Trekking sandals

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Trekking sandals - functional footwear for warm days

Are you looking for a shoe for summer hikes, walks on the beach and exploratory tours on holiday? Then our trekking sandals are the ideal footwear for you: they combine pleasant cushioning with a non-slip outsole and ensure optimum ventilation for your feet at all times, so that walking is not a sweaty affair even in hot and humid conditions. In the online shop of offer you robust outdoor sandals in many attractive designs and from different brands such as Keen, Lowa and Meindl.Discover our range now and order your trekking sandals online.Learn more about the features and benefits of airy footwear below.

The advantages of trekking sandals

A trekking sandal is a mix of an airy casual sandal and a robust trekking or hiking sandal.Hiking boot.In contrast to a conventional leisure sandal, which is usually only equipped with a flat foam sole and a weak profile, the sole of a trekking sandal is considerably thicker and more strongly profiled.Thus, an outdoor sandal not only offers you a secure hold on paved paths, but also when you walk over unpaved forest paths, through slippery riverbeds or over sandy soils.Another advantage of the trekking sandal is the better protection of the soles of your feet when hiking over hill and dale.This is where the thickness of the sole pays off, as sharp branches and roots cannot easily push their way through.

Cushioning and ergonomically shaped footbeds

A big advantage of the trekking sandal compared to a normal sandal is the cushioning integrated into the sole.It makes hiking over stony paths pleasant and protects your joints by absorbing shocks.How intense the cushioning effect is varies from sandal to sandal.We recommend that you choose a sandal with more cushioning if you are heavier.Another feature that simple sandals also do not offer is an ergonomically shaped footbed.You can recognise this by the indentations and bulges that look like a footprint.An ergonomic footbed gives your feet better support and helps them with every step.Especially if you are prone to foot pain on longer tours, a trekking sandal with a moulded footbed can work wonders.

Flexible fit and optional toe protection

It is crucial for safety and wearing comfort that the trekking sandal sits firmly on the foot when walking.However, it is important that the sandal does not pinch, as otherwise there is a risk of chafing and blisters on longer tours. Classic trekking sandals for women, men and children are therefore usually equipped with three straps (in the toe area, on the back of the foot and around the heel) that can be flexibly adjusted to the shape of the foot via a Velcro fastener.Optionally, some outdoor sandals offer toe protection.A good example of this are the models from Keen, which have a wide rubber toe cap, but some sandals from Lowa and Meindl are also equipped with a toe cap.This toe protection is particularly useful when walking on unpaved paths and when crossing water, as the risk of a painful collision with stones is greatest here.In our shop you will find closed trekking sandals for both children and adults.

Waterproof and odour-resistant materials

Many trekking sandals for men, women and children are made of waterproof and quick-drying materials.Particularly noteworthy here are the sandals from the US brand Keen, which were originally developed for use in water sports.Popular models such as the Newport H2 or the Clearwater CNX rely on a water-repellent mix of leather and synthetics that won't get soaked with moisture when jumping into the wet or crossing a stream and will dry again in a flash.A practical side effect: thanks to the modern synthetic materials, the trekking sandals are particularly light, which further enhances the barefoot feeling.To prevent odours from forming due to perspiration, some sandals are equipped with special additives (e.g.B.Cleansport NXT), which prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Trekking sandals made of leather or synthetic? These are the differences

If you look around our range, you will see that outdoor sandals are available in different materials.Trekking sandals with leather uppers such as the Meindl Hawaii or Lowa Urbano are particularly robust.The natural material has the advantage that it adapts to the shape of the foot over time and thus causes blisters or pressure marks less often.In addition, it prevents perspiration in a completely natural way and thus prevents unpleasant odours from settling in the sandals.But when it comes to trekking sandals made of leather, it should be noted that leather is only suitable for use in water to a limited extent and requires regular care to remain supple over the long term.In addition, leather sandals cannot be cleaned in the washing machine like sandals made of mesh fabric.To make it easier for you to choose one of the materials, we have summarised the respective advantages once again:

Leather trekking sandals

  • adapt to the shape of the foot when worn for a long time
  • prevent heavy perspiration in a natural way
  • offer a high level of comfort
  • have a high-quality look
  • are robust and durable

Trekking sandals made of synthetic material

  • are also available as complete vegan sandals available
  • can be cleaned
  • in the
  • washing machine
  • can
  • also be worn in water
  • need very little care
  • dry very quickly
  • are very light

By the way: Some models combine a synthetic mesh lining with leather as the upper material and thus combine many of the advantages in one sandal.These trekking sandals are lightweight, quick-drying and comfortable to wear.

Buying trekking sandals: What you should definitely look out for

If you want to buy a pair of new outdoor sandals, it's important to make sure they fit perfectly.Particular attention should be paid to the area around the ankles, where the sandal must fit perfectly to avoid blisters or chafing when walking.In addition, size plays an important role in choosing the right model.If you choose a sandal that is open at the toes, we recommend that you choose a half to full size larger.This way, the sole protrudes slightly at the toes and offers you additional protection against injuries.

When buying trekking sandals for your children, you should also pay attention to a few points.In addition to the right size, the protection of children's feet is particularly important here.We therefore recommend that kids always choose a robust trekking sandal with toe protection.Synthetic materials offer many advantages, as they not only make the trekking sandals light, but also make it possible to simply put your children's shoes in the washing machine if they get very dirty.Important: Even if the child has larger feet, you should always Buy trekking sandals for kids.This is because - unlike trekking sandals for women or men - these are specially tailored to the narrower and still growing feet of children and take into account, for example, the lower weight of children in the cushioning.

[h2]Order trekking sandals online - now at Hiking Onlineshop[/h2]

Are you looking for comfortable outdoor sandals for holidays, hikes or easy climbs? In these and many other cases, our trekking sandals for men, women or children are the ideal choice.Whether as vegan sandals or classic leather: the robust footwear offers you a secure hold thanks to the non-slip sole and grippy tread, and the open design ensures optimal ventilation for your feet.The latter is particularly beneficial on hot days and prevents heavy sweating.Discover the wide variety of brands and models now and shop for your new trekking sandals online!