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Hanwag: Outdoor shoes in best quality

First-class materials, decades of experience in craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology: Hanwag has been manufacturing high-quality and authentic outdoor, hiking and mountain shoes in first-class quality since 1921 - that is, for over 90 years. Hanwag is known for shoes with a unique fit and an extremely high level of wearing comfort. Hiking shoes and co. from the cult brand are considered to be absolute front-runners among outdoor shoes. Above all, the Hanwag Tatra and Hanwag Alaska models - especially Hanwag Alaska GTX - are considered to be absolutely popular among trekking and hiking enthusiasts.Not to forget the chic design of the shoes.Tatra, GTX and Co.come in contemporary and natural colours: Asphalt Grey, Mocca and the exciting brown Yak leather are particularly trendy at the moment.

We, too, of hiking boots.net, are absolutely in love with the brand's comfortable and durable shoes - that's why we present you with a huge selection in our online shop: hiking boots, trekking shoes, hiking shoes, mountain boots, winter boots and of course the super comfortable socks from the number 1 outdoor brand Hanwag are at Wanderschuhe.net available around the clock!

What makes Hanwag hiking shoes so special?

First-class quality, impeccable functionality and an extremely comfortable fit make Hanwag one of the most popular brands in the outdoor and hiking sector.What Hanwag shoes, boots and co.what makes it so special, we have summarised it for you:

Double-sewn construction: a shoe for eternity

When it comes to hiking boots, mountain boots and boots, the cult brand places a lot of value on durability and robustness.For this reason, all shoes are made in the goat-sewn or pinched style.This type of manufacturing prolongs the life of the boots and also makes them re-soleable - which is not only easy on the wallet, but above all on the environment.

Futura: Integrated shaft-tongue system

The integrated tongue system prevents the tongue, also called the shoe tongue, from slipping.In addition, the pressure on the shinbone as well as on the fibula is reduced, which enables a particularly high wearing comfort and a snug fit of the shoe.This technology is a real plus, especially for extensive trekking or steep ascents.

Material: highest quality criteria and organic leather

The leather used for trekking boots and co.materials used come primarily from Europe.A special focus in manufacturing is on the high quality of the materials used, such as leather or Gore-Tex membrane.Some models of Hanwag boots are also provided with an upper made of organic leather.This is tanned without chrome and comes from a family manufactory in Croatia.

Sustainability: from material selection to sales

Sustainability plays a major role in the production of Hanwag shoes: raw materials are carefully checked and selected according to special criteria.In this way, processing should be environmentally friendly and as local as possible.One example of this is the Terrace Zero leather, which is produced in a CO2-neutral way.Internal processes such as development, supply, production and sales also take place within Europe - thus avoiding long transport routes and reducing CO2 emissions.

The right shoe for every foot

Every foot is different! Hanwag also agrees with this and makes shoes that fit practically every foot type: a wide or narrow foot, big toe bunion or a straight toe section, small or large feet - the comfortable Hanwag trekking shoes are made for every foot type.

If you have a wide foot, be sure to check out our Hanwag wide trekking boots.These are perfect for rather wide feet.Wide trekking boots from Hanwag are available for men and women in all sizes.

The most popular models from Hanwag at a glance

  • HanwagAlaska: This series consists of real trekking classics that are equipped with a Gore-Tex lining (waterproof) as well as comfortable lasts.Models like Hanwag Alaska GTX are even available with a wide forefoot area.
  • Hanwag Tatra: This series is extremely popular thanks to very comfortable trekking boots.Special features of Hanwag Tatra hiking boots are the lightweight yet stable construction, practical tongue hooks and the comfortable insole.The shoes are available with both Gore-Tex lining and leather.Particularly popular models are Tatra II GTX, Tatra Wide GTX, Tatra Light GTX and Hanwag GTX Lady - for the ladies.
  • Hanwag mountain boots: Hanwag mountain boots or Hanwag Bergler are suitable for both hobby hikers and professional mountaineers.The comfortable shoes promise special support even on demanding mountain hikes.A special sole prevents slipping even on stony paths.

Who is Hanwag?

Hans Wagner is behind the brand name Hanwag.The latter is the founder of the brand, which originated in 1921 in Vierkirchen near Munich, where the headquarters of the production facility still are today.Hans Wagner was the son of a master shoemaker, who taught Hans and his two other sons the shoemaking trade from scratch.Together, the three sons continue the family tradition.One of the brothers - Lorenz Wagner - founded the company LOWA, which also manufactures high-class hiking boots.So of course you'll also find the best trekking and hiking shoes from LOWA in our range.

How do Hanwag hiking shoes turn out?

What size fits me? As a rule, Hanwag hiking shoes are neither very small nor very large - so your usual size should fit.Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right size: In order to benefit from the full wearing comfort of a hiking boot, it must fit comfortably without pinching.The heel in particular should have a firm grip.There should be about a finger's width of space to the front (between the tip of the foot and the shoe).This prevents the foot from hitting the front when going downhill.

Hanwag for women and men - the differences

Hanwag hiking boots for women are usually a little narrower than trekking or hiking boots for men.There are also minimal differences in design.So the shoes for women are generally a little more feminine and less rustic in design.Hanwag men's shoes, on the other hand, have a somewhat more robust design.Both women's and men's shoes from Hanwag have special fits for different foot types: by the way, a particularly popular model for wide feet are the Wide GTX models.

Walking shoes.net - Your exclusive Hanwag dealer

Are you looking for durable hiking boots, trekking shoes or mountain boots? At Wanderschuhe.Online, in our shop, you will find the top models from Hanwag - at a favourable price and in all sizes.How about, for example, a comfortable pair of Tatra boots or a chic GTX trekking boot? Of course, both men and women will find what they are looking for here.In addition to the favourite mountain boots of experienced mountaineers and hikers, we also offer the right socks for every outdoor adventure - with perfectly fitting Hanwag hiking socks! The next outdoor tour is already on the cards? Then don't wait, but secure the best outdoor equipment for your next adventure now!