Hiking shoes for ladies

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Women's hiking shoes: Good on your feet on all hiking trails

Being out and about in nature is a very special pleasure. Hiking allows you to explore beautiful landscapes near and far, the exercise in the fresh air clears your head and brings new energy. However, in order to be able to enjoy the outdoor adventure to the fullest, perfectly fitting hiking shoes are essential. Thanks to non-slip soles, hiking shoes for women and Hiking shoes for men for a secure hold on flat and hilly terrain and protect against blisters and injuries.

The perfect footwear for hiking

No matter how comfortable they may be in everyday life and sports: casual shoes and running shoes are not suitable for hiking on unpaved paths.Hiking shoes, on the other hand, are made from water-repellent, breathable materials such as GORE-TEX®, which keep wind and moisture out and reliably protect the foot all round.They can be worn all day and offer slip resistance and grip even on rough terrain thanks to their tread sole.The ankle-high shape ensures protection from twisting an ankle and painful injuries on uneven paths.

Hiking shoes and hiking boots for women: it's all about the fit

The most important criterion when choosing a hiking boot is that it has to fit perfectly in terms of length and width! Only then does it offer pleasant wearing comfort and protect the joints when hiking.When trying on boots, make sure that they fit comfortably and do not pinch, even with thick hiking socks.As our feet swell a little during the day, it is advisable to try on hiking shoes in the afternoon or evening.If this is not possible, you should walk a little beforehand - this way your feet swell slightly and are prepared for the conditions when hiking.The usual size in street shoes only serves as a guide, it is usually advisable to buy the hiking shoes half a size or a whole size larger.

  • The toes should have enough room to move and not bump into each other.This is especially important when going downhill to avoid pain.As a guideline, approx.1 centimetre (one finger width) space to the front.This can be easily tested by taking the insole out of the shoe and placing the foot on it.
  • A relatively firm fit is needed at the heel to avoid slipping in the shoe when walking.The optimal heel fit is best controlled in an unlaced shoe.If there is still lateral play, the hiking boot is too wide at the heel and the model is not suitable.
  • When buying, be sure to try on both shoes, lace them up and walk a few steps in them.To test the wearing comfort, you should ideally also walk up and down a few steps to simulate walking on ascending and descending paths.


Brand hiking shoes for narrow and wide feet

Not every foot is the same.Some people have a rather narrow, others a wide foot shape.Brand manufacturers have taken this into account in their product range and offer hiking boots with different fits.For example, in addition to the normal fit, there is a range of products from Hanwag and Meindl hiking shoes for women also with a wide last, while outdoor shoes from LOWA generally has a slightly narrower cut.Manufacturers usually use the same lasts for all their models.So if the hiking shoe of a certain brand fits very well, it can be assumed that other shoe models of this brand will also fit.Even those who suffer from hallux valgus do not have to forego outdoor pleasure.For example, some brand manufacturers have developed special hiking boots for women that offer extra space at the front for the ball of the big toe.

Hiking shoes for women made of leather or synthetic?

The upper material for Women's hiking boots resp.Hiking boots leather or synthetic materials used.Which material is the right one depends on the intended use and personal preferences.Hiking boots made of leather fit the foot well, are particularly robust and durable.In addition, you don't sweat as quickly in leather shoes.However, leather requires more intensive care and it takes longer for the boot to dry.This is usually not a problem for hiking, but the long dry season is not ideal for extended trekking tours.Hiking shoes made of nylon fibres, on the other hand, dry quickly, are easy to clean and have a lower weight.In contrast to leather shoes, however, shoes made of synthetic materials are less stable and wear out more quickly.Hiking shoes made of synthetic fibres have proven themselves for light day hikes or for wearing during leisure time.Experienced hikers prefer more robust models made of leather or a leather-synthetic combination for more demanding, longer hikes.There are also differences in the inner material.Leather-lined hiking shoes for women are breathable, in warm temperatures the leather lining has a cooling effect and is ideal for ladies who sweat quickly on their feet.Hiking boots with GORE-TEX® (GTX) are popular.The waterproof membrane prevents moisture from penetrating the shoe, and a GTX shoe also dries quickly from the inside.On hot days, however, women sweat more easily in a GORE-TEX® shoe or boot.

Hiking Boots Women: Women's Hiking Boots in Winter and Snow

Half-height hiking boots can cope with almost any weather and are therefore suitable for year-round use.So that you don't get cold feet in winter, the shoes can be fitted with extra-warm hiking socks and insoles.B.made of lambskin can also be upgraded for cooler temperatures.Those who are permanently out and about in the snow and at temperatures below zero should go for winter shoes for women that are also suitable for longer hikes.The sole is made of a special rubber compound and an adapted tread for hiking on frozen and snow-covered trails.An insulating midsole and water-repellent materials keep feet warm and dry for a long time.

Hiking boots and hiking shoes for ladies must be broken in

Before you set off on your first tour, even the best hiking boots need to be well broken in.Slowly getting your feet used to the new footwear prevents painful blisters and pressure points:

  • Wear the laced hiking shoes at home for a few hours during the first few days.
  • Afterwards, the new shoes can be used for short walks through the city or in the park.
  • Increase the number of laps and also run on uneven and steeper paths in the immediate vicinity.

As soon as the shoes are well broken in, you can start your first hike.


The right care for hiking boots

High-quality hiking shoes for women last a long time and generally withstand 1,200 to 1,500 kilometres effortlessly.A prerequisite for this is careful maintenance.After the end of each hiking tour, the shoes should be cleaned immediately:

  • Remove laces and insoles
  • Knock off coarse
  • dirt Remove dirt
  • from the tread sole
  • Dirt on the outside with lukewarm water and a brush
  • Fill the inside of the shoes with water and a little washing-up liquid and wash out by hand so as not to damage the inner lining
  • Dry hiking shoes for one to two days at room temperature.Do not place under the heating - the heat can make the leather porous
  • For faster drying, stuff shoes with newspaper.
  • Wax leather shoes with shoe wax after drying so that the leather remains supple and water-repellent
  • Waterproof synthetic shoes after every use
  • Shoe trees keep hiking shoes in shape until the next use


Large selection of brands and models in different colours

hiking shoes.net offers hiking shoes and leisure shoes for women from all well-known manufacturers and categories - no matter whether you are looking for a light outdoor shoe for trekking tours or robust hiking boots for demanding terrain.This includes both mid models and GTX shoes.You can make your choice easier by filtering by manufacturer, specific sizes or area of use.It is also possible to search for a specific lining material such as GORE-TEX® (GTX), textile or mesh, special soles (Vibram soles) or colours.You can shop online around the clock, choose from our range at your leisure and order several pairs of women's shoes.Finally, you have a right of return of 30 days.In addition, our advice hotline will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about brands and models: just get in touch with us!

Our benefits in a nutshell:


  • Large variety of hiking boots from top brands such as Meindl, LOWA, adidas
  • Extensive range of hiking socks, laces and shoe care articles
  • Regular sale offers and price reductions
  • Trusted Shop: Secure shopping and payment
  • Purchase on account
  • Fast delivery
  • 30-day right of return
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