Keen Sandals

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Keen outdoor sandals: Airy footwear for outdoor enthusiasts

The sun is shining, it's warm and you feel full of energy - ideal conditions for exploring nature on foot. Whether it's a trekking tour, a canoe trip or a swim in a quarry pond - the robust Keen outdoor sandals will accompany you on your adventures. And practically everywhere, because the shoes developed especially for outdoor fans are not only wonderfully airy, light and waterproof, they also protect your feet just as well as a closed shoe.This means that the Keen sandals for men, women and children are the perfect alternative to outdoor or hiking shoes on warm days.

Discover hiking shoes now in the Hiking Online Shop Keen sandals for women, men and children at low prices.Thanks to the many different colours and designs, you can also enjoy the comfort of the open shoes in everyday life.For example, with fashion highlights like the Keen Uneek for women, which stand out from the crowd with a unique two-lace look and fit your feet perfectly.

From a sandal for sailors to the favourite of outdoor adventurers

In 2003, Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst founded the outdoor fashion brand Keen in Almeda, California.The focus of the two businessmen was the growing number of hiking and water sports fans, whom they wanted to supply with functional and innovative clothing from shoes to backpacks.Martin Keen laid the foundation for the brand's current success with the development of Keen outdoor sandals.As a passionate sailor, the inventor wanted to develop an airy sandal that was suitable for sailing.Because previous models did not have sufficient toe protection and could not withstand constant wetness.

After a few prototypes, the Newport sandal was finally born, the main feature of which was a robust rubber toe cap.It became a hit not only with sailors and canoeists, but also with outdoor fans and individualists like Apple founder Steve Jobs, who lived the "HybridLife" mantra propagated by Keen with every fibre of their bodies.Today, Keen has sandals for women, men and children in its range, including of course the cult model, the Newport sandal.

Keen sandals for men and women: Which sandal suits me?

When choosing the right Keen outdoor sandals, it depends on how or what you wear.where you mainly want to wear them.In principle, you can wear any pair of Keen summer shoes for hiking or strolling through the city.However, some models are better suited for one application or another due to the nature of their sole or upper.

Sturdy Keen outdoor sandals for hiking

For summer hiking tours, outdoor sandals for women and men the right choice.They offer the perfect mix of airy-loose comfort, grip and robustness and can be worn on almost any surface.A good example of this are the Keen sandals for men and women of the Newport model, which is available in many different colours and designs.With their toe cap, the comfortable Keen summer shoes are perfect for hikes over hill and dale.Tip: With the addition of H2 in the name, you can also wear Keen shoes in water without hesitation.

Cosy Keen summer shoes for every day

You're looking for comfortable outdoor sandals for men or women that you can wear as an airy alternative to flip-flops? Then you should take a look at the Kona and Waimea models.The Keen sandals for men and women offer the airy feel of flip-flops, but with added toe protection.The Keen shoes are available in many appealing colours, colour combinations and with stylish patterns on the toe straps.

Stylish Keen shoes for going out, exploring and shopping

If Keen outdoor sandals seem too rugged for you and you're looking for sporty outdoor sandals for men or women instead, the Uneek models are perfect.Thanks to their two-strap look, the Keen sandals for men and women fit flexibly to the foot and offer a casual look thanks to the style mix of sandal and sneaker.The comfortable sole and pleasant cushioning make the Uneek Keen sandals for men and women simply ideal for the city, summer party or walks on the beach promenade.

Keen Uneek for women and men: exceptional design, perfect fit

With their two-strap design, the Keen outdoor sandals in the Uneek series fuse classic Keen sandals for men and women with sporty sneakers.The result is a completely new creation that not only impresses with an unusual look, but also has several advantages over classic shoes.First and foremost, the lacing ensures an outstanding fit, as the Keen shoes adapt flexibly to the shape of your feet at the many nodes.In addition, the Keen Uneek for women and men convince with further advantages, such as:

  • good all-round ventilation of the feet for an optimal foot climate
  • a flexible lacing system that always ensures the right tension
  • a knife-edge profile for reliable grip on slippery surfaces
  • Cleansport NXT technology to prevent perspiration odours
  • a flex zone for natural movement of the foot
  • a robust heel strap for a secure hold
  • a comfortable microfibre footbed

With so many benefits and a distinctive design, it's no surprise that the functional Keen summer shoes from the Uneek collection have already won many top awards from outdoor magazines.In walking shoes.In our online shop you can order different Keen Uneek for men and women, including the Uneek O2 in turquoise or black.

Tip: The Keen outdoor sandals in the Uneek series are ideal for the smooth surfaces on sailboats because of their sole.But because of their stylish look, they can also be worn well in everyday life, while shopping in the city or in the office.

Keen sandals for children: the ideal footwear for little adventurers

Whether playing by the stream, romping on the beach or exploring the forest - children's feet are best off in sandals for outdoor fun on warm days.Because the little ones tend to sweat quickly on their feet and also love to frolic in the water.The light-as-air and waterproof Outdoor sandals for children from Keen are the right choice here: The robust playmates ensure a good foot climate, offer kids a secure hold every step of the way and can take on just about any adventure.If they get dirty after playing - no problem: the Keen sandals for kids can simply be put in the washing machine and look like new again.

Which Keen sandals for children are the right ones?

In our range you will always find a large selection of Keen sandals for children: For example, if you want to explore nature with your child, a hiking model like the Newport H2 is ideal.The colourful Keen outdoor sandals for kids are extremely durable, have a practical velcro fastening, quick-drying fabric and a sole that ensures a secure grip at all times.In addition, the toes are protected from injury by a sturdy cap.

If your child loves to frolic in the water, the Seacamp II CNX are the ideal Keen summer shoes.With their abrasion-resistant sole, the hybrid sandals offer reliable grip on wet surfaces, making them the perfect companion for playing by the stream or the sea.For older kids, the Keen shoes from the Uneek series are a cool option.They combine the airy feel of a sandal with the stylish look of a sneaker.

Order Keen sandals for women, men and children - on hiking

Experience the airy feel of Keen sandals for men and women on your outdoor adventures.In the online shop of hiking you will find the most popular Keen sandals for kids and adults at great prices with fast shipping.These include tried-and-tested classics like the Newport sandal and exciting design highlights like the Uneek shoes, which underline your individual style.