Winter shoes for children

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Winter shoes for children: Perfect for adventures in the snow

The temperatures are dropping, the first snow is falling and the little ones are looking forward to sledging. Particularly important for romping in the cold are the right boots. These ensure warm feet and sufficient support when playing. There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect children's winter shoes: they should fit comfortably, be easy to put on and take off and be made of a waterproof material. For hiking you will find the perfect winter shoes for boys and girls in all colours, shapes and sizes.Whether in red, green, blue or black, plain or really eye-catching.Small or large: with the right model, the next adventure can come!

Our children's winter boots convince with functionality and style

Snow boots for children are not only available in a wide range of colours.There are numerous designs and shapes that vary according to the occasion and complement the winter outfit perfectly.Our top brands, such as Meindl, LOWA, adidas and Keen convince with high-quality materials and a high degree of functionality.Depending on the model, these include a comfortable Gore-Tex lining, natural suede or ultra-modern microfibre fabrics and a non-slip rubber sole.To make sure you make the right choice, we have summarised the best tips and tricks for choosing the right children's shoe.

Which winter shoes are suitable for children?

Children's shoes for winter should above all be comfortable.After all, our children love to romp around on the toboggan run or in the snow-covered garden.Boots with a relatively high shaft are ideally suited.This also protects the ankle from the cold and prevents snow from penetrating.If moisture does get into the shoe, the footbed can be easily removed and dried.Special stoppers, such as Meindl use them are a practical alternative to the annoying tying of laces.But the velcro fastening is also quick and easy to close and is perfect for small children's feet.Older kids and teens often prefer boots with laces - here are our Winter boots by Timberland for kids a first-class choice.

When should children start wearing winter shoes?

Toddlers can wear winter shoes from the age of one.You can find the matching boys' and girls' shoes from size 20 in our shop.

How should winter shoes for children fit?

Fitting shoes are especially important in winter.Children quickly slip out of shoes that are too big and fall.Shoes that are too small can pinch and leave unpleasant pressure marks.The perfect winter shoe for children offers a secure hold without constricting the foot.A thick pair of socks should easily fit inside.

Being seen in the dark

Many of our models are equipped with luminous details, such as a neon-green sole or reflective laces.This not only looks cool, but has a very clear benefit: children are seen much better in winter.It is often still dark when the children walk to the bus or school in the cold season.In the afternoon, when they are playing, the lighting conditions are also usually bad and the kids don't get home until dusk.Bright shoes with reflectors are therefore the optimal choice for dark days and the perfect companion when playing.

Children's winter shoes: They have to be waterproof!

Waterproof shoes for children are the be-all and end-all when it comes to ice and slush.Every parent knows it: the snow melts, puddles form in the garden and the children jump into the mud with their new sneakers.Children often don't notice how much they are cooling down and can only poorly assess when it is getting too cold.It is especially important that the little feet are always pleasantly warm.Waterproof children's shoes are equipped with a special lining.This allows the foot to breathe and prevents uncomfortable sweating.The outer material is water-repellent so that no moisture can penetrate from the outside.

Children's winter shoes: The right choice for boys and girls.

Children's shoes come in a wide variety of designs.Boys' shoes and girls' shoes in small sizes usually only differ in appearance.Of course, our children have their own ideas and a child's shoe that they don't like often ends up unworn in the shoe cupboard.So why shouldn't our little ones have a say when it comes to buying shoes? In our online shop you can discover the most beautiful winter shoes for children quickly and easily together!

Winter shoes for boys

Boys' winter shoes are usually blue, green, black or grey and therefore somewhat simpler than the winter shoes for girls.But here, too, there are no limits to personal ideas.From our Lowa winter boots for kids with green soles and laces in the same colour, through to classy boots in brown leather, everything is represented in our large range.No wishes remain unfulfilled here!

Winter shoes for girls

Our girls' winter shoes are also real eye-catchers that impress with their chic design, high-quality materials and functionality.From pink to purple, to green, pink or turquoise - for hiking even the very young ladies will find their favourite winter shoes.

Winter shoes for kids at a great price - Online at

A lot is demanded of the perfect winter shoe for boys and girls.It should repel water, provide support, be easily visible in the dark and keep even the very small feet cosy and warm.For hiking you will find a wide selection of great winter shoes for young and old.From shoe size 20 to 39, everything is there.But adults will also find great winter shoes for women and Winter shoes for men for every taste. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your kids with unique shoes for big adventures.