part of the quality of hiking shoes for men is based on the sole chosen.After all, the insole and the profile of the outer sole form the foundation of the shoe, so to speak, and stand for stability, longevity and durability.For example, high-quality hiking boots usually have an insole made of tanned leather, which absorbs perspiration and ensures breathability.The outsole is usually made of rubber or Vibram, whereby the advantages of a Vibram sole are obvious.After all, the water- and winter-resistant sole was developed together with the tyre manufacturer Pirelli and is considered a real novelty.The sole has a self-cleaning tread that transports mud and dirt out of the tread simply by walking.

Hiking boots men: Which size?

Shoes and boots for hiking must fit firmly on the foot without constricting.To avoid bumping your toes on the toe cap of the shoe while trekking, it is recommended to buy the hiking shoe for men a half to a whole size larger.So even with winter hiking boots there is enough room for thick socks.Since men's outdoor shoes are usually lace-up shoes with many lugs and eyelets, you can also influence the fit through the lacing.

The starting point for determining the correct shoe size is always the foot length in millimetres.The shoe fits optimally when there is a 15 mm buffer in addition to the actual size.By the way, this also applies to women's hiking boots.For children, however, the running shoe should only be 12 mm longer than the actual size.For better orientation, numerous size charts are available on the internet, for example from shoe manufacturers such as adidas or LOWA.These usually include UK and US sizes in addition to EU sizes.

Buying hiking shoes for men: The most important facts at a glance

  • The easier the terrain, the less cushioning is needed.
  • Walking is more comfortable the lighter the weight of the walking shoe.
  • Search the comparison of several brands and choose the manufacturer with the best possible fit for your foot.
  • Make sure your new hiking boots have a good tread and are easy to care for Men's hiking boots are only fully waterproof if they have a GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX).
  • If your feet sweat a lot, a leather shoe is recommended.

Easy and convenient online shopping at Wanderschuhe.net

In our online shop for hiking shoes you will find a diverse selection of high-quality men's hiking shoes at the best price and in all sizes.Also comfortable hiking socks with compression elements, matching laces and an extensive range of products for shoe care.Of course, this also applies to ladies: our Walking shoes for women offer not only a lot of features but also an extra portion of style.

If you're planning your next summer holiday with the lady by your side and want to be perfectly equipped, take a look at our outdoor sandals! These are perfect for trekking in hot temperatures and are available in different versions from the best brands of the outdoor scene in our online shop, both for women and for men.

With us you can shop around the clock, always find a "parking space" and are independent of the weather.We offer you a 30-day return policy on ordered hiking boots and a free advice hotline.Just give us a call!