Outdoor shoes for children

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Outdoor shoes for children: Robust footwear for little adventurers

Our outdoor shoes for children are the ideal companions for young adventurers who want to explore the world on foot. The robust footwear is optimally adapted to the anatomical characteristics of children's feet, offers the little ones a comfortable feeling and - regardless of the surface - always a secure step. So no puddle is too deep, no hill too steep and no tree too high.

Of course, the outdoor shoes for children in our sale are of the same quality and durability as our outdoor shoes for women and our Outdoor shoes for men.So nothing stands in the way of outdoor adventures together in wind and weather.Discover cheap children's outdoor shoes in appealing designs and from top brands in our range now, including Adidas hiking shoes, Meindl hiking boots, Lowa hiking boots and Hanwag hiking boots.

What do good outdoor children's shoes have to be able to do?

Good outdoor shoes for children take into account the special needs of children's feet.They are not only waterproof, but also protect the little ones with every step.To make your choice easier, we have summarised below what makes good outdoor shoes for children (girls and boys) and what you should look out for when buying.

Safety in outdoor shoes for children

Whether outdoor shoes for girls or boys: the safety of the child is always in the foreground.And it's not just the right size that ensures this, but also a good sole.Outdoor shoes should provide a secure grip for the boys at all times.Trekking tours and hikes over hill and dale require a rougher tread and more cushioning than, for example, casual hikes on paved trails.

The lacing also makes an important contribution to safety.In contrast to Velcro fasteners, it allows children's outdoor shoes to be adjusted exactly to the foot.This prevents accidental slipping out and gives the child a secure hold.Additional reflector elements on the shoes improve the visibility of the kids in the dark season and in poor visibility conditions.Many of our outdoor shoes for children are equipped with this safety feature.

Wearing comfort for children's outdoor shoes

In addition to safety, wearing comfort plays a major role.The ideal outdoor shoes for children should be comfortably padded and not too heavy so that they do not get in the way on longer tours.Comfort also means that the footwear is breathable and water-repellent.Most of our outdoor shoes for children are equipped with a high-quality Gore-Text membrane.So you can let your kids jump through puddles and play in the mud without worrying.

Robust workmanship guarantees durability

Of course, the upper material of the outdoor shoes for children should also match their energy level and be correspondingly robust.Many of our Adidas, Meindl or Lowa outdoor shoes for children are made from a robust material mix of leather and synthetic fibres.In addition, z.B.Hanwag outdoor shoes for children have thick rubber reinforcements on the toes and often also on the sides, which make them particularly resistant.So the Outdooor children's shoes last a long time, even for the wildest adventurers.

Which outdoor shoes for children are the right ones?

That depends entirely on the intended use, because depending on the surface, outdoor shoes for children need a different outsole and possibly a cushioning midsole.In addition, the lining of children's outdoor shoes should match the season.In the following, we present the different outdoor shoes for girls and boys in detail as a guide:

Outdoor children's shoes for leisure, school and children's maps

Low or mid-height leisure shoes are best suited for school, kindergarten or for romping around in your free time.They usually do not have as rough a tread as trekking or hiking shoes, but still offer a secure grip in everyday life, on the playground and in the forest.A good example of a casual shoe is the "MARIE GTX LO" model from Lowa.The outdoor shoes for children have an attractive design and a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that makes them comfortable to wear and prevents wet feet.

Outdoor children's shoes for light trekking and hiking tours

Low and mid-height outdoor children's shoes with a coarser tread are suitable for smaller trekking and hiking tours over varying surfaces.Popular outdoor shoes for boys and girls are the "Snap Junior" from Meindl.The outdoor shoes for children are made from a mix of robust mesh and suede, a breathable lining, cushioning in the heel area and a special Litegrip sole that ensures optimum grip at all times.

Shoes for more demanding and longer tours

If longer or more difficult tours are on the cards, outdoor footwear with hiking boot qualities is called for.They need to keep children's feet dry and warm and also provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces.One model that meets all these requirements is, for example, the "Terrex Gtx K" from Adidas.These outdoor shoes for kids are characterised by their breathable yet waterproof material, cushioning midsole and grippy TRAXION outsole.

Outdoor shoes for the winter

In winter, outdoor shoes for children should not only be waterproof and offer secure support, but also protect the feet from the cold.Like the "Trezzo WP" model from Keen.The outdoor shoes for children are equipped with an abrasion-resistant sole, an insulating lining and a breathable and waterproof membrane that keeps children's feet dry and warm.This makes these outdoor shoes for boys and girls ideal for snow hikes and sledding.

Outdoor sandals for children - safe footwear for warm days

On summer days, closed outdoor shoes are often too warm for children and outdoor sandals a welcome alternative.Like closed shoes, they have a footbed adapted to the anatomical shape of children's feet and can be put on and taken off quickly.In addition, they are made of robust materials and have a sole that gives children a secure grip when running, playing and romping.Reinforcements in the toe area provide additional safety.

The advantages of outdoor sandals at a glance:

  • The open design ensures good ventilation and quick drying.
  • The robust soles with their rough tread give children a secure grip.
  • The toe protection cap absorbs shocks and prevents injuries.

Save money now and buy outdoor shoes for kids in the sale!

Children grow out of their shoes faster than you'd like.Therefore, price plays an important role when buying new outdoor shoes for boys and girls.You can save money in our outdoor shoes for kids sale.And all this without having to compromise on quality.Discover constantly new children's shoes for outdoor use from well-known brand manufacturers such as Meindl outdoor shoes for children and Hanwag outdoor shoes for children, which you can order cheaply, quickly and safely online.