Outdoor Sandals for Ladies

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Outdoor sandals for women - airy footwear for outdoor adventures

Whether for a summer stroll through town, a walk on the beach or a short hike - outdoor sandals for women are a must-have for warm temperatures. Thanks to their comfortable cushioning and grippy soles, you can be sure-footed in these versatile shoes without having to forego a comfortable feel. This is ensured by the ventilation, which prevents uncomfortable sweating of the feet even in temperatures above 25 degrees, and the individually adjustable straps, which prevent painful pressure points.The lightweight sandals are also hardly noticeable thanks to their low weight and, thanks to the water resistance of many models, also offer the possibility of spontaneous refreshment in streams, lakes and the sea.

In the online shop of Wanderschuhe.net offers you a large selection of outdoor sandals for women for every budget and taste.Particularly popular are the models from Lowa or Keen, which are known as real outdoor specialists.To make your choice easier, we explain below how outdoor sandals for women differ from normal leisure sandals and what you should look out for when buying.

Typical features of outdoor sandals for women

Our airy outdoor sandals are made to provide you with secure footing on various surfaces during your leisure activities.The coarse and non-slip tread of the sandals for women ensures a comfortable step on asphalt, gravel and forest floors during outdoor use.Root ends, sharp stones or even shells cannot harm your feet thanks to the robust soles.In addition, many models are made of waterproof and water-repellent materials that allow you to refresh your feet in the water without having to take off your shoes.

Comfortable and safe during your outdoor activities

When the weather, time, mood and desire allow it, almost everyone likes to be outside for a long time in summer.Whether forest, field, countryside, city or beach - the beautiful weather invites you to longer exploratory tours.So it is especially important that the shoes are also suitable for day hikes and similar activities.Outdoor sandals for women are, because they have a pre-shaped and cushioned footbed, which is sometimes even supported by a cushioned midsole and ensures high wearing comfort.The as with the Lowa Women's sandals Duralto Trail WS individually adjustable straps with Velcro fastening also prevent painful pressure points on the sides and top of the foot, even in high temperatures and over long distances.So it is not a problem if the feet swell during the day.Finally, you can adjust the sandal straps or the flexible lacing to your liking and needs (or tighten them again for the next use).

The advantages of outdoor sandals for women at a glance

  • padded footbed for high wearing comfort
  • individually adjustable straps / lacing to avoid pressure points
  • waterproof resp.-repellent materials for walking in/on the water
  • coarse, non-slip tread for a secure grip on various surfaces
  • light weight and therefore ideal for luggage

Practical: Some sandals such as the Keen Whisper sandals are machine washable, just check the manufacturer's instructions.

Are outdoor sandals a good alternative to trekking or hiking shoes?

Women's sandals are not suitable as an alternative or full replacement for trekking or hiking shoes.This is because closed shoes are particularly advantageous on rather unstable ground with lots of scree or on climbing tours.They can provide more support for the foot, especially laterally, which is essential for these tours.This also applies to tours in changing weather conditions.Many outdoor sandals are waterproof or water-resistant.-repellent, but especially in the mountains, wet and cold feet can become uncomfortable due to sudden onset of rain.On the other hand, outdoor sandals for women also have some advantages over trekking and hiking boots, because on smaller tours in less demanding terrain in fine weather, there are hardly any shoes that combine wearing comfort and surefootedness as well as outdoor sandals.

What to look for when buying outdoor sandals for women

To find the perfect sandals for women (outdoor), you should answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. On which routes (surfaces) are you usually out and about?
  2. How long are you usually on your feet?
  3. Do you prefer waterproof shoes?

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the possible models: For example, if you are looking for shoes for short hikes through forests, fields and meadows, sandals with wider straps and smaller air vents are recommended.They often offer better support and greater comfort, especially on longer tours.

If, on the other hand, you want sturdy shoes for the beach or a leisurely stroll through town, open-toed sandals are more suitable because they offer optimal air circulation and prevent your feet from sweating profusely on hot days.Speaking of the beach: If you like to go into the water but don't want to take your shoes off, you should look for waterproof models.However, these outdoor sandals for women are not made of leather, but of synthetic materials that are waterproof or water-repellent and dry quickly after a trip into the cool wet.

Outdoor sandals for women on hiking boots.net easy to order online

In view of the large number of different models, the choice is not easy.If you have already found your favourite outdoor sandals, don't waste any time and order them online at Wanderschuhe.net.We not only offer you a large selection of shoes of all kinds, but also comprehensive service: If you would like advice or more information about a particular shoe, our friendly and competent team will be happy to help you.You can reach us by phone or email, we look forward to hearing from you.

By the way: In addition to outdoor sandals for women made of leather and other materials, we also offer a large selection of outdoor sandals for men and Outdoor sandals for children.So everyone is well prepared for the summer.Now the next excursion can come! Or would you prefer to go trekking with the whole family? Of course, we also have the perfect shoes in our range for women, men and children.