LOWA hiking boots for men

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LOWA hiking boots for men - the right footwear for any terrain

Whether it's a challenging mountain tour, an exciting trekking adventure or a leisurely hiking trip through woods and meadows - when nature calls, reliable footwear is indispensable. Our LOWA hiking boots for men are the perfect partner for your outdoor adventures. The robust shoes ensure that you reach your destination safely and comfortably thanks to their carefully selected materials, their high-quality workmanship down to the last detail and their optimal fit.

As we all know, tastes differ and no two hiking tours are the same.That's why we have affordable LOWA men's hiking boots in many colours, sizes and variations ready for you in our shop - from the all-conquering LOWA hiking boot for men to the lightweight low shoe for light outdoor activities.Discover the latest offers in our shop now and find the men's hiking boots by LOWA to accompany you on your future hiking tours.

In addition to the traditional LOWA brand, we also offer shoes from many other brands at low prices.For example, sporty <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/mens/brands/adidas/">Adidas hiking shoes for men, traditional <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/men/brands/hanwag/">Hanwag hiking boots for men as well as the <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/mens/brands/meindl/">Meindl hiking boots for men.

LOWA hiking boots for men: the epitome of quality craftsmanship

From the tranquil town of Jetzendorf in Bavaria out into the big wide world: the LOWA brand (stands for the initials of the founder Lorenz Wagner) has undergone an impressive development over the past 100 years.Because the small shoemaker's shop north of Munich, which made the so-called "Zwiegenähten" (goat-sewn) in elaborate manual work, has developed into a global outdoor company with a high level of expertise in shoe production.

Developed with the know-how of well-known athletes and extreme mountaineers

The best proof are the hiking boots for men by LOWA: they combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest materials and craftsmanship techniques that make the brand's mountain and hiking boots something very special.But instead of resting on its success, LOWA is constantly developing its hiking boots for men.The Bavarians also incorporate the valuable know-how of well-known athletes as well as extreme and expedition mountaineers into the development.Not only the men's models benefit from this, but also the <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/brands/lowa/">LOWA hiking shoes for women and <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/kinder/marken/lowa/">LOWA hiking boots for kids.

A brief overview of other shoes from LOWA

  • LOWA mountain boots - the right choice for demanding climbs
  • LOWAtrekking shoes - ideal footwear for short and multi-day tours
  • LOWAsandals - shoes with good grip for walks and light hikes on warm days

For light outdoor adventures: LOWA hiking shoes for men as low shoes

The alternative to the LOWA hiking boot for men is the lightweight half shoe.It features a low shaft and a comfortable feel, making it the perfect partner for active everyday wear.The mid-height hiking shoes for men by LOWA give you plenty of freedom of movement and are therefore the right choice when you are, for example, romping with the children on the adventure playground, walking on quiet forest paths, relaxed along the lake or exploring the city on foot.Outdoor work and light trekking tours in low mountain ranges over varying terrain are also no problem for the half-height shoes.Only when the slopes become steeper and the ground more slippery should you opt for one of the high LOWA hiking boots for men from our sale.

LOWA Renegade GTX Mid men: the reliable classic for your tours

High comfort, balanced cushioning, optimal stability - the Renegade GTX Mid is one of LOWA's most popular hiking boots for men for a reason.The upper of this classic shoe is made of robust nubuck and suede leather.Inside, a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex Footwear membrane ensures that your feet stay reliably dry and fresh in hot and wet conditions.The integrated cushioning protects your joints on uneven terrain and the Vibram sole always ensures optimal grip, regardless of the surface.This way you can reach your daily goal without tiring and without pain.In our shop you can order the Renegade GTX Mid for men in various colours such as navy/honey, olive/mustard, basil or stone/espresso as well as different sizes.By the way: You can also find the popular Renegade GTX Mid in our online shop as a model for women.

The right care for your LOWA men's hiking boots

Your LOWA hiking boots for men have completed their first longer tour and are damp and dirty? Then it's time to give them a well-deserved wellness treatment.Because with the right care, LOWA hiking shoes for men - whether low shoes or hiking boots - last longer and retain their attractive appearance in the long term.This way you can enjoy your faithful companions for many years to come.Good to know: Whether nubuck, smooth or suede leather, you can use the following care tips for all LOWA hiking boots for men made of leather.

Perfectly maintained in 5 steps:

  1. Remove the laces and insole of your hiking boots immediately after the tour.
  2. Place them in a well-ventilated place to dry (caution: not on a heat source!)
  3. After drying, remove coarse dirt with a brush, if necessary.with a lukewarm soapy water solution.
  4. After drying, impregnate your LOWA hiking boots for men with a suitable spray.
  5. Store the shoes with a wooden shoe tree in a dry place until the next tour.

Tip: Proper care is important, among other things, to ensure that your LOWA hiking boots for men with Gore-Tex membrane retain their breathable function in the long term.It ensures an optimal foot climate during hikes and trekking tours.Therefore, take some time after each use to care for your men's hiking boots from LOWA.

Cheap LOWA hiking boots for men - now on hiking boots.net!

Are you looking for the perfect shoes for your next hike? Or do you need reliable footwear for your next active holiday? Whatever you have in mind, our affordable LOWA men's hiking shoes are the right choice! Thanks to the robust materials, the outstanding fit and the excellent workmanship, the LOWA hiking shoes for men live up to the quality seal "Made in Europe".Convince yourself and order your new hiking boots online!

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