Hiking shoes for men

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Hiking shoes for men: The all-rounder among outdoor shoes

"Hiking is the miller's delight" - this line from the famous hiking song is actually known by everyone. It is more relevant today than ever before, because hiking is becoming more popular every year and has long since ceased to be the exclusive preserve of the older generation. On the contrary, hiking has become one of the most popular and demanding sports. You don't even have to travel far to experience nature to the full, because Germany's most beautiful hiking paradises are right on your doorstep.You don't need much to get started in nature.A beautiful route, some provisions and the adventure through a magnificent natural scenery can start.One thing you should make sure of, however, is a pair of high-quality hiking shoes so that you can enjoy your tours without any problems.In the online hiking shoe shop we offer you a large selection of high-quality hiking shoes for men, but also Women's hiking shoes, which are available in numerous colours, sizes and features.You will find both low shoes and boots, waterproof and breathable shoes and also the matching accessories in the form of care products, laces and Socks.We hope you enjoy browsing.

What exactly are hiking shoes?

Hiking shoes are a mixture of a comfortable leisure shoe and a hiking shoe and thus combine the requirements of both shoes.The same applies to the hiking boot, but it has a high shaft and therefore supports the ankle better.

What makes a good hiking shoe?

In addition to comfort and a high level of wearer comfort, the versatility of use is of particular importance.Made for a wide variety of uses, hiking shoes can be worn in everyday life, during leisure time, on trips or city tours as well as when cycling or on hiking tours.In addition, robust and waterproof hiking boots can be used in any weather and possibly even in winter.

The advantages of the Allrounder

The all-rounders offer you a number of advantages.They are usually made of light, airy material.Shoes with a membrane are also waterproof and can even be worn in light snow thanks to the robust and grippy sole and the GORE-TEX®(GTX) equipment.They are versatile and offer excellent wearing comfort.Hiking boots are hard-wearing and durable.Of course, how long a shoe lasts also depends on care, the type of leisure activity and how long it is worn.The shoes offer you a high level of surefootedness and your foot a high level of stability, even in rough terrain.

What is the difference between hiking and trekking shoes?

In principle, the words describe the same thing.A hiking shoe is a walking shoe, a trekking shoe as well.The difference lies in the length and terrain of the hike.Hikes lasting several days with heavy luggage are called trekking tours.The trekking shoe for men is a little stiffer and heavier than the hiking shoe and also a little more robust, as it has to carry more weight.

How should hiking shoes and hiking boots fit?

Hiking shoes should never be too tight, as feet and legs can easily swell during a hiking tour.There must be enough space in the shoe to compensate for the increased circumference.If the shoes are too short, there is a risk of bumping the toes on the front of the shoe cap while walking.Therefore, the shoes should always be bought half to one size larger.It is also advisable to choose special hiking socks.Finally, pure cotton socks are rather unsuitable for longer hiking tours, as they absorb moisture in a shoe with a membrane but do not release it again.The foot remains moist, so that in addition to the uncomfortable wearing sensation, the risk of blister formation also increases.Manufacturers such as Hanwag or Meindl therefore rely on socks made of mixed fabrics.

Which model fits a hallux valgus?

The hallux valgus requires hiking shoes that are significantly wider than the normal version due to the pronounced development of the big toe.That's why many hiking and walking shoe manufacturers also offer models in comfort widths.This is the Comfort Fit line at Meindl, Hanwag has a special shoe for this problem with the Bunion last.

How do you care for hiking boots?

As a rule, you can care for your hiking shoes in the normal way.For leather shoes, you can use standard leather shoe care.For shoes made of fabric-like material, it is sufficient to remove the coarsest dirt from the shoes with a dry brush and then clean them with lukewarm water.Then allow to dry well and re-impregnate.Inside, they can also be rubbed out with a not too wet cloth.Antibacterial sprays help against odours.

Hiking shoes in the test - Which are the best?

There is no universal answer to this question.If you choose the right model for your purpose, you can find the right hiking boots for you at hiking boot brands such as LOWA or Meindl basically nothing wrong.Both manufacturers offer shoes up to hiking boot category D, i. e.h.Mountain boots, and at the same time score with high quality.But also the manufacturer adidas has nothing to hide with the much-purchased adidas Terrex and the Terrex Swift.You decide according to your preferences!

Hiking shoes for men, hiking shoes for women and hiking shoes for children

You are spoilt for choice in our online shop.You can choose between well-known brands and various features around the clock.You can choose between synthetic, textile or suede uppers.If you are unsure about the right shoe or boot, we will be happy to advise you on our advice hotline.Just call: 0661 480 4898 0!