Hanwag hiking boots for men

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Operational area
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Upper material
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Hanwag hiking boots for men - universal footwear with a long tradition

The history of the Hanwag brand dates back to 1921. The success story of the Bavarian manufacturer of hiking and mountain boots has always been based on many years of experience in the hiking shoe segment as well as consistent quality standards in the production process. Because only those who understand the needs of outdoor athletes and take them seriously have a chance of establishing themselves on the market over a period of a hundred years.Hanwag trekking shoes for men are therefore convincing with their high functionality, which is supported by features such as comfort, resistance and robustness.In walking shoes.net online shop, universal Hanwag hiking boots for men await you to accompany you on your tours through the lowlands, the medium and high mountains and on alpine mountain tours on all trails.Discover the variety of high-quality Hanwag men's shoes on offer now, find out which hiking and trekking shoes are suitable for the different areas of use from A to C and find out how to keep your new outdoor shoes in good condition for as long as possible thanks to the right shoe care.

Hiking shoes for men by Hanwag: ideal for easy to moderately difficult terrain

Hiking shoes for men from Hanwag offer you a high level of comfort with the best possible breathability.The high-quality material processing allows you to rely on lightweight and multifunctional footwear that is suitable for outdoor use in a variety of ways.Ideal for sporty day trips on paved hiking, forestry and farm trails, our hiking boots for men from Hanwag will guide you safely over easy to moderately difficult terrain.With a mid-high or high shaft and available in two different shaft widths, you can choose your Hanwag hiking boots for men according to the exact area you want to hike.For hikers and walkers who are usually on the move at a leisurely pace and prefer routes without steep inclines, it is advisable to choose a hiking or walking shoe that corresponds to category A/B.

Category A/B hiking boots are primarily suitable for easy hikes in the lowlands, in the foothills of the Alps or in the low mountain ranges.As a rule, they have a mid-high to high shaft, are sturdily made and have a non-slip profile.

Hanwag trekking shoes for men: perfect for demanding mountain tours and wilderness trips

Hanwag trekking shoes for men prove to be very hard-wearing and robust despite their low material density.Their comfortable comfort features are designed to give you support and stability during a wide range of trekking activities.For example, our online trekking shoes for men are just as reliable companions for demanding mountain tours with a tight daily workload as they are for a wilderness trip lasting several weeks with various stage destinations.Thanks to the wide range of different upper materials, including natural nubuck, yak or suede leather as well as synthetic fabrics such as textile or microfibre, you are perfectly equipped for your next trekking excursion.In contrast to the hiking boots mentioned above, it is advisable to look for suitability for use areas B or B/C when buying new trekking boots due to the sometimes adverse ground conditions during trekking.

Hanwag men's trekking shoes - what do the categories B and B/C mean?

With their sturdy upper and stiff sole, category B trekking shoes are intended for demanding trekking tours that take you over stony scree paths in the low mountains to ascending mountain slopes in the high mountains.Footwear that falls into category B/C has even greater stiffness, can be supplemented with crampons and is thus suitable for light via ferrata, narrow mountain trails and extended trekking excursions with luggage.

Hiking shoes for men: A little material science of shoe manufacturing

Rain and snow, sun and wind, mud and slush: Hiking shoes for men not only cover countless metres in the course of their existence, but also have to withstand all the adversities that can be expected during extended hiking or trekking tours.The use of high-quality materials therefore plays a decisive role in the manufacture of European Hanwag hiking boots.Carefully selected according to aspects such as origin, longevity and durability, the Bavarian company sets particularly high quality standards in its material science with regard to leather, lining materials and sole composition.The leather: The leather used to manufacture high-quality Hanwag hiking boots has specific product characteristics depending on the type of leather in the form of nubuck, split, suede or yak leather, which correspond to the subsequent use of the outdoor shoe.Handpicked, chrome-free tanned and awarded several times, this creates a long-lasting and sustainable quality product.The lining material: The lining material used in the production of Hanwag shoes for men consists of versatile materials such as leather, lambskin, textile or Gore-Tex, which, when combined with each other, have breathable, water-repellent and waterproof properties and thus contribute to an optimal foot climate.The soles: Hanwag men's shoes consist of functional sole constructions such as a combination of special outsoles, insoles and insoles.In addition, incorporated midsoles and multi-layer tread outsoles, which vary in flexibility depending on the model, are considered an indispensable basis for the further construction of the shoes.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop - discover Hanwag hiking boots for men now.

Whether you're looking for lightweight Hanwag hiking boots for men or still need a pair of sturdy trekking boots for your next trip into the great outdoors, you'll find them in the Hanwag hiking boots online shop.net online shop, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the "Hanwag shoes for men" category.For a better overview, simply use our clever filter function, which makes your decision for the right footwear easier with just a few clicks.Simply select your desired details between different categories, sizes, areas of use and materials to find your perfect Hanwag shoe for men after the first orientation, thanks to which your upcoming outdoor adventure will be twice as much fun.