Goretex shoes for ladies

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Operational area
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Breathable and waterproof: high-quality Goretex shoes for women

Waterproof, breathable and suitable for all weather conditions: Goretex shoes for women present themselves as high-quality outdoor shoes with functional properties. No matter whether it's a muddy forest floor, icy hiking trails or wet meadows: the highly developed membrane technology of Goretex shoes for women makes it possible for you to keep your feet dry during your leisure activities, even in rain, snow and cold, while the high breathability of the shoes ensures a pleasant foot climate.A robust material finish, flexible outsoles and a stable upper are additional features of the Goretex shoes for women and offer you optimal comfort even on tours lasting several hours.Whether it's high-quality trekking shoes, walking shoes or hiking shoes for women made of Gore-Tex: a large selection of functional outdoor shoes from renowned brands such as Lowa, Meindl or Hanwag, which precisely meet the requirements of demanding sports such as walking, hiking or trekking.Find out now which functional properties make Gore-Tex technology so special, which model variety awaits you online and for which areas of use our outdoor shoes are recommended.

Functional and lightweight hiking boots: Gore-Tex for ladies

You want to know what makes our hiking shoes for women made of Gore-Tex so special? The protected designation Gore-Tex conceals a technology developed by W.L.Gore & Associates developed wetness barrier membrane, which is produced explicitly for the processing of textiles in the field of active outdoor, leisure, sports and work fashion due to its functional properties.The material composition Gore-Tex consists in detail of a microporous membrane made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, which is windproof and waterproof, but at the same time permeable to water vapour.In contrast to other material compositions, these intelligent functional properties offer the decisive advantage that the special fabric has a high level of breathability with simultaneous moisture barrier.Thanks to this well thought-out material functionality, the prerequisites for outdoor shoe production are optimally given.Hiking boots for women made of Gore-Tex are able to reliably repel moisture such as rain and snow, also prove to be wind-resistant and conduct evaporated sweat in the form of water vapour to the outside through the integrated filter membrane.Added to this is the low material weight: lightweight hiking boots made of Gore-Tex for women are ideal for extensive hiking, trekking and walking tours where functional footwear is the top priority.

From walking to hiking: universal outdoor shoes for women made of Gore-Tex

Outdoor shoes for women made of Gore-Tex are the perfect choice for active sports and leisure activities in the great outdoors.Whether it's hiking boots for women made of Gore-Tex for paved hiking trails, Women's trekking shoes made of Gore-Tex for rough terrain or you prefer a pair of women's hiking shoes made of Gore-Tex that provide a secure grip on steep slopes: Find out now which shoe is best suited for the respective terrain and how the individual models differ from each other in terms of their categorisation from A to D.

Women's outdoor shoes Gore-Tex - This variety of models awaits you online

  1. Hiking shoes for women: As classic hiking shoes, hiking shoes for women are the ideal partner for longer walks across fields and meadows as well as for easy day hikes on paved hiking trails.As an alternative to the ruggedly made hiking boot, mid-height hiking shoes are made from lightweight uppers and feature a cushioning insole, preventing premature foot fatigue.
  2. Trekking shoes for women: Similar to a hiking shoe, trekking shoes for women are also suitable for easy to moderately difficult hikes in low mountain ranges.Trekking shoes are characterised by a firm treaded outsole that increases slip resistance on stony surfaces, whereas the padded upper of the shoe stabilises your foot and provides support on rough terrain.
  3. Ladies' walking shoes: Walking shoes for women have an optimal balance between robustness and flexibility and are specially designed for longer running sessions on flat field and forest paths.With their shock-absorbing sole construction, padded upper and breathable and waterproof properties, walking shoes are the right choice for both jogging and Nordic walking.

Areas of use from A to D - Functional hiking boots for every terrain

Category A: Flexible hiking shoes in category A have a light construction and are usually cut as a half shoe.They are suitable for dry and paved surfaces and are therefore more suitable for short walks and excursions than for long hiking tours.

Category B: Thanks to their stable shaft and robust sole, category B outdoor shoes are used for easy to moderately difficult hikes in low mountain ranges and work just as well on stony paths as on gentle climbs.

Category C: High-quality trekking shoes in category C have a stiff and hard sole, a high and firm shaft and a notch in the heel where a crampon can be mounted if necessary, making this type of shoe suitable for demanding trekking and high mountain tours.

Category D: Professional mountain boots of category C, with their extremely robust sole and shaft construction and the possibility of mounting crampons and frontal toes, are considered to be special footwear for professional use, the first choice for very demanding tours in icy mountain regions and rocky glacier massifs.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover Gore-Tex shoes for women and much more.

Due to their special design, trekking shoes for women made of Gore-Tex are constructed in such a way that they optimally relieve your feet on long hikes and provide them with stability and support.While the treaded outsole offers you a secure grip even on sloping terrain, the robust upper and fixed lacing protect your joints and ensure that you are always comfortable and slip-proof even off the beaten track.In general, the lighter the shoe, the less tired your feet will be, which is why you'll find hiking shoes in the hiking shoe section.net online shop offers numerous lightweight hiking boots made of Gore-Tex, which are suitable for a relaxed day hike through the woods as well as for a multi-day trekking holiday through the mountains.In addition to high-quality outdoor shoes for women, we also offer functional Gore-Tex shoes for men as well as individual Gore-Tex shoes for children from the manufacturers Lowa, Meindl and Hanwag, which are specially designed for a wide range of uses.