Winter boots for children

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Operational area
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Winter boots for children: Small but mighty!

The days are getting shorter, the first snow is falling and the kids are looking forward to tobogganing. What can't be missing? Clearly: the right winter boots for children. The choice is often difficult - they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and designs. Sometimes with special lining, sometimes made of leather, with lacing, Velcro fastening or a special pull system. In black, blue, grey, purple and many other designs.Online, at Hiking you will find a large selection of the most beautiful winter boots for young and old.From practical Lowa winter boots for kids about chic boots from Meindl to highly functional Gore-Tex shoes for children.We have summarised for you here what a winter shoe for children must be able to do, which boot fits perfectly and what else there is to know about the little boots.

Safety in snow, ice and darkness

Children's winter boots are indispensable in the cold season.They protect our kids from the cold and wet and keep them pleasantly warm.A non-slip rubber sole prevents falls.This makes the children's boots the perfect companions for small and large adventures in winter.But winter boots for children also have an important task on the way to the bus or to school: they prevent the little ones from being overlooked in the twilight.Bright colours, colourful laces and reflectors promise visibility in road traffic and look pretty cool at the same time.

High-quality materials and a comfortable feeling when worn

We at focuses on first-class quality with our brands.This is particularly important for children's shoes particularly important.Your child's little feet still have very thin skin and are quite sensitive.A well-fitting shoe allows the foot to grow healthily and prevents unpleasant pressure points.Winter boots for children in particular need to fit well.This is the only way they promise a firm hold and a high level of wearing comfort.First-class materials, such as genuine leather and modern microfibre fabric, promise a secure hold and a comfortable feel.Water penetration is prevented by a waterproof membrane.In addition, a special lining, for example in Gore-Tex shoes for children, provides additional protection against moisture.If snow does get into the boots, you can easily dry the removable inner boot.The specially lined inner shoe also allows the foot to breathe and ensures a warm feeling.So that not only the little ones but also the grown-ups have warm feet in winter, we offer high-quality winter shoes for women and Winter shoes for men.

Children's winter boots - the advantages at a glance

Winter boots for children are real all-rounders that combine modern fabrics and technologies.Here is an overview of the most important features of the children's boots:

  • Waterproof - thanks to special lining (e. g.B.GORE-TEX® Partelana)
  • high quality material (e. g.B.genuine leather)
  • rubber sole with anti-slip tread
  • luminous details and reflectors for better visibility
  • different shaft heights (boot, ankle boot, boot)

Which children's winter boots really keep you warm?

Are you worried that your child's winter boots won't keep them warm? Understandable, after all, we want our darlings to stay nice and warm all the time.All our children's winter boots are lined and specially designed for cold temperatures.They promise warm feet - even in the iciest temperatures.Our tip for kids who freeze quickly: a chic winter ankle boot or particularly high snow boots.These models reach far above the ankle and thus additionally keep the leg warm.If you can't decide which model suits your child best, here we explain the differences between boys' and girls' winter boots.

Winter boots for girls and for boys - what's the difference?

Boys' and girls' winter boots differ primarily in design.While winter boots for boys are often in black, brown or grey, the choice for winter boots for girls often falls on lighter shades such as turquoise, purple or pink.What ultimately counts is that winter boots for children fit comfortably and especially well.Here you can find out how to choose the right size:

What is my child's shoe size?

Winter boots for children demand a lot.They need to provide extra support, be non-slip and keep warm.For them to be able to do all that, a perfect fit is important.To find out what your child's shoe size is, do the following:

  1. Put both of your child's feet on a piece of paper and outline the feet with a pencil.
  2. Measure the distance from the heel to the longest toe in centimetres on both feet.
  3. The longer foot counts - use this for the rest of the calculation.
  4. Add 1.2 centimetres to the measurement.Multiply the resulting number by 1.5.

A little tip: Turn measuring the feet into a game.After the feet have been painted, your darling can colour in his footprints.You can then keep the resulting picture.This makes it easy to observe how quickly the little feet grow.

Winter boots for children - by

Whether girls' or boys' winter boots, boot or ankle boot, black, brown or blue: winter boots for children are the be-all and end-all for icy temperatures.They protect our loved ones when romping in the snow and ensure safety in road traffic.In our online shop there is a huge selection of the most beautiful boots, ankle boots and boots - in high quality and at a reasonable price.Boys, girls and even the little ones will find what they are looking for here.So what are you waiting for? Get started now and discover the best winter boots for girls and boys of all ages.The snow has already melted and you are preparing yourself and your family for the next hiking tour? In our shop you will find an extensive range of high-quality Hiking shoes for children.But parents are also well equipped with women's hiking boots and Men's hiking boots and many more great boots for every outdoor adventure.