Outdoor sandals for men

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Outdoor sandals for men - airy companions for outdoor adventurers

Robust outdoor sandals for men are the right companions if you want to go on short hikes in dry weather and warm temperatures, take a walk on the beach or explore the city. They combine the advantages of closed outdoor shoes such as comfortable cushioning and a grippy sole with a low weight and excellent ventilation, which means you don't sweat so quickly on longer tours.Thanks to the water resistance of many men's sandals, there's even nothing to stop you from spontaneously cooling off in the cool water.For a comfortable feeling without pressure points, many models also have individually adjustable straps.In short: The airy outdoor sandals are the ideal footwear for relaxed outings!

In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net you will find a large selection of outdoor sandals for men in appealing designs and at low prices.Including popular men's sandals from well-known outdoor specialists such as Lowa, Meindl, Keen and Adidas, which are suitable for a variety of uses, from strolling around town to hiking over hill and dale.In our buying guide, you can find out how our outdoor sandals for men differ from conventional casual sandals, which are the most popular models and what you should definitely look out for when buying.

Functional and robust: this is what distinguishes outdoor sandals for men

Whether it's relaxed sightseeing, a casual hike or a wild rafting adventure: with an airy outdoor sandal for men, you are equipped for any situation.Unlike sports or leisure sandals, outdoor sandals are specially made for use on different surfaces.This is already evident in the comparatively coarse and non-slip tread, which offers you a secure grip on asphalt as well as on forest floors and even when crossing riverbeds.With some outdoor sandals like the Newport H2 from Keen, you can not only take short trips into the cool water, but also stay in it for longer periods of time.For example, you can protect yourself from painful contact with sharp stones and shells when bathing in a mountain stream, sea or lake.This is made possible by the use of waterproof and water-repellent materials, which are also often washable and thus allow you to thoroughly care for your outdoor footwear.

Comfort, safety and customisability for outdoor enthusiasts

Comfort plays a big role in walking and outdoor adventures, especially when longer tours are on the agenda and you have light daypacks with you.In addition to pre-shaped and padded footbeds and, depending on the sandal, cushioned midsoles, adjustable straps ensure that your feet are one with the shoes.For classic hiking and trekking sandals there are usually three individually adjustable straps that allow you to optimally adapt to the shape of your foot.Another advantage is that if your feet swell, you can adjust the straps to prevent the outdoor sandals from being too tight and chafing or causing pressure points.Some models, such as Meindl's Hawaii or Keen's Newport sandals, offer additional safety thanks to their semi-closed design and toe caps.The outdoor Sandals for men are therefore particularly suitable for stony terrain and for forest tours, where prickly undergrowth can sometimes get in the way.

The advantages of outdoor sandals for men at a glance

  • Grippy soles with a rough outdoor tread provide a secure grip on different surfaces.
  • Waterproof and/or water-repellent materials allow bathing and walking in the water.
  • Adjustable straps or flexible lacing ensure comfortable wear without blisters.
  • Depending on the model, robust rubber toe caps protect the toes from scree and stones.
  • Cushioned footbeds ensure comfortable cushioning and provide additional support.
  • Some models can be put in the washing machine after wearing.

Outdoor sandal for men: A substitute for trekking and hiking shoes?

Outdoor sandals can never completely replace a trekking or hiking shoe.Rather, they are a useful addition that allows you to complete smaller and less demanding tours or stages in airy footwear.However, on slopes, loose surfaces such as scree and when climbing, you should use closed shoes.These offer much better lateral support and protect your feet all around.It also makes more sense to wear closed shoes in changing weather conditions in the mountains.Because sudden cold and wetness on the feet can quickly become a problem.

The best outdoor sandals for men

The tests of renowned outdoor magazines offer good orientation when choosing new outdoor sandals for men.Here, the top models of the big brands can always score high marks.Like Lowa's perennial favourite, the robust Urbano trekking sandal, which convinced "Bergsteiger" with its good comfort, firm foot hold and optimal cushioning, among other things.All in all, the testers gave the men's leather outdoor sandals, available in brown and black, a good off-road performance and gave them 25.5 points out of a possible 30.The Keen Clearwater CNX outdoor sandal for men has also become a real classic.The magazine "outdoor" praised the sandal, which was recommended by the editors as the test winner, for its smooth rolling sole, good support function and protective toe cap.

Outdoor sandals for men: What you should look for when buying them

Before you decide on a pair of new outdoor sandals for men from our range, you should ask yourself the following questions, among others:

  • Where will you be walking most of the time?
  • How long are the distances you want to cover?
  • Do the outdoor sandals have to be waterproof?

Depending on your answers, different models may be suitable for you.For example, if you are mainly on the campsite, at the beach or in the city, open models such as the Cyprex Ultra from Adidas or the Urbano from Lowa are recommended.They are pleasantly airy, give your feet plenty of freedom and offer a flexible fit thanks to their individually adjustable straps.If you want to go to areas with loose ground, you should prefer closed models with air vents like the Ischia and Hawaii from Meindl.They offer you more support and protect your feet from injuries.

Basically, both open and closed sandals with toe caps are suitable for short trips into the water.However, if you want to be out and about for longer or mainly in the cool wet, you should opt for an outdoor sandal for men that is designed for this.Two good examples of this are Keens Newport and Clearwater models, which are specifically designed for water use and are also available as outdoor sandals for children ladies are available.

Tip: When choosing a sandal, pay attention to the material.Outdoor sandals for men made of leather are less suitable for use in water.Here you should prefer synthetics, as they dry faster and require less care.

Order men's outdoor sandals online at low prices - now on Hiking Shoes.net!

Have you found the perfect outdoor sandal for men? Then click on order now and have your new outdoor footwear delivered to your home in a flash! With us you buy without risk: If you don't like a pair, you can return it to us within the return period - no ifs, ands or buts.If you have any questions or need advice, simply contact us by e-mail or phone and our expert team will be happy to help you in word and deed.

In addition to our models for men, you will also find a large selection of outdoor sandals for children and outdoor sandals for women in many fashionable designs and colours.If you are looking for robust shoes for longer tours, take a look at our trekking sandals.