Mountain boots for ladies

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Women's hiking boots: The right footwear for the mountains

A hike in the mountains is a great nature experience. With every metre of altitude you leave your stressful everyday life behind you and enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views. You are at one with nature and completely at peace with yourself. However, if you want to go high up in the mountains, you need special equipment. In addition to the right clothing and a comfortable trekking rucksack, this also includes robust alpine boots that enable you to reach the summit without blisters and bruises.In our guide, you can find out what makes a good women's hiking boot and what to look out for when buying one.

Safely on the move with non-slip mountain boots

In contrast to the trekking shoe for women with soft soles, alpine hiking in rocky terrain requires an abrasion and slip-resistant sole with sufficient tread for the necessary tread resistance.This is usually made of Vibram, a high-quality rubber compound specially designed for alpine use.To ensure that the shoe provides sufficient support for the foot, mountain hiking boots also have a high shaft.The higher the cut, the better the protection of the sensitive joints against sprains.

Which mountain boot for which terrain?

In order to make the best decision when buying a women's mountain boot, the intended use must be taken into account.When hiking in the mountains, at least a category B/C mountain boot with high lacing and a deep sole profile is required for stable walking on uneven paths and scree when trekking.If you are planning a hike in the high mountains and need a secure grip when crossing icy surfaces, you should go for sturdy women's class C alpine boots.They are made of very robust material and have a hard, flex-resistant sole.Hikes lasting several days are unproblematic with this heavy mountain boot, even with a heavy load.The high boot shaft with extra insulation also keeps feet warm.For long mountain hikes in ice and snow in winter, at high altitudes and for glacier tours, a crampon-compatible women's mountain boot of class D is required, which allows the use of crampons or climbing irons.Boulders made possible.

Mountain boots and alpine boots for women: material and colour

Mountain boots are usually made of robust, water-repellent and breathable nubuck or suede leather, but are also available in synthetic.Since every gram counts on demanding expeditions into the mountains, women usually prefer the much lighter mountain boots made of synthetics.The material has a lower weight, adapts to the foot more easily and dries faster than leather.A waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX) has proven itself as the inner material.It is thin, weighs little and ensures an ideal foot climate.The sweat is absorbed and passed on, there is only a slight build-up of odour.Mountain boots with GTX lining are also characterised by fast drying.The colour scheme of women's hiking boots is based on manufacturers such as Meindl or Hanwag on the colours of nature, some of the models in the women's collection have a more striking design, for example in black with neon accents on the sole and lacing.From LOWA and Keen there are robust lady trekking boots made of textile materials and suede in bright colours.

Ladies' mountain boots: size and fit

When buying shoes, you should definitely take enough time to find the best model for your own feet.An ill-fitting shoe can not only cause blisters and injuries, but can also have a negative effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.

  • The usual shoe size is only a guideline; depending on the brand and model, a half or full size up is recommended.
  • Numerous renowned brands bring out their own shoe collection for women, which takes into account the special anatomy of women's feet.These include, for example, the manufacturer LOWA with its LOWA Women model range.If possible, you should opt for a special mountain boot for women.
  • The fitting should take place as late in the day as possible, as the feet swell during the day.
  • Please always try on mountain boots with your own hiking socks.
  • If you wear orthopaedic insoles, choose a shoe with a larger inner volume and try it on with the insoles.
  • It is important that the heel fits well, it must not slip in a hiking boot.On the other hand, if the skin rubs against the lining, this can lead to blistering.
  • The toes need enough space and must not bump against the front.About one finger width (approx.1 centimetre) clearance should be given.Please also bear in mind that in winter you may have towear a second pair of socks.
  • If the mountain boots obviously fit well, they should be worn laced up for a quarter of an hour during the fitting, so that the shaft and padding can adapt to the feet.Walking back and forth in the process.A test on an inclined plane is also helpful to test the conditions during ascent and descent.

Make sure to break in your mountain boots well before the hike.

Even the best mountain boots for women or Mountain shoes for men are no fun if they are not properly broken in.The outdoor shoes should therefore be bought a few weeks before the planned alpine tour if possible.

  • Always break in with the hiking socks you will wear on the mountain tour.
  • First, break in the shoe at home for a few days and only lace it loosely for the first run-in.
  • Before going on short outdoor walks, thoroughly waterproof your shoes.
  • When walking through wet grass or a small stream, the hiking boots can be watered and thus adapt to the foot more easily.
  • Now extend the outdoor laps a little and also run sections with inclines.

Pro Tip:

Experienced mountaineers usually wear a pair of thin socks under their hiking socks to avoid painful pressure points and blisters.

The best care for women's alpine boots

When hiking over hill and dale, mountain boots are subject to a lot of wear and tear.To ensure that they last a long time and continue to provide safe protection in cold, wet or hot conditions, they must be well cared for.With careful care, a good women's hiking boot can last you more than ten years.Please take care of your shoes as follows:

  • Do not allow dirt to accumulate and clean your shoes thoroughly after every high altitude tour.Loose dirt is beaten out, stubborn dirt is removed completely with lukewarm water and a sponge.
  • Textile materials should not be cleaned with soap.
  • To speed up the drying of damp alpine boots, stuff them with newspaper.Avoid excessive heat in the vicinity of a radiator or fireplace, as too much heat will damage the outer material.
  • It's time for a new waterproofing when the water no longer rolls off the shoe.
  • Leather mountain boots should be rubbed with shoe wax after cleaning.
  • They should be stored in a cardboard box or shoe bag in a cool, dry and airy place until they are needed.

With walking on a grand tour

No matter which hiking shoe category; with, you are guaranteed to find the right alpine boot or shoe.Mountain boot for women.Our range includes high-quality mountain boots from numerous well-known manufacturers made of leather and textile materials, available in various colours, sizes and designs.If you have any questions about the condition of the models, our hotline will be happy to advise you.Just talk to us if you need help.

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