adidas Terrex Men

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Adidas Terrex for men: The hiking shoe for active men

Who doesn't know the sporty shoe with the three stripes? Adidas is known like no other shoe manufacturer. The brand with cult status produces first-class shoes for every taste and every hobby, including hiking, trekking, hiking and many other outdoor sports. With the "Adidas Terrex Men's" series, the cult brand has gained a firm place in the outdoor sector. Shoes such as the Adidas Terrex GTX Men, or Adidas Terrex Skychaser Men have long enjoyed great popularity, both among hobby hikers and professionals.The chic hiking shoes shine with a sporty design in trendy colours like grey, orange, navy or blue and score points with first-class features that make the shoe an incredibly comfortable all-rounder.For hiking, the outdoor shoes of the innovative brand are available at a favourable price and in every size - conveniently online in our shop.If you want to learn more about the innovative boots and shoes, we have summarised all the essential features of the high-quality men's shoes for hiking, trekking and outdoor sports.We also show you what number 1 models like Adidas Terrex GTX Men, Adidas Terrex Swift r2 GTX Men or Adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX Men have to offer.

What distinguishes the Adidas trekking shoes for men?

Adidas Terrex for men are characterised by numerous first-class features: unique cushioning and optimal traction enable a secure hold even on difficult ground and are just some of the special features of the hiking shoes in sneaker look.A special focus was placed on the use of particularly high-quality, breathable and ultra-light materials.Some Terrex shoes, such as Adidas GTX men's models, feature the proven GORE-TEX® technology.Special mesh - a material that safely wicks sweat away from the foot - ensures an extremely comfortable fit.Another special feature of the Adidas Terrex men's shoes is the perfectly optimised stabilisation in the mid and long distance area.In addition, the Adidas trekking shoes for men are characterised by a very high heat resistance.A robust upper material ensures high durability.Another absolute plus point of Adidas hiking shoes for men is the foot and joint-friendly Boost technology, which is built into a midsole in many models.Finally, the so-called Speed Lacing system offers optimal comfort during lacing.The system prevents the formation of knots and is fixed with the help of a cord stopper.Some of the men's shoes are also equipped with high-quality Velcro fasteners, which makes them even easier to put on and take off.

The best features of the Adidas Terrex men's models at a glance:

  • unique cushioning and optimal traction
  • particularly high-quality materials
  • low weight
  • waterproof and breathable material
  • stable support
  • high heat resistance
  • technology that is gentle on the feet and joints
  • practical closure with lacing or Velcro fastener

Innovative Boost technology: Adidas hiking shoes for men

As one of the world's largest footwear brands, Adidas has developed an innovative manufacturing programme together with BASF.In this process, solid granules of thermopolyurethane are foamed.Energy capsules are then made from this, which are compressed into a midsole as a damping element.With this technology, which is available in Adidas outdoor shoes for men is built in, energy is efficiently stored and returned with every step.This technology makes the Adidas Terrex models for men absolute favourites among professional hikers.Studies show that this material has the highest energy gain and over three times the temperature resistance of ethylene vinyl acetate foam.More effective outdoor shoes than Adidas GTX Men and Co.are therefore difficult to find.

Adidas Gore-Tex Shoes for Men

Adidas men's Gore-Tex models are among the most popular outdoor shoes around.These men's hiking shoes are waterproof in all weather conditions and can therefore be worn in wind and weather.Adidas Gore-Tex shoes for men are therefore also the perfect companions in autumn and spring.At the same time, the modern Adidas men's shoes in sport look provide excellent climate and moisture management.Did you know that the Adidas "GTX" on the men's shoes is the abbreviation for Goretex?This way you can tell at first glance whether an Adidas Terrex model is equipped with Gore Tex for men.

The most popular Adidas Terrex men's models

If you want to buy a high-quality trail running shoe, a comfortable shoe for hiking or a running shoe for any outdoor activity, you will find the TOP models in our range at a great price and in every size! By the way: Adidas outdoor shoes are also available in the "Mid" or "High" version as hiking boots.Many hikers choose the Mid GTX models in particular for long tours through rough terrain.The chic boots come in classic colours (black, blue, grey) or fashionable colours (pink, orange, red).Of course, the trendy shoes and boots can also be worn with jeans in everyday life - with Skychaser and Swift you also cut a good figure in everyday life, while walking or on strolls.

  • Adidas Terrex GTX Men: The Terrex GTX men's models are equipped with waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX ® technology.
  • Adidas Terrex Swift r2 GTX Men's: Terrex Swift R2 (Mid) GTX have a practical lacing and a sporty running shoe design.
  • Adidas Terrex Agravic GTX Men: Terrex Agravic promise perfect trail running performance.This shoe is ultra light - so you're on the move especially fast!

Adidas Terrex for men - by Hiking

If you want to get yourself a sporty hiking shoe from Adidas, then the Adidas Terrex models for men are just right for you! These are not only equipped with a lot of great features, but also impress in everyday life with an incredibly comfortable fit and a pleasant feel.The Adidas shoes are not only suitable for all outdoor sports, but also for long walks on the job.A shoe that meets even the highest demands.In addition to hiking boots for men, our shop also offers chic Adidas Terrex shoes for women.So feel free - and start your next outdoor adventure with the premium hiking shoes and boots from Adidas Terrex men.