Outdoor shoes for ladies

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Outdoor shoes for women - the perfect companions on any terrain

Green meadows, stony paths and cosy mountain huts: outdoor sports such as hiking or trail running are fascinating hobbies that involve spending a lot of time in nature. The be-all and end-all of an extensive outdoor tour is the right equipment and, above all, the right footwear. Because you can only really enjoy a hiking tour with well-fitting outdoor shoes for women.

So that you are perfectly equipped for your next outdoor tour, we think hiking shoes are the right choice.net offers the best outdoor shoes for women - online, in the highest quality and at the best price.No matter what outdoor hobby you pursue, our large range includes women's outdoor shoes in all variations: leisure shoes, hiking shoes, trekking shoes, mountain boots as well as hiking boots and hiking shoes for women.

But that's not all: we also inform you about everything there is to know about outdoor shoes for women.From the right choice of shoes to the right material to the right size, you can find out more at Hiking Shoes.net everything there is to know about outdoor hiking shoes for women!

So get started right away and secure the perfect outdoor shoes for women from our top brands like Meindl, Lowa, Hanwag, Adidas and many more!

Which outdoor shoes for women for which hobby?

Women's outdoor shoes are not only available in a wide range of styles, colours and shapes.Depending on the use, the condition of the shoe also varies.This means that the material, shape and sole are specially adapted to the different places of use.For this reason, you should ask yourself before buying shoes for which hobby you want to use your new outdoor shoes for women and in which season you want to wear them.

You are looking for a new outdoor hobby and don't know what your new outdoor shoes should be able to do? No problem! We explain to you which outdoor sports there are and what is important when choosing a shoe.

Ladies Outdoor Shoes the categories

Outdoor shoes for women are perfectly adapted to the conditions of nature depending on the place of use.In addition, the season naturally plays a role in choosing the right shoe.If it is really warm in summer, outdoor sandals for women a thoroughly suitable choice.In sub-zero temperatures, outdoor shoes for women should be waterproof and lined.The following shoes are available for outdoor activities:

  • Casual shoes: Women's leisure shoes are real all-rounders and are ideal for walks, gardening and outings.Our chic models from Meindl, Lowa, Adidas and many other brands are not only super comfortable, but also look great.So they can also be worn in everyday life.In our shop you will find the latest casual shoes in trendy colours like black or navy.
  • Hiking shoes: Our Women's hiking shoes are first-class for long walks and hiking tours in rough terrain.They are equipped with a grippy sole and promise particularly good grip even on stony paths.
  • Trekking shoes: Women's outdoor trekking shoes are very popular outdoor shoes.They have a flexible, relatively soft sole so that the foot can roll well.The lightweight material is great for demanding treks and mountain tours.
  • Mountain boots: Mountain shoes for women have one main task: they provide plenty of support and have a particularly grippy sole that defies rough terrain.The firm material also protects against injuries.The perfect use for the sturdy outdoor shoes for women are alpine tours.
  • Hiking boots: Also Women's hiking boots are among the most popular outdoor shoes.They are suitable for both small and large hiking tours in the lowlands, low mountain ranges and in the foothills of the Alps.The high shaft protects the ladies' ankles from injury.Waterproof shoes also allow you to cross streams and even hike on rainy days without getting cold feet.Breathable materials prevent uncomfortable sweating on warmer days.
  • Hiking shoes: Walking boots for women are in no way inferior to their big brothers - the hiking boots - in terms of functionality.They promise support and are perfect for long and short hiking tours.They make excellent women's outdoor shoes for warm days.

It's all about the right size: tips for buying shoes

The right size is incredibly important for outdoor shoes.Shoes that are too tight can leave unpleasant pressure marks that can be very painful on a hiking tour lasting several days.If the shoes are too big, they do not provide enough support, so that the wearer can quickly twist her ankle on rough terrain and even seriously injure herself.Here you can find out how to determine the perfect size for your new women's outdoor shoes.

Better one size bigger

When buying outdoor shoes, the rule is: love one size bigger! You can make outdoor shoes for women that are too big smaller with insoles.If your shoes are too small, only a shoe specialist can help - but this is time-consuming and expensive.When hiking, it is also important to have the right hiking socks.So it's best to try on your new outdoor shoes with the socks you'll be wearing in them.

The rule of thumb for the addition

With the following rule of thumb for the allowance - the distance between the heel and the shoe - you can quickly and easily determine the perfect fit of your outdoor shoe for women.

  • Leisure shoes: foot size in cm plus 1 to 1.5 cm clearance
  • Hiking shoes and boots: foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm clearance
  • Trekking and hiking shoes: foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm clearance
  • Mountain boots: foot size in cm plus 1.5 to 2.0 cm clearance.

Outdoor shoes for women: Waterproof in any weather

So that you can wear your new favourite shoes in any wind and weather, you will find waterproof outdoor shoes for women in a wide range of designs.The practical waterproof boots from Adidas Terrex and Co are perfect for hikes on rainy days.They are equipped with a special lining, such as the Gore-Tex lining, and promise warm and dry feet in winter as well as in summer.Rubber boots and winter boots can stay in the wardrobe.

Outdoor shoes for women - by Wanderschuhe.net

From ultra-light trekking shoes to stable hiking shoes and low hiking boots: online, in our shop, a huge selection of outdoor shoes for women awaits you - waterproof, comfortable and highly functional.Here, women find what they are looking for.For hiking boots.net, the men and the kids will of course also be well equipped - with chic outdoor shoes for men and outdoor shoes for children.

So what are you waiting for? Start your next hiking tour with high-quality outdoor shoes for the whole family!