Keen Hiking Shoes for Ladies

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Keen hiking shoes for women - innovative footwear for your outdoor lifestyle

Whether it's a long-distance hike on an adventurous riverside trail, a relaxed hike in the mountains or a trekking tour through the jungle - with our Keen hiking shoes for women, your adventure can begin. The manufacturer from Portland, Oregon (USA) is best known for its innovative outdoor sandals, which have long since achieved cult status thanks to their robust workmanship and unusual design.Many of the innovations and typical design features developed by Keen, such as the large toe cap, the flexible sole or the many appealing colour combinations, are also found in the hiking boots for women and make them the perfect companion for your tours.

From stylish sneakers to sporty trekking boots, we have the right Keen shoes for women for every taste in our range.Discover popular models such as the Keen Terradora Mid suitable for unpaved terrain or the comfortable all-rounder Keen Westward Mid at attractive prices and order conveniently and securely online.Tip: Use our handy filter function to sort shoes by colour, available sizes, possible areas of use or waterproofness to find the perfect pair even faster.

The best Keen hiking shoes for women

Keen hiking shoes for women not only convince many outdoor adventurers, but also repeatedly win top marks in independent tests.Models such as the Terradora II, the Targhee III or the Karraig, which is available in many design variants, are right at the forefront.But in addition to these perennial favourites, Keen also offers many hiking shoes for women that can be counted among the best due to their features.We would like to introduce you to some of these models, which are particularly popular with our customers.

Keen Ridge Flex for Ladies

With the Ridge Flex, the name says it all: thanks to the smart Bellows Flex technology, the Keen women's shoes bend about 60% lighter in the forefoot area.This way you need less energy for each step.In addition, the Bellows Flex element incorporated on the back of the foot protects the shoe and prevents the formation of waves and cracks.The Ridge Flex, which is available in low and mid versions, is not affected by wet conditions thanks to the Keen.Dry membrane, the Keen hiking shoes for women are waterproof.The All Terrain outsole with its 5 integrated flexion notches provides reliable grip.As with most models, these Keen hiking shoes for women are equipped with a large toe cap that offers optimal protection against scree.

The highlights at a glance:

  • perfect shoe for hiking and trekking
  • breathable and waterproof Keen.Dry membrane
  • Keen.Bellows Flex for more flexibility and less wear
  • All-terrain outsole with flexion notches for secure grip

Keen Westward for women

The Westward is a stylish all-rounder from Keen.The hiking shoes for women are waterproof and, thanks to the well-designed tread, are suitable for both extended city tours and light trekking adventures on paved trails.A real eye-catcher is the upper material, which consists of a combination of high-quality nubuck and suede.High comfort is ensured by the pronounced toe bounce and the metatomical footbed, which adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the foot and optimally supports the feet while walking.By the way: the Westward, available in Low and Mid, is one of the Keen hiking shoes for women that are made entirely in Europe.

The highlights at a glance:

  • All-terrain shoe for city and nature
  • pronounced toe bounce and metatomical footbed
  • Keen.Dry membrane for optimal foot climate and dry feet

Keen Uneek Sneaker for Ladies

The Keen women's shoes from the Uneek collection immediately catch the eye with their unusual design.The most striking feature is the elaborate lacing, which allows for optimal adjustment to the foot via movable knot points.Unlike the popular Keen sandals for women from the Uneek series, the sneakers are closed.With their well-profiled rubber outsole, they are ideal for relaxed walks on the beach, in the city or on paved hiking trails.The cushioning midsole ensures a high level of comfort.Another argument in favour of these Keen shoes for women is the issue of sustainability.Because part of the breathable upper material is made from recycled PET bottles.

The highlights at a glance:

  • ideal shoe for the beach, city and light hikes
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole with knife-edge tread for more grip
  • breathable upper (partly) made from recycled PET bottles
  • Offers an optimal fit due to the movable lace construction

How do I find the right size for my Keen women's shoes?

Use our handy filter function to view all Keen hiking shoes for women available in your size.We recommend that you always order hiking and trekking shoes one size larger.So your feet have enough space on longer tours when they swell slightly.But thick socks can also be worn comfortably in the shoes without pinching anywhere.By the way, the recommendation does not only apply to hiking boots, but also to our Keen sandals for women as well as for children's and men's hiking boots.

What is the best way to care for my Keen hiking shoes for women?

The care of shoes and sandals is usually uncomplicated.Many of Keen's open models can simply be put in the washing machine.You can remove dirt from all other models with a damp sponge and water.Keen women's leather shoes like the Westward should then be left to dry in a dry and shady place (not in front of the heater or oven!).After cleaning, you can re-impregnate the shoes with a suitable agent.For leather shoes, a special leather care is recommended.

Buy Keen hiking shoes online at a great price - at

Whether it's a summer hike or a winter hike: our Keen hiking shoes for women accompany you in every season.Discover the most popular models now, such as the ultra-light Uneek sneakers, the robust Gypsum II or the practical Ridge Flex and order online without any risk.If you don't like the shoes, you can return them to us within 30 days without giving any reason.Tip: In addition to women's models, you will also find a large selection of Keen hiking shoes for men and Keen children's shoes, with which nothing stands in the way of outdoor adventures with the whole family.