Winter shoes for men

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Men's winter shoes: The right shoes for ice, snow and slippery pavements

During the cold season, men need sturdy winter shoes and boots with a good grip that keep their feet permanently warm. This applies to everyday life as well as to a romantic walk in the snow with your sweetheart or the next outdoor adventure with friends. In any case, men are perfectly equipped for adverse weather conditions with the robust boots of renowned hiking boot manufacturers. Well-crafted men's winter shoes made of high-quality materials are convincing thanks to good insulation, high tread resistance and comfortable wearing comfort for many years and are definitely an investment that pays off.

Large selection of winter shoes for men

While women can hardly wait for the latest winter fashions, men are often unsure about the must-haves for the current season due to the large selection.Would you prefer classic lace-up boots or sporty winter sneakers? Loafers or ankle boots for the office? Black or brown men's shoes with a suit or jacket?

For the fashion-conscious man, here is an overview of the shoe trends for the winter season:

  • Lace-up boots in classic brown or black are and will remain current.The casual winter boots for men are not only a perfect addition to the trendy casual style, but also give the foot extra grip on slippery surfaces thanks to the lacing.Depending on the equipment and lining, the outdoor boots are also suitable as hiking boots in winter.
  • The sneakers that are so popular with men and women can finally be worn all year round.Sporty winter sneakers - for example from adidas - with weatherproof soles and a waterproof inner lining made of GORE-TEX® take on any outdoor activity.
  • A classic among men's winter shoes are sturdy shaft boots made of hard-wearing leather, which close with a zip and reach down to the calf.This keeps out icy wind and cold particularly well.Lined with genuine lambskin, winter boots keep Meindl keeps feet warm even at temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees.
  • If you prefer to wear a suit or jacket at work, lined Chelsea boots are the perfect choice.The ankle-high men's ankle boots with the typical rubber band inserts on both sides cut a good figure in both work and leisure thanks to the slim silhouette.If you feel more comfortable in a lace-up shoe, go for the George Boot or Chukka Boot.Both shoe models feature a high-set lacing that is not visible under the trouser leg.
  • In terms of colours, the winter novelties are classically discreet.In addition to black and anthracite grey, warm brown tones such as honey or mahogany dominate.While black has long been the preferred shoe colour for the business look, trend-conscious men now also combine brown boots with rustic tweed or corduroy.

Men's winter shoes: Quality is the key

No matter which look a man chooses - a high-quality brand shoe is always worth the money and a loyal companion for more than just one winter.Good men's winter shoes are characterised by thick rubber soles.Compared to synthetics, a soft rubber compound does not rub off as quickly and provides better traction and insulation even in low temperatures.Robust leather or modern synthetic fibres are suitable as upper material for winter boots.Please also pay attention to the workmanship of the shoe.The fewer seams through which water and cold can penetrate, the better.Additional protection against moisture is provided by an intermediate layer of waterproof material.Breathable GORE-TEX® has proven its worth: the light, thin GTX membrane prevents moisture from penetrating, but at the same time allows moisture to escape.When it comes to the interior of the men's shoe, natural materials are to be given preference.The cover sole and insole of the multi-layered insole should be made of leather; a lining of genuine lambskin ensures permanently warm feet.With collections from renowned manufacturers such as Lowa or adidas, these features are a matter of course.Guaranteed high quality and functionality also applies to the winter shoe range of well-known outdoor brands:

  • Maximum wearing comfort even in the most extreme weather conditions is offered by the men's boots from the shoe manufacturer Meindl.All models of the innovative traditional house are handcrafted in the Bavarian company headquarters.To meet individual requirements in terms of the perfect fit, Meindl's Comfort Fit system offers hiking boots and winter shoes for men with different last widths.
  • The use of the best materials, robustness and fit is also the focus of the Hanwag.All shoes are "made in Europe" and are either goat-sewn or made in an elaborate pinched style according to old craftsmanship.This allows the models to be resoled, which further supports their longevity.
  • Good grip on snow and slush, optimal insulation and innovative sole technology characterise the winter boots from LOWA out.In addition to classic lace-up boots, the multi-award-winning company also offers sporty, casual winter sneakers made of robust nubuck and smooth leather with waterproof GORE-TEX® lining.

The right size for men's winter shoes

Every manufacturer uses their own lasts when making shoes.The usual shoe size can therefore only serve as an initial guide, especially as it is often advisable to choose one size larger for winter shoes for men.Those who like to wear thick woollen socks or need orthopaedic insoles in temperatures below freezing should definitely take this into account when buying shoes.In shoes that are too tight, the foot is squashed and the natural rolling movement is hindered.This leads to painful blisters and cramps.Furthermore, in shoes that are too small, the air cannot circulate and the feet quickly get cold.Shoes that are too big are equally harmful.If the foot does not find support and slips in the shoe, this also has a negative effect on the rolling movement.In addition to compression of the toes sliding forward, the joints are also subjected to greater stress.When trying on new men's winter shoes, you should consider the following aspects:

  • A good heel fit is important.The heel must not slip sideways, but should not be constricted.
  • The toes need sufficient space when walking.There should be about 10 to 15 millimetres of clearance to the front.
  • The width of the shoe is also crucial.Many brand manufacturers offer shoes for wider feet in addition to the normal width.
  • If the winter shoes for men are lined, it is recommended to choose one size larger.
  • To reliably check the fit of men's winter shoes, always try on both shoes and close them completely during the test run.This is how you can tell if the boot has the right shaft width.

Regular shoe care during the winter months

High-quality men's winter shoes made of robust materials are specially developed for heavy use in extreme weather conditions.With good care, the shoes can last many winters and keep the feet warm and dry.

  • Thoroughly waterproof winter boots before using them outdoors for the first time.Which waterproofing spray is suitable depends on the upper material of the shoes.
  • Clean dirty winter shoes after wearing with lukewarm water and a sponge or brush.
  • Immediate cleaning is particularly important for snow edges.The best way to remove the white salt residue from colourfast leather shoes is with a leather shampoo.
  • After cleaning, leave the winter shoes to dry well at room temperature.
  • To ensure that the material retains its water-repellent and breathable properties, the impregnation should be repeated every two to three weeks.
  • Regular treatment with shoe wax also maintains the suppleness of leather.

Winter shoe novelties and boot classics for men

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