Trekking shoes

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Trekking shoes - functional footwear for your outdoor adventures

When nature calls and you start your next trekking adventure, trekking shoes are your most important companion. They should be robust and just as functional as the rest of your clothing and adapt easily to the changing conditions on multi-day hikes. Because with the wrong footwear, you will quickly be plagued by aching feet or, in the worst case, accidents that will end your tour prematurely.Ideally, the shoes give you a secure hold regardless of the surface, have a low weight, are comfortable and protect you from the weather such as wet and cold.

A good example is trekking shoes from brand manufacturers such as Lowa, Hanwag or Meindl, which you can order cheaply in our online shop.The high-quality, durable trekking shoes are available for men and women, meet all the requirements for demanding tours and carry you safely to your destination and back again.Discover our constantly growing range now and order the shoe that fits you perfectly.

What are the advantages of good trekking shoes?

Whether it's a mountain tour or a walk through a foreign country - unlike hiking or walking, trekking often involves several days on foot.In addition, you usually carry luggage such as photo equipment, food, a change of clothes and perhaps a tent, which adds to the weight on the shoes.This and the changing surfaces and weather conditions on longer trekking adventures place high demands on footwear.Our selected trekking shoes for men and women are designed precisely for this purpose and offer you numerous advantages on your tours:

  • Breathable material: Shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane ensure an optimal foot climate.
  • Low weight: Lightweight trekking shoes take the strain off without sacrificing comfort or safety.
  • Flexible sole: Trekking shoes have a grippy rubber sole that adapts to the ground.
  • Waterproof: A water-repellent membrane ensures that many trekking shoes are waterproof.

Buying trekking shoes: These are the things you should look out for

Whether trekking shoes for children, women or men - if you want to buy new shoes for the upcoming family holiday or the trekking tour with friends, you should definitely pay attention to a few things.In addition to their appearance, which undoubtedly plays a major role, trekking shoes have a number of other features that distinguish them from running shoes or hiking boots.You can find out what these are and how they affect you here.

Low or high shaft?

trekking shoes for women and men are like hiking and hiking shoes available with low and high uppers.A shoe with a low shaft is light and gives you a lot of freedom of movement, but is only suitable for tours on firm terrain, as the risk of twisting your ankle on scree or mud is too great.A recommended shoe is, for example, the Lowa SASSA GTX LO with a flexible and pleasantly cushioned sole and a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane.If your trekking tour takes you over hill and dale, a high shaft is ideal.The high trekking shoes for men and women protect the ankle and give you a secure hold on uneven ground.This prevents you from accidentally twisting your ankle.Meindl trekking shoes, which are largely handmade, have proven themselves here.In the manufacturer's range you will not only find trekking shoes for men and women, but also a suitable children's trekking shoe for joint family tours.

Leather or Gore-Tex lining?

Trekking shoes for men and women are available with both leather and Gore-Tex lining.A heated debate regularly breaks out among outdoor fans about which material is better.The decisive argument for Goretex shoes is often that the trekking shoes are waterproof.It is therefore possible to cross a stream dry-footed with an adult or children's trekking shoe.The Gore-Tex membrane makes the trekking shoes not only waterproof, but also breathable and helps to quickly transport moisture to the outside.Shoes with leather lining without a Gore-Tex membrane are just as breathable, but the trekking shoes are not waterproof, but water-repellent.However, you can prevent the leather from soaking up water with an impregnation spray or wax.

Synthetic upper or leather?

You can buy cheap trekking shoes with both synthetic and natural leather uppers.Synthetic fabric has the advantage that it is particularly light, dries quickly and is available in many appealing colours and designs.Trekking shoes made of leather, on the other hand, are somewhat heavier, but also more robust and durable, although modern Meindl trekking shoes made of synthetic, for example, are almost as durable.They are made of high-strength fibres and often combine synthetic material with trimmings made of other materials such as suede.But whether synthetic or leather is the right choice for you is primarily a question of personal taste.

What else you should look for when buying:

  • Fit: The heel should sit firmly in the shoe, while the toes have enough play.
  • Lacing: It should fix the tongue in the middle to avoid pressure points on the feet.

Trekking with a child: This is what the perfect children's trekking shoe looks like

If children go trekking with you, their shoes should not only fit their feet perfectly, but also be of the same quality as the grown-ups' shoes.Therefore, when buying children's shoes, it makes sense to go directly to the products of established brand manufacturers such asMeindl.Because here, every children's trekking shoe offers the same level of material and workmanship quality as trekking shoes for men and women.

The optimal children's trekking shoe offers first and foremost a perfect fit.The heel should sit firmly in the shoe while the toes have sufficient freedom of movement.The best way to try it on is with a hiking sock.If nothing pinches or hurts during the test run, the trekking shoes are ideal.If the shoe is to be wider in the toe area, trekking shoes with a high shaft are recommended.They offer the child better support on hikes and protect against accidental twisting of the ankle.

In addition, lightweight trekking shoes are recommended for children.Synthetics with a Gore-Tex membrane are a good choice here, making the trekking shoes not only waterproof and breathable, but also easy to clean.So nothing stands in the way of a courageous jump into the puddle or playing by the stream.The sole and tread of trekking shoes for children should be adapted to the ground.This means: coarser tread for unpaved surfaces, flatter tread for paved surfaces.

Best trekking shoe: These are the favourites of the trade press

The trade press regularly takes a close look at trekking shoes for men and women.One model that never fails to impress is the Tatra Light GTX from Hanwag.The trekking shoes are available for men and women and were each able to achieve the grade "very good" in the tests of the magazines "outdoor" and "Alpin - das Bergmagazin".They are praised for their high level of comfort and robust workmanship.Similarly convincing are the Meindl trekking shoesLitepeak GTX, which received top marks in both "Alpin - das Bergmagazin" and "Wandermagazin".The testers praised the excellent grip and the good mountain qualities of the shoes.The Litepeak GTX is available both as trekking shoes for women and as lightweight trekking shoes for men.In the end, however, it remains - as always - a matter of taste which are the best trekking shoes.

Now for cheap trekking shoes in the online shop of!

If you are looking for trekking shoes from well-known brands at attractive prices, our online shop is the right place for you.We constantly offer you a huge selection of different models for easy and demanding tours.And with our usual first-class service.If you need a personal consultation, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.Our experienced staff will be happy to help you find cheap trekking shoes that fit you perfectly!

In our online shop you will not only find trekking shoes, but also many other types of shoes such as hiking shoes or hiking boots that will accompany you on your outdoor adventures.Among them, of course, Goretex shoes, which keep feet dry during walks, Nordic walking or hut hikes.