Trekking shoes for ladies

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Women's trekking shoes - comfortable, practical and versatile

Trekking allows you to experience different landscapes at first hand. Green forests, high mountain landscapes or the relaxed tour around the lake invite you to extensive movement and relaxation and free you from everyday worries. However, this positive effect is lost very quickly if unsuitable shoes rub or cause blisters or wet feet make you feel uncomfortable and unwell. So, in addition to the appropriate fitness and motivation, suitable shoes play a major part in a successful trekking excursion.However, buying suitable trekking shoes for women and also for men is becoming more and more difficult due to the constantly increasing selection of outdoor shoes.Here you can find out what you should look out for when buying shoes for hiking and trekking.

Trekking shoes and trekking boots: Important features

As with men's trekking shoes, women's trekking shoes also focus on classic factors.A pronounced, robust sole ensures sufficient grip with every step, even in difficult conditions.A soft padding in combination with a firm lacing guarantees you the optimal hold.The outdoor properties of the material are also in focus.Trekking shoes for women should be waterproof if possible and easily cope with wind and weather.Here it is recommended to choose shoes with a GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX).In addition, the fashion aspect plays a major role in trekking shoes or trekking boots for women.If you are looking for a trendy companion with attractive colours, you will now find a wide range of appropriately designed trekking shoes that always cut a good figure, even in combination with sportswear.

Trekking and hiking shoes ladies: models and brands

In order to find her way through the extensive range, it is best for women to first get an overview of the different brands, models and categories.A basic distinction must be made between flat trekking shoes for women with a shaft height up to the ankle and trekking boots for women with a shaft height up to above the ankle.Which women's hiking boot is right for you depends primarily on the intended use.For example, mid-height light hiking boots belong to hiking boot category A, have a flexible sole with low cushioning and are suitable for short day hikes on mainly paved paths or for walking.Trekking boots for women are category B and are also intended for use over several days on rough terrain and heavy luggage.In order to take the anatomy of the female foot into account, many manufacturers offer their own model ranges especially for women, for example LOWA Women or Meindl Lady.In our online shop you will find many brands, from the well-known sports brand adidas to the classic hiking shoe manufacturers Meindl, Hanwag and LOWA.There are also considerable differences in the design of trekking shoes for women.Whether you're looking for trekking shoes for women or robust waterproof shoes for mountain hikes, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our range.

Hiking boots and trekking boots ladies: durability and care

How long the new trekking boots for women will ultimately last cannot be measured in a time frame.What matters here is the mileage, comparable to that of a car.In any case, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality hiking boot that will last a long time, even with regular use.As a guideline, good trekking shoes for women should be able to cover a distance of more than 1500 kilometres without any problems.Proper shoe care plays a major role in both comfort and durability.This includes:

  • thorough cleaning after extensive exercise in the great outdoors (loose dirt is tapped off or carefully removed with a soft brush, stubborn dirt can be removed with a soft cloth and lukewarm water)
  • suitable drying at room temperature (it is best to stuff your hiking boots or Women's hiking boots with newspaper.To prevent breaks and cracks in the leather, please do not dry the shoes on the heating or near the oven under any circumstances.)
  • the application of a care product (maintains the shine and flexibility of the leather.)
  • effective impregnation of the materials used ensures protection against moisture.(Waterproof trekking shoes for women thus remain waterproof for a long time.)

What to consider when buying women's trekking shoes

The most important factor is comfort.Extensive trekking tours in the great outdoors lead over hill and dale, through wild terrain and often last for a long time.Even small deviations from optimal wearing comfort are therefore clearly noticeable.Back and foot pain, problems with the knees, blisters on the feet and rapid exhaustion can be the result.The choice of materials, the main time of use and the intensity of use should all be considered when buying your shoes.Always keep an eye on hiking boots.If you use your new trekking boots mainly as winter boots, for example, they should be a little looser when you try them on to provide space for thick socks.However, you should buy your hiking boots a half to full size larger anyway to avoid bumping your toes when walking downhill.Firm support, soft padding, especially in the sensitive areas of the foot, and a robust sole with a pronounced tread are further points that should be considered when choosing suitable shoes.

The best walking shoes for hallux valgus

Not every person is the same and consequently not every foot is the same.The search for a suitable trekking shoe often causes great problems, especially for those affected by malpositions.A well-known example is hallux valgus, a deformity of the big toe.Depending on the severity, it is still possible to go on extended hikes without pain.The prerequisite is wearing shoes specially designed for the space required by the big toe.These usually have wide lasts and thus differ from the classic models.Nevertheless, you don't have to compromise on looks.While the toe area is made wider and higher, the rest of the shoe sits like the common designs.Alternatively, a light hiking boot or hiking shoe made of synthetic material is also conceivable.Here are mainly adidas hiking shoes for women.The brand has become known for its adidas Swift and the adidas Terrex has long since made a name for itself in the hiking shoe segment and also offers Velcro shoes for hiking.You can avoid rubbing the big toe against the neighbouring toe by using a silicone toe separator, which can be ordered online from various suppliers.However, before your first trekking tour, you should definitely test whether the toe separator is really comfortable for hiking.

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Waterproof and breathable trekking shoes, mountain boots and sandals for men and women, leisure shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers and hiking boots for children and a wide range of accessories: shopping is really fun with us.Whether it's the LOWA RENEGADE GTX MID, the Meindl MINNESOTA LADY PRO GTX or the Hanwag TATRA II LADY GTX: you won't regret your choice.In addition to the wide selection of well-known brands and numerous models of all categories, we convince you with the best service and a good price-performance ratio in your search for the right trekking shoes for women.Secure and convenient payment by invoice awaits you, as does a 30-day right to return your purchased shoes if you are not satisfied.Of course, we always keep our range of trekking shoes for women up to date and thus offer you all innovative and new products from well-known manufacturers.And if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you personally on the phone, both before and after the purchase.We look forward to your visit to our online shop for high-quality women's trekking shoes.