Outdoor shoes for men

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Outdoor shoes for men: functionality with every step

Extensive walks, sweaty alpine tours and relaxing hikes. What do men love more than adventures in nature? The right outdoor shoes for men are a must for a professional trekking tour or climbing steep mountains. We at Wanderschuhe.net love outdoor sports and therefore provide you with the perfect boots for every occasion. We rely on top brands such as Meindl, Adidas Terrex, Hanwag, Lowa and Co.These convince with the highest quality materials and the best design.

Are you looking for the right shoe for your next men's weekend in the great outdoors? Are you planning an extensive hike or preparing for the next alpine tour? With us you will find the perfect shoe for every outdoor experience! To help you make the right choice, we have summarised everything you need to know about first-class outdoor shoes for men!

What are men's outdoor shoes suitable for?

Outdoor shoes for men are the perfect companion for all outdoor activities.From walks and gardening to longer hiking tours in summer and winter to climbing the Alps - there is a suitable shoe with special features for every experience.These include waterproof hiking boots that keep your feet dry in rain and mud, boots and ankle boots that keep you warm in snow and ice, and breathable hiking boots that promise you a comfortable feeling thanks to the special Gore-Tex lining.

Outdoor shoes for men: These types are available

Outdoor shoes combine different shoe models that all convince with special features.Depending on the place of use, they are perfectly adapted to the conditions of our nature and thus guarantee you a firm footing in any terrain.

Casual shoes

Leisure shoes for men are absolute everyday all-rounders that combine all the features a leisure shoe should have with a comfortable feel, a non-slip sole and a fashionable design.You can wear them optimally for long walks, working in the garden or even in the city.In their shape, the casual shoes are reminiscent of low shoes or sports shoes.

In our online shop you will find the most modern leisure outdoor shoes for men in classic colours like black, grey or brown, but also in bright shades like blue or orange - in the best quality and at the best price.

Hiking shoes and hiking boots

Hiking boots and hiking shoes for men are perfect for outdoor activities in the lowlands, low mountain ranges and in the foothills of the Alps.These outdoor shoes for men have been specially developed for hiking and promise secure footing even on uneven ground.Hiking boots for men have a higher shaft and end above the ankle.This shape gives the outdoor shoes extra protection.The outdoor shoes are also great as winter boots.Men's hiking shoes, on the other hand, have a low shaft that is reminiscent of sneakers in terms of height.This shape allows for comfortable legroom and is also perfect for hiking in summer.

Hiking shoes

Our Hiking shoes for men are true classics among outdoor shoes for men.You can wear them on long walks as well as on longer hiking tours.Equipped with a grippy sole, they promise particularly good grip even on stony paths.

Trekking shoes

Men's outdoor trekking shoes usually have an ultra flexible, relatively soft sole so that the foot can roll well.The lightweight material of the shoes is great for demanding treks and mountain tours.Here, experienced mountaineers benefit just as much as absolute beginners from the comfortable shoes, which promise a pleasant feeling even after days of hiking.

Mountain boots

Mountain shoes for men are, so to speak, the professionals among outdoor shoes for men.They have two main tasks: the grippy sole provides a secure hold on steep paths.The firm material also protects against injuries that can result from twisting or slipping.The optimal use for the robust outdoor shoes for men are alpine tours.

Where to wear your men's outdoor shoes: it's all about making the right choice

As you can see, every location requires the right footwear.As long as you hike, trek and hike as a leisure hobby, you can't really go wrong with your choice of footwear.It is especially important that your outdoor shoes fit properly and are comfortable.Whether you choose shoes with a low or high shaft depends on your personal preferences.For professional mountain tours in the high mountains and on glaciers, on the other hand, professional mountain boots are an absolute must.

Outdoor shoes for men: waterproof, robust and comfortable

Waterproof - that's the be-all and end-all of outdoor shoes for men.After all, real men are not at all deterred by rain and cold and hike through woods and meadows even in unpleasant weather instead of saving themselves for the safe asphalt.This is where the acclaimed Adidas Terrex Swift comes in, for example, which is perfect as a trail running shoe.Thanks to the waterproof membrane, it is absolutely waterproof and breathable.

Waterproof shoes form a large part of our range - in our shop you can get the practical all-rounders from all the popular brands.So the next trekking tour can come!

Determine the right size

In addition to choosing the right outdoor shoes for men, size also plays a role that should not be forgotten.An ill-fitting shoe or boot can cause painful blisters and even serious injuries.A shoe that is too big provides little support and falls are inevitable.A shoe that is too small, on the other hand, causes unpleasant pressure points.So outdoor activities are not much fun with ill-fitting boots.

Nevertheless, the question arises as to how an outdoor shoe should fit.As a general rule, it is better to be too big than too small.Boots that are too big can easily be adjusted with an insole.If the boot is too small, only a professional cobbler can help - but this is time-consuming and expensive.So you'd better make sure you get the right size before you buy shoes.The appropriate inside length of the shoe is the size of the foot added with an allowance.The allowance describes the distance from the heel to the shoe.

The following guideline will help you determine the correct shoe length:

  • Casual shoes: Foot size in cm plus 1 to 1.5 cm.
  • Trekking and hiking shoes: foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm.
  • Hiking boots and shoes: Foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm.
  • Mountain boots: Foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm.

The best outdoor shoes for men - at Hiking Shoes.net

Whether you spend your free time on leisurely walks, exciting alpine tours or relaxing hiking tours - the right footwear is a basic requirement for every outdoor experience.Online, in our shop you will find the best hiking boots, the most practical outdoor shoes and the perfect boots for your next trekking tour.Whether with a breathable Gore-Tex membrane or made of high-quality leather - in our shop, everyone will find what they are looking for.Of course, the girls also get their money's worth: outdoor shoes for women and many other boots from top brands like Lowa, Meindl or Adidas are also available for ladies and even for kids.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best outdoor shoes for you and your family now - in the best quality and at a great price.