LOWA ladies' shoes

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Lowa women's shoes - fashionable footwear for everyday life, trekking and hiking

Whether it's hiking boots, hiking shoes or outdoor sandals - the right Lowa women's shoes for every adventure are waiting for you in our online shop, and at attractive prices. In addition to their classic to fashionable look and high-quality workmanship, the shoes from the traditional Upper Bavarian brand are characterised above all by their excellent fit.This is made possible by special lasts that Lowa uses for its women's shoes.They are optimally adapted to women's feet, which are usually somewhat smaller and narrower than men's feet.Details such as the upper and the lacing also take into account the anatomical conditions and thus ensure a high level of comfort and a pleasant wearing sensation.

Convince yourself of the comfortable fit of our Lowa women's shoes.In our range, you have the choice between comfortable everyday models like the Merion WS, airy sandals like the Duralto Trail WS and robust hiking boots like the Tucana GTX WS.Choose your favourite, the right size and order conveniently online.Thanks to our fast shipping, you can slip into your new shoes shortly afterwards and start your next outdoor adventure well equipped.

Lowa women's shoes with Gore-Tex - for outdoor adventures with dry feet

Our Lowa GTX women's shoes will get you to your destination with dry feet.Whether it's a hiking shoe or a tall hiking boot - the integrated Gore-Tex membrane ensures that no moisture gets into your shoes during a sudden rain shower or when walking across a wet meadow.Lowa women's shoes with Gore-Tex not only reliably keep moisture out, but also quickly transport moisture caused by perspiration to the outside.This ensures a good and constant foot climate, which is particularly important on longer tours and in changing climatic conditions.Incidentally, Lowa GTX women's shoes perform best in cool and medium temperatures up to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius.

Popular models: These Lowa women's shoes are waterproof

An ideal shoe for female adventurers who like it sporty is the Innox GTX LO WS.The multifunctional shoe shines with a perfect fit, excellent cushioning and, thanks to the Enduro EVO outsole, a secure grip on any surface.The Lowa shoes for women are available in blue, old pink, grey and turquoise with pink.If you like to explore countries on foot, the Tucana GTX WS are reliable companions.The robust Lowa women's shoes are waterproof, offer reliable protection from loose scree and sharp stones thanks to their TPU toe cap, and ensure optimum heel hold with the deep-drawn hooks.You can order the Lowa shoes for women in blue-slate, grey-coral, bordeaux-rosé and petrol-mint.

Add a touch of retro charm to your shoe rack with the Pinto GTX LO women's trekking shoes made from smooth leather.Like all the other models presented, the Lowa women's shoes equipped with a Vibram Trek sole are waterproof and therefore ideally suited for all outdoor activities.

Lowa women's shoes - the perfect shoe for every adventure

The days when there was only one shoe model for hiking are long gone.Today's models take into account different running preferences and offer targeted support exactly where you need it.The following is a brief introduction to the most popular types of women's shoes from the traditional brand:

Multifunctional shoes: The all-rounders among the women's shoes are suitable for both light hikes and relaxed day trips.One popular model is the Toro Evo GTX Mid WS.Whether it's a casual walk or crossing the forest - the Lowa women's shoes with Gore-Tex can be used on a variety of terrain.You can order Lowa shoes for women in black, anthracite or petrol.

Outdoor sandals: Lowa's sandal collection is light, robust and airy.This makes the open-toed shoes ideal for warm days.The Urbano WS model, for example, is popular. Thanks to its high level of comfort, it is ideal for summer walks in the city as well as for light tours through the countryside.

Sporty all-terrain shoes: If you like it sporty, these Lowa women's shoes are just right.Their light weight makes them ideal for activities such as cycling or speed-hiking.A sporty look is naturally part of the package for models like the Maddox GTX Lo WS.In addition, the Lowa women's shoes are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane, which makes them breathable and waterproof.You no longer have to avoid small streams and puddles.The Lowa shoes for women are available in blue, grey, salmon or even black and fuchsia.

Trekking shoes: The trekking models for women are best equipped for demanding hikes and multi-day treks on unpaved trails.Some of the shoes are also suitable for use with crampon systems.A functional model for light trekking tours is the Explorer GTX Lo WS.The Lowa women's shoes are waterproof and equipped with a robust sole and comfortable cushioning.You have a choice of colours: Lowa shoes for women are available in blue/purple, red/grey and anthracite/mint.

First-class workmanship meets fashionable design

Lowas women's shoes combine traditional craftsmanship and fashionable design to perfection.The manufacturer's range includes not only classic Lowa shoes for women in black, blue, cream or grey, but also models in trendy fashion colours such as berry, flamingo, coral, petrol or rose.The outdoor brand also offers two-tone shoes in coordinated shades such as turquoise and tangerine or anthracite and blue.They give you many possibilities to combine them with your outfit.Discover your colour-matching Women's hiking shoes.

Order your Lowa shoes for women online now - at Wanderschuhe.net

High comfort, appealing looks, reliable support - there are many reasons why Lowa GTX women's shoes are among our customers' favourite outdoor shoes.We recommend that you experience the shoes from the brand so popular with outdoor athletes for yourself.Once you've slipped into these shoes designed especially for women's feet, you won't want to take them off! Whether you choose Lowa shoes for women in black or a fashionable colour like flamingo is up to your taste.We constantly offer you a wide range of colours and designs from which you can choose your favourite.

If you are planning an outdoor adventure with the whole family, you should definitely check out our Lowa hiking shoes for men and Lowa children's shoes.They convince with the same qualities as the women's shoes and bring you all comfortably and safely to your destination.

Lowa hiking shoes for women - perfect for all outdoor activities

Whether hiking, trekking, trail running or mountaineering: the right footwear for outdoor activities is part of the basic equipment for both small and large tours in nature and should therefore never be missing.With hiking boots in particular, attention must be paid to an optimal fit and a secure hold.Made with over 90 years of experience in outdoor footwear, Lowa hiking boots for women are the optimal choice for hiking enthusiasts.

In our online shop you will find Lowa shoes for women in a wide range of variations: Lowa shoes for women in blue, red, grey, brown or black.In addition, popular models such as Lowa Renegade GTX Mid for women as well as winter boots, low shoes, sandals and many other practical outdoor companions - at a favourable price and in the usual quality.

So take a look around and secure the right shoes for your next adventure in nature now - with stylish outdoor, hiking and trekking shoes from Wanderschuhe.net.

Lowa for women: professional outdoor shoes with style

Lowa women's hiking shoes are considered to be the absolute front runners among trekking shoes for women.The special thing about the boots is the extremely good fit, which goes hand in hand with a particularly high level of wearing comfort.The shoes provide good support for both uphill and downhill running.Each shoe is made in elaborate individual steps and partly in loving handwork.In addition to the high quality, the shoe manufacturer also places a special focus on the design of the hiking shoes: hiking shoes for women in blue, trekking shoes in a classic mountaineering look as well as ultra-modern low shoes and sandals are part of the outdoor brand's range.The most popular colours for Lowa women's shoes currently include: classic dark brown, espresso, dark grey, navy, slate and black, but also more unusual colours such as lime, green, turquoise, orange, ice and taupe.

Designed for women's feet: Lowa hiking boots for women

Lowa Women is a collection designed specifically for women's feet.Women's feet are anatomically very different from men's feet.Since a comfortable and optimal fit of shoes, boots and boots is a basic prerequisite for trekking and Co.it makes a lot of sense to develop models for both genders.

Lowa hiking boots for women have an extra padded tongue (also called tongue), special women's lasts, and matching midsoles and insoles.

Of course, the gentleman at your side will also find the right Lowa hiking boots for men.Because our outdoor favourite also develops first-class hiking boots for men.

Why a women's hiking boot from Lowa?

As a shoe manufacturer, Lowa stands for first-class materials, anatomically adapted fits and special ergonomic footbeds.In addition, the Lowa women's hiking boots are breathable, waterproof and also impress with high durability.Another plus point for the boots that should not be forgotten is the sustainable production: all materials come primarily from Europe and are also processed there.This reduces long transport routes and the associated CO2 emissions.The best features of the hiking boots are summarised here:

  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • High quality
  • High comfort
  • Perfect fit
  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Absolutely robust
  • Good cushioning
  • Non-slip sole
  • GORE-TEX lining

Lowa shoes for women: What models are available?

  • Lowa hiking shoes for women: The perfect choice for all hiking and hiking fans.
  • Lowa trekking shoes for women: Super comfortable even on tours lasting several days.
  • Lowa mountain boots for women: The optimal footwear for demanding female mountaineers.
  • Lowa low shoes for women: The number 1 in spring and summer.
  • Lowa winter shoes for women: Promise warm feet and safety even in snow and ice.
  • Lowa sandals for women: The ideal companion for hot temperatures.
  • Lowa Renegade for women: A real cult shoe for every occasion.

Lowa Renegade GTX for women: cult shoe for 20 years

The Lowa Renegade hiking boot for women has been one of the most popular hiking boots for two decades.No wonder - after all, Lowa has put a lot of time into researching, testing and optimising this hiking boot.

The number 1 models of Lowa Renegade for women are:

  • Lowa Renegade GTX Mid ladies (the mid-cut extends above the ankle).
  • Lowa Renegade GTX Low ladies (end below the ankle, similar to sneakers).

The best Lowa hiking shoes for women - at Hiking Shoes.net

Lowa hiking boots for women are made for a lady's feet: they are extremely comfortable, promise sufficient support even in the most impassable mountains and also look outrageously good.It's no wonder that Lowa, with its women's shoes, is one of the favourite brands in the outdoor industry.Whether the classic - Renegade GTX Mid -, a chic Lowa outdoor sandal or warming Lowa winter shoes, the selection you will find online in our shop is almost endless!

Are you planning a hiking tour with the whole family and would like to equip your loved ones with high-quality and modern outdoor shoes? Then take a look at our online shop! Of course, you will find a wide range of hiking shoes in our shop.net also has great Lowa hiking boots for kids and robust hiking boots for men - at a great price and in all sizes.So the next adventure can come!