Lowa hiking shoes

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Sole material
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Shoe width
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Lowa hiking shoes: Low-priced, comfortable and high-quality hiking shoes

Experts agree: there is hardly a healthier way to get around than to go for a long hike in the fresh air. Hiking is much gentler on the joints than comparable sports and has a demonstrably positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system of the human body. In addition, on an average-length hiking tour you not only stabilise your joints, ligaments and tendons in the leg area, but also train your entire postural musculature as you walk along.To ensure that a hike alone, as a couple or together with the family is an active pleasure, you should look for high-quality shoes hiking shoes which optimally support your natural movements and give you stability and support even on rough terrain.In walking shoes.net online shop you will find Lowa hiking shoes that are affordable, comfortable and of high quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.Find out now which model selection awaits you online, what features you can be sure of to recognise high-quality footwear and for which different areas of use the available hiking boots from the manufacturer Lowa are suitable.

Hiking shoes from Lowa: High-quality hiking shoes for the whole family

In hiking shoes.net online shop, you can expect a wide range of high-quality hiking boots for the whole family.In addition to versatile shoe models that differ in terms of shape and colour, you can shop with us for universal leisure shoes such as flexible hiking boots, robust mountain boots or lined winter boots that offer you maximum comfort, convenience and functionality in every season.Whether you're looking for the perfect footwear for a short detour into the neighbouring forest, you're planning a relaxed day hike through the adjacent low mountain range or you're already preparing for a hiking tour of several weeks in the demanding high mountains: in hiking boots.net online shop, you will not only discover suitable Lowa hiking shoes for women and Lowa hiking shoes for men, which are suitable for any terrain, but you also get high-quality processed Lowa hiking shoes for children from shoe size 27, which offer even the smallest ones maximum comfort for your family hikes.

Good to know: Hiking shoes for children - Particularly light and hard-wearing

Hiking shoes for children from the Lowa brand are available either as low shoes or boots, depending on the shoe model.Thanks to their high-quality workmanship and low weight, children's hiking boots are equally suitable for an extended walk or a trekking tour lasting several days.Equipped with waterproof and breathable uppers, a soft inner lining and a hard-wearing treaded outsole, the children's hiking shoes feature from the hiking shoe.net online shop offers flexible wearing comfort and stability at the same time.

Good hiking shoes: You can recognise high-quality footwear by these features

Are you wondering which features characterise a high-quality hiking shoe? Thanks to our detailed tips, you can recognise good hiking shoes at first glance and find out which upper materials and linings score high in terms of quality and why both the fit and the sole quality play an important role when choosing shoes.

The fit: Since your hiking boots will accompany you for several hours, it is particularly important to ensure an optimal fit when buying them.Because only if your shoe fits properly and corresponds to your individual foot shape will you prevent painful pressure points that can otherwise quickly turn hiking into a torture.Depending on whether you have narrow or wide feet, it is important to choose a shoe with an appropriate last shape so that your foot neither feels constricted nor "floats".Hiking and walking shoes from the manufacturer Lowa are characterised by their normal fit, which ideally adapts to every foot shape.

The upper and lining material: You can recognise good hiking shoes by their variable upper and lining materials such as leather, textile or synthetic, which have different advantages in their functions.

Leather: Hiking boots made of flexible types of leather such as nubuck or suede have excellent comfort properties after a short break-in period.Adaptable, robust and resistant, shoes made largely of leather are very durable, with the natural material ensuring a pleasant foot climate.

Synthetic: Synthetic materials such as mesh are made of man-made fibres that are particularly light, flexible and breathable.Predestined for the requirements of a high-quality hiking boot, synthetic materials can be classified as very robust and tear-resistant.

Textile: Hiking and trekking shoes made of intelligent textiles such as Gore-Tex are equipped with a special membrane that repels penetrating moisture and at the same time ensures that any foot perspiration that occurs is reliably wicked to the outside, guaranteeing optimal breathability.

The sole composition: Lowa hiking shoes, which are cheap, comfortable and high quality, are made of rubber, leather or Vibram, depending on the model.While leather soles as a natural variant have a good grip and are breathable, rubber is considered to be very moisture-resistant and slip-resistant.Intelligent shoe soles made of Vibram are very durable and hard-wearing and have an optimal grip regardless of wetness or scree.

Walking shoes.net-Onlineshop: Discover Lowa hiking shoes for every application now.

In the hiking shoes.net online shop, you will find Lowa hiking shoes that are suitable for use in areas A, A/B and B and are therefore reliable companions for easy to medium hikes.So that you know exactly which hiking shoe suits your activity, we have put together a brief overview of the individual categories for you below:

Category A: Category A includes light leisure shoes that are particularly flexible and suitable for long walks or short hikes.

Category A/B: Category A/B shoes are lightweight hiking boots with a slightly higher shaft than category A models, which means that this type of shoe has more lateral stability and is recommended for easy to moderately difficult hikes.

Category B: Lowa hiking boots in category B are solidly made as classic hiking boots and have a robust sole construction that is slightly stiffer than the models in category B and are therefore optimal for medium-heavy tours.

Whether for category A, A/B or B: Lowa hiking shoes, which are affordable and high quality, offer you a high level of comfort and convenience for any terrain.Discover our range of carefully crafted Lowa hiking shoes for women, Lowa hiking shoes for men and Lowa hiking shoes for children that will make your next hiking trip an unforgettable adventure.