Hiking boots

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Hiking boots for women and men - the right footwear for mountain and valley

If you want to conquer peaks, explore the wilderness or simply experience nature on foot, reliable hiking boots are indispensable. Because of their construction, the robust footwear is optimally designed for the special requirements of hiking and trekking tours. Sturdy soles with a grippy tread ensure reliable grip and a high level of surefootedness on sloping paths as well as firm and loose surfaces such as gravel or mud.A raised and padded upper gives stability to the foot and ankle and prevents twisting.At the same time, breathable upper materials and cushioned soles ensure a high level of wearing and walking comfort, which is particularly important on longer tours.

In our online shop you can always find cheap hiking boots for women and men in brand quality from renowned manufacturers such as Meindl, Lowa and Hanwag.With us you have the choice between entry-level boots that are ideal for everyday use and light leisure hikes, robust all-rounders for more demanding tours and real specialists for alpine mountain hikes.You can find out how the individual boots differ and what you should look out for when buying them in our following guide.

The question of material: hiking boots made of leather, textile or synthetic?

hiking boots for men and women as well as Hiking boots for childrenare made both traditionally from robust full-grain leather, from leather with a breathable membrane or from modern synthetic fabrics.All three variants have their individual advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Full leather hiking boots

For many hikers, leather is the material of choice when buying hiking boots.In addition to their rustic look, the best hiking boots made of full-grain leather are also highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions.In addition, the natural material is very breathable and can absorb sweat.In this way, the boots ensure an optimal foot climate at all times.However, full leather hiking boots are not waterproof.To avoid getting wet feet in streams and puddles, leather hiking boots must therefore be regularly impregnated.Because of the good moisture transport and the not quite optimal waterproofness, many hikers like to use leather boots, especially in the warm season.

Leather hiking boots with membrane

If you don't want to do without leather, but still want to hike with dry feet, go for hiking boots with a Gore-Tex lining.Visually, the boots offer a traditional rustic leather look.Inside, however, they differ from classic full leather hiking boots.A modern membrane ensures optimal breathability and waterproofness of the shoe at the same time.Popular models include the Meindl hiking boot Island MFS Active Wide with nubuck leather and the Lowa hiking boot Locarno GTX MID with a mix of nubuck leather and textile upper.

Textile/synthetic hiking boot with membrane

An alternative to leather are hiking boots made of synthetic materials or textile, which are equipped with a breathable and waterproof membrane.Among other things, the man-made material offers the advantage that it is very dimensionally stable and does not expand over time, as is the case with full leather.In addition, they are usually very light hiking boots, as the artificial material weighs less than leather.A good example is the Hanwag Makra Combi Lady GTX hiking boots, which have Cordura nylon and leather uppers and are very light at around 800 grams.

Size and fit: tips for perfectly fitting hiking boots

The best hiking boot is no use if it doesn't fit.Especially on longer and more demanding hiking tours, it is enormously important that the boots fit well.The size of the footwear is primarily responsible for this.To prevent boots from causing unpleasant blisters and pressure points or painful toes, you should generally buy them half a size to one size larger than street shoes.Because when hiking, it is quite normal that the feet swell slightly due to the blood circulation and thus need more space.In addition, you may want to wear thick socks when hiking, which increase the space requirement even more.

The right boot for every gender and age

The fit is also enormously important for comfort.The rule here is: only buy hiking boots that are suitable for you.Because hiking boots for men and women are adapted to the respective anatomical conditions of men's and women's feet.As a woman, you should therefore not go for a men's model even if you find a tempting offer, but always choose a boot for women.By the way, this also applies to hiking boots for children.They are optimally adapted to feet that are still growing and offer special support in many places.

Narrow and wide boots for every foot shape

If you have particularly narrow or wide feet, some manufacturers offer special models that adapt better to your foot shape.With many well-known manufacturers, you can already tell from the name of the boot which foot shape they are suitable for.Meindl hiking boots, for example, have the words "narrow" or "wide" in their name.Lowa hiking boots offer guidance with the English words "small" (here: "narrow" and "wide").If there is no addition in the name, the boots have a normal fit.

Hard or soft: What should the sole of hiking boots be like?

The comfort and safety of a hiking boot are also related to the condition of the sole.Depending on how hard it is, it is suitable for different uses:

  • Hard sole: A hard sole supports the climbing properties of a shoe, because it increases edge stability and enables more direct contact with the ground.As a result, movements can be executed more precisely.In addition, a hard sole unit favours the connection to any crampons that may be used.Both increase safety when hiking, especially on technical routes.
  • Firm, torsionally stiff sole: If you use crampons, make sure you have a firm, torsionally stiff sole.It stabilises the foot in the boot and makes it less mobile so as not to put unnecessary strain on the crampon stays.
  • Soft sole: A soft sole allows the foot to roll more roundly, enabling more efficient movement.This advantage is particularly noticeable on long distances and descents.

Tip: Irrespective of the hardness, it also depends on what is called the sole's "sprengung".It refers to the distance from the tip of the sole to the ground.As a general rule, a large offset improves the rounded roll-off behaviour, while a small offset increases stability.

Hiking boots for men and women - at Hiking Boots.net

Whether it's a leisurely walk in the forest, a tough hike on different terrain or a challenging tour in the high mountains - you'll find the right footwear for every situation in our online shop.You can choose from various materials and different designs that are guaranteed to cut a fine figure on your tours.If you are looking for lightweight hiking boots or if the hiking boots should be waterproof, we recommend our synthetic models with Gore-Tex membrane, of which you will find many models in our shop.But we also offer sturdy leather hiking boots at reasonable prices.Including high-quality Lowa hiking boots, Meindl hiking boots and Hanwag hiking boots.

In our shop you will find hiking boots for men and women as well as hiking boots for children.So you can treat your whole family to the best hiking boots for the next hiking tour.If you prefer it flatter, discover our hiking shoes and hiking-shoes, which will also accompany you on your outdoor adventures and always ensure a secure step.