Walking shoes for men

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Walking shoes for men - the best footwear for endurance sports

If you like to be active in the fresh air and love to explore nature on foot, walking is the ideal sport for you. However, as with all sporting activities, choosing the right clothing is of great importance. In particular, the shoes must be suitable for walking from the sole to the upper material and support your feet with every step. Walking shoes for men from brands such as adidas, Hanwag, Lowa or Meindl.They protect your joints and tendons with their cushioning, give you a secure hold thanks to their grippy sole and enable a natural rolling motion thanks to their flexibility.So you can enjoy your surroundings in a relaxed way on your walking tours.

When choosing the best shoe, however, you should make sure that it fits your walking preferences.Because there are big differences here, from the popular Nordic walking to the nimble power walking to the exciting trail walking, each of which places different demands on the shoe.In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.We therefore offer you a selection of different walking shoes for men, from which you can choose the right model for you and order it conveniently online.Click through our range now and discover the shoe for your next walking adventure.

What distinguishes walking shoes for men?

Walking shoes are a mix of sports and hiking shoes and combine certain features that are advantageous for walking.These include, among others:

  • a high degree of flexibility for a natural rolling movement of the feet
  • good cushioning to protect joints, bones and tendons
  • a grippy tread for good grip on different surfaces
  • a breathable and waterproof upper material
  • a pleasantly padded footbed for high comfort

The exact characteristics depend on the type of walking shoe.

Walking shoes for men: What variants are there?

Walking shoes for men are available in different designs.Which one suits you depends on how you walk.For example, if you prefer to use poles for Nordic walking, the shoes must have different properties than for trail walking over hill and dale.In the following, you will find out what makes the individual variants different.

Comfort walking shoes

The comfort walking shoe for men is - as the name suggests - all about wearing comfort.At first glance, the shoes look like hiking or trekking shoes, but they are much lighter and more flexible and allow you to move at a brisk pace.Their sole is medium-tread and offers good grip on both firm and unpaved surfaces.Typical of comfort walking shoes is the consistently strong cushioning and good fit, which enables a high level of walking comfort.Many models also have a Gore-Tex membrane, which ensures a pleasant foot climate and makes the shoes waterproof.Popular shoes for comfortable walking include the Hanwag Banks and Lowas Walker GTX and Maddox GTX.The latter could be tested in some tests (e.g.a.in "Outdoor") as the best walking shoe for men.

Nordic walking shoes

Nordic walking is less about speed and more about the perfect walking rhythm and the correctly timed interaction with the walking poles.In addition to the right poles, the choice of suitable footwear is important.Because of the large steps and the typical rolling movement from the heel to the toes, most Nordic walking shoes are heavily cushioned, especially in the heel and forefoot area.In addition, the profile of the shoes is less pronounced, as the tours usually lead over firm surfaces in parks, on dykes or forest paths.For good breathability and weather resistance, some of the walking shoes for men are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane.The best walking shoes for men that are suitable for Nordic walking include the adidas Terrex Agravic GTX and the Meindl Vegas.

Trail walking shoes

Trailwalkers love to get off the beaten track and find their own paths.But the paths, which often lead through forests, across meadows and along streams, place special demands on footwear.This is because the ground here is often uneven, stony and slippery, which increases the risk of falls.That's why trail walking shoes usually have a coarse tread that guarantees a secure grip even on mud or loose forest soil.In addition, most trail walking shoes are waterproof, so you can keep your feet dry when crossing streams or in the rain.Last but not least, the shoes offer good cushioning and are very flexible in the sole.This protects your joints and allows the foot to roll naturally.The best men's walking shoes for sporty cross-country walks include the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Core and the Lowa Lynnox GTX.Both are also available as Walking shoes for women.

Perfect for wind and weather: waterproof walking shoes for men

Many walking shoes for men are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane.It ensures that moisture and warmth are transported outwards, creating a pleasant foot climate inside the shoe.At the same time, the membrane prevents moisture from getting into the inside of the shoe from the outside.This is made possible by microscopically small pores that are around 20,000 times smaller than water drops.Whether waterproof walking shoes for men make sense for you depends on how and where you prefer to pursue your hobby.In any case, Gore-Tex shoes are recommended for trail walking and Nordic walking tours in wind and weather.However, if you are mainly walking in the dry and on paved paths, you can also opt for leather walking shoes.This is only water-repellent, but offers similarly good breathability as a Gore-Tex shoe.

Order cheap walking shoes for men online - at Wanderschuhe.net

Have you found the right pair of walking shoes for you? Then order the model of your choice conveniently online now and start your next walking adventure in just a few days! If you still have questions about the ideal size or can't decide on a model, just send us an email or give us a call, we will be happy to advise you.Alternatively, you can also use our hiking shoes and trail running shoes that offer similar benefits and are also suitable for walking.