adidas walking shoes

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adidas hiking shoes: Creating the new

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and almost everyone has worn them at least once: the sports shoes with the popular three adidas stripes. However, only a few people know that the well-known sports brand is also strongly represented in the outdoor segment with the robust and hard-wearing adidas Terrex hiking shoe. adidas, for example, is the only manufacturer of hiking shoes that bundles the experience of top-class sports into the development of its outdoor shoes, guarantees optimal traction on difficult terrain and returns energy through perfect cushioning.The innovative hiking boot is available for women, men and children.

adidas: From cult shoe to outdoor shoe

Since its beginnings in the 1920s in mother's laundry room, the adidas label has managed to inspire the hearts of generations across all continents.Top athletes rave about the cult shoes from Herzogenaurach in Central Franconia just as much as sports and trekking enthusiasts.The chain of famous personalities ranges from US track and field athlete Jesse Owens, who won gold at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin wearing adidas running shoes, to extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who ran to base camp in 1978 during his first ascent of Mount Everest wearing a non-slip, robust trekking boot from the adidas brand.

But the entrepreneurial success of the unique brand is also no wonder.After all, the company's founder Adi Dassler had a simple credo that has remained a binding corporate philosophy to this day."adidas shoes serve sport, come from sport and aim to enhance the athlete's performance".To achieve this goal, adidas invests around € 187 million annually in the research and development of its footwear and continues to surprise with groundbreaking innovations.

How sustainable are adidas hiking shoes?

Despite high-quality manufacturing, adidas pays close attention to sustainability and works with numerous environmental organisations that critically monitor production and help prevent waste and environmental damage.For decades, the manufacturer has managed to be considered a model company in terms of sustainability and aims to systematically avoid production waste with its "Low Waste" initiative.The use of harmful or toxic chemicals in production is strictly prohibited throughout the Group.

Where are adidas hiking shoes made?

As a global player, the manufacturer of robust hiking shoes and hiking boots has headquarters in Boston (Reebok), Portland, Panama, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Herzogenaurach, where management is also based.At each location, specialists in biomechanics and material technology, product and process experts and designers work together to develop new adidas trekking shoes.The manufacturing of adidas hiking shoes is mainly outsourced.For example, the label has established partnerships with around 700 independent suppliers worldwide.

How good are adidas hiking shoes really?

You can be sure that adidas hiking shoes for women, adidas hiking shoes for men and adidas hiking shoes for kids are produced using the world's latest technologies and with the best quality workmanship.The research, the development of new technologies and the vision of the entire Group are rooted in running.That's why adidas hiking shoes and hiking boots are considered the best choice among trekking shoes for many hikers and outdoor athletes around the world.

In addition to the outstanding quality, the diverse range of properties for the individual needs of hikers and trail runners is inspiring.The BOOST cushioning technology, which was specially developed for lighter running shoes, uses tiny capsules in the midsole to ensure pleasant running cushioning and the return of running energy to the runner.This optimises the performance.adidas trekking shoes for men and adidas trekking shoes for women, with their traction soles derived from tyre development, facilitate walking on a wide variety of unimproved surfaces.Depending on your needs, many hiking shoes from adidas are also available with a GORE-TEX® membrane, waterproof and breathable.

Which adidas outdoor shoes suit me?

If you are interested in the adidas Terrex, you should consider the primary purpose for which this shoe will be used.The spectrum of this outdoor model ranges from a light running shoe for jogging off-road to a trail shoe for challenging mountain tours.If you only want to hike occasionally off the beaten track and also wear the shoe in everyday life, you can choose a classic cut sneaker or a hiking shoe from adidas.If, on the other hand, you want to achieve maximum performance and run safely over hill and dale, opt for a mid-high hiking shoe like the Terrex Mid GTX, which gives you the best grip on any surface.

Based on the hiking boot categories defined by the manufacturer Meindl, however, it must be clearly stated that hiking boots from adidas are only represented in the A and A/B segments.Extreme mountaineers and hikers at high altitudes are better off with mountain and trekking boots from LOWA or Meindl.

How do adidas hiking shoes turn out?

A perfect fit is especially important for running shoes.Hiking shoes from adidas have a synthetic or synthetic-finish.textile uppers provide a high level of comfort and adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot.Nevertheless, you should buy the shoes a half to a whole size larger to avoid bumping your toes while running.This way you are also on the safe side if your feet swell up on the trail due to heat or heavy use.To prevent blisters from forming, you should thoroughly break in your new adidas shoe before your first tour.

Are adidas hiking shoes for men different from women's hiking shoes?

Adidas outdoor shoes for women are more performance oriented than design oriented in the Terrex designed for trail running.Although adidas trail running shoes for women are often available in many colours and shapes, the production strategy is primarily designed for ideal running functionality.The main difference to the adidas outdoor shoes for men is therefore primarily in the fit.

adidas hiking shoes in the hiking shoes online

In our shop we present you online with the adidas Terrex the whole shoe world of the adidas outdoor adventure.You will find shoes for comfortable hikes with the family, adidas winter shoes or trail running shoes for demanding tours.If, contrary to expectations, the shoes don't fit you perfectly, you can simply return them within 30 days.