Trail running shoes

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Operational area
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Trail running shoes: Functional footwear for active athletes

You love long-distance running over rough terrain and are looking for a high-quality sports shoe that meets your needs perfectly? In the online shop you will find trail running shoes from the manufacturers Lowa, Meindl and adidas with a good grip that offer you support, protection and stability on challenging surfaces in the great outdoors.Whether your sport is predominantly on muddy ground, you prefer very varied terrain or rocky terrain is one of your favourite routes, our valuable tips will help you choose the perfect trail running shoes for your demanding sport from our wide-ranging online assortment.Find out everything you need to know about the trendy sport of trail running, find out about the functional characteristics of high-quality running shoes for trail running and why ultra-light trail running shoes and waterproof trail running shoes from Gore Tex are indispensable for you as an active athlete.

Running shoes: trail running as a new trend sport with growing popularity

Trail running is enjoying growing popularity as a relatively new trend sport among active athletes.In contrast to the well-known jogging, the special feature of trail running is that you do not move on asphalted roads, but on uneven terrain.So they run over hill and dale, master slippery or sandy surfaces and cross a stream or two.Large puddles, steep slopes or muddy forest paths are also a welcome challenge for trail runners to run their best time.In order to defy the adversities that different surfaces of sand, scree or earth have in store for you, trail running shoes should fulfil special requirements that give your feet stability and security during movement.Running shoes for trail running are characterised by two essential features that are essential for this risky sport: a lightweight material that promises maximum flexibility and a waterproof membrane that reliably repels moisture penetration.We'll tell you which functional details are hidden behind these two features and how you can get the most out of your hiking Onlineshop suitable trail running shoes for women and trail running shoes for men that exactly meet your requirements for high-quality trail running shoes.

Trail running shoes: the surface determines the purchase decision

In order to be optimally prepared for any terrain, it is important to find out exactly what functional characteristics your new trail running shoes should fulfil before buying.Whether trail running shoes from Gore Tex with a waterproof membrane or ultra-light trail running shoes with a flexible outsole: Since the selection is diverse, it is advisable to first clarify what type of terrain awaits you.Once these questions have been answered, there is nothing standing in the way of purchasing your new sports shoes.For a better overview of the different types of terrain, destinations and distances, we have summarised the most important facts in a compact overview for you:

Muddy terrain: If your activities mainly involve muddy terrain, you should opt for sturdy trail shoes that are waterproof.A heavily treaded outsole with a rough grip helps you find a secure footing on the slippery mud, and a fixed lacing prevents a possible loss of balance.

Varied surfaces: On varied surfaces consisting of paved paths, earthy forest floors and wet meadows, lightweight trail running shoes are a good choice.Thanks to their flexibility, they facilitate rolling, while the thin sole construction with stud structure ensures good walking sensation and traction.

Rocky terrain: If you are mainly on rocky, steep or icy terrain, you need robust trail shoes that are waterproof and very stable thanks to an extra rigid midsole.With regard to swirling debris, the upper side of the shoe should be additionally reinforced to protect your feet from stones.

Lightweight trail running shoes: objective and distance are important parameters

In addition to the suitable shoe for the respective surface, it also plays a role which sporting goal you want to achieve and over which distance you are planning your long-distance run.It makes all the difference whether you are a beginner running short distances, an experienced trail runner looking to improve your performance, or a professional who needs a shoe that is ready for competition.The choice of your new trail running shoes from Gore Tex or other manufacturers depends on these parameters.

Perfect for beginners: Light trail running shoes are recommended for all those who start out as beginners or only want to complete a few occasional runs a month up to a distance of around 15 kilometres.

Perfect for experienced trail runners: If the idea behind your trail running is performance, as an experienced trail runner you will go for reinforced running shoes that are suitable for medium-length distances of up to 50 kilometres.

Perfect for professionals: If you have already reached the professional segment and regularly take part in competitions, ultra-light trail running shoes are the right choice, whose focus is primarily on precision and dynamics.

Walking Discover trail running shoes and functional socks now.

Whether your favourite sport is jogging, trail running or Nordic walking, your feet perform at their best during each of these activities, so a perfect fit should be your top priority when buying your sports shoes.It is important to make sure that your chosen footwear feels like a second skin when you first try it on and that it adapts to your individual foot shape.Furthermore, neither pressure marks nor tension should be felt when the garment is worn for the first time.Also in terms of shoe size, make sure that your toes have about one centimetre of space to the toe of the shoe.Another factor that is often forgotten when buying shoes is the consideration of physical characteristics.According to the respective stature, strong runners are well advised with reinforced sports shoes including a cushioned outsole, while very slim runners can rely on light footwear with a flexible sole.In walking online shop, you will now not only find a large selection of high-quality Nordic Walking Shoes, Goretex shoes and trail shoes that are waterproof, durable and flexible, but also ideal functional socks that provide additional relief for your feet thanks to their reinforced areas.