Lowa hiking boots

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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LOWA hiking boots: outdoor shoes for the love of nature

Once LOWA - always LOWA. For many hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, this simple motto applies. After all, LOWA hiking boots are fun and are definitely a worthwhile investment for every hiker, whether for pleasure or for professional use. One look at your LOWA hiking boots and you'll think of pure nature, fascinating landscapes and new challenges. Even alpine expeditions up to 8,000 m are possible with the robust outdoor brand. Simply put on your LOWA mountain boots and you'll be at home on all mountain peaks.

Whether Alpine, Backpacking, Trekking, All Terrain Classic, All Terrain Sport, Travel or Climbing: the wide range of high-quality hiking boots for different demands makes LOWA shoes something very special.The manufacturer offers numerous models for men, women and children and is also well equipped for winter with its Cold Weather Boots.

Lorenz Wagner - the likeable shoe pioneer from Jetzendorf

LO - WA as in Lorenz Wagner.The initials of company founder Lorenz Wagner once gave the LOWA brand its name.In the meantime, the company, which began in 1923 in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf with handmade oatmeal shoes, has developed into a global brand for exclusive hiking and trekking shoes.To this day, LOWA has its headquarters in Jetzendorf, approx.50 km northwest of Munich.Shoes from LOWA are the result of a company history in which unique quality, outstanding service, constant innovation and the founder's fascination with mountains have always played an important role.For many mountain lovers, LOWA hiking boots are still synonymous with summit happiness, mountain feeling and adventure.

Where are LOWA hiking boots made?

LOWA hiking boots are manufactured exclusively in Europe, primarily at the company headquarters in Jetzendorf.Other production plants are located in Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.For the company management and the approximately 250 employees, the production site in Germany stands for a long-standing company tradition and the preservation of traditional values.

How good are LOWA hiking boots?

LOWA simply more ...The brand slogan already sums it up.LOWA hiking boots offer extra wearing comfort and are manufactured in many elaborate individual steps, some of which are lovingly handcrafted.They stand for high-quality materials, an anatomical fit and an ergonomic footbed.In addition, LOWA trekking shoes are breathable, waterproof, amazingly durable and captivate with an unusual look.As sports and hiking shoes, they are shoes for life and faithful companions for every passionate mountain walker.

This is how the Renegade GTX® Mid became a cult shoe that still enjoys great popularity for trekking after two decades.And it's no wonder, because LOWA invests a lot of time and research effort in the production of outdoor shoes, has the LOWA Trekker regularly tested by experienced mountaineers and alpinists and in this way gains valuable ideas for the new development of hiking boots.For example, there are special soles and lasts for every LOWA shoe; the leather for the upper and lining material comes from selected suppliers.The same applies to the GORE-TEX® used.There is also a "Vegan Collection" in the All Terrain Sport category, which is made completely without leather or animal wool.

What distinguishes LOWA hiking boots for women?

With LOWA Women, the manufacturer has brought out a collection of hiking boots that take into account the special anatomy of women's feet.These include a soft upper cuff, a specially padded tongue, LOWA women's lasts and midsoles and insoles for women.These models are identified by the article suffix Ws.

LOWA hiking boots: Which size?

The foot length in mm is decisive for choosing the right size.Based on the foot length, the manufacturer recommends an allowance of 15 mm for adults and 12 mm for children.If you wish, you can also call our free advice hotline.

How do you care for LOWA outdoor shoes?

Shoes from LOWA stand for special durability and accompany you reliably through wind, rain, ice and snow.But even extremely robust and high-quality materials want some care to remain beautiful and functional for a long time.This includes proper drying, basic cleaning, impregnation, care and adequate storage.


LOWA hiking boots should be dried in a well-ventilated room, but not near sources of heat.For better drying and care, it is recommended to remove the insole and laces.

Basic cleaning

The first thing to do is to brush the shoes thoroughly so that the leather becomes air-permeable and breathable again.Then clean the LOWA shoes with a brush and warm water.In case of heavy soiling, we advise you to use a pleasantly tempered soapy water or a shoe cleaner.This opens the leather pores and should therefore be rinsed out well after cleaning.


When impregnating, LOWA sports shoes should be in a slightly damp state.After about one day, the impregnation takes full effect, making the LOWA Trekker water- and dirt-repellent again.The impregnation should be repeated every 3 weeks to maintain the breathability of the hiking boots.


For the care of outdoor shoes, a wax cream or wax emulsion is suitable, which should be worked into the leather with a soft brush.The same applies to shoes with a GORE-TEX® membrane.

LOWA hiking boots: Just a few clicks to your favourite model

LOWA trekking shoes, LOWA hiking boots, LOWA hiking shoes for women? You're sure to want to search online for your favourite shoe.Whether LOWA Ticam, Innox Evo, Lavena II GTX, Barina or Mauria: In our online shop for hiking boots you will find hiking shoes and hiking boots for family outings, alpine crossings or for demanding expeditions with heavy luggage.We also offer great footwear for your kids for their first attempts at climbing.We hope you enjoy browsing!