Lowa Maddox

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Lowa Maddox GTX: Versatile all-terrain shoe for men, women and kids

The Lowa Maddox GTX from the Bavarian manufacturer's all-terrain collection is a true all-rounder and the ideal companion for all outdoor fans who don't want to commit to one leisure activity. Because thanks to its lightweight and comfortable construction and Lowa 's grippy Enduro Evo rubber sole, the Maddox feels at home on a wide variety of terrain and can be worn for sporty trail running, hiking or even relaxed walking.In the shop of hiking boots.net, you can conveniently order the popular outdoor all-rounder, which has won numerous awards in practical tests, to your home.We offer the Lowa Maddox as a women's, men's and children's model, either as a low shoe or as a mid-cut version with a high shaft.Discover the different colour variations now and order your dream shoe online.

What makes the Lowa Maddox GTX stand out?

The Lowa Maddox for men, women and children is a real all-rounder and can be used for any outdoor adventure.The basis for the popular outdoor classic is the Enduro Evo rubber sole developed by Lowa, which has a good grip and is suitable for everyday use in the city as well as for hiking, Nordic walking or simple hikes thanks to its sharp-edged and medium-depth tread.The support frame provides comfort and a supportive effect.This is a three-dimensionally shaped midsole developed by Lowa that optimally embeds the foot and provides noticeably more stability, especially on uneven surfaces.The deliberate absence of overlapping materials and seams is also pleasant to walk in.This prevents pressure points and increases wearing comfort.

100% weatherproof thanks to Gore-Tex membrane

For the necessary weather protection during outdoor activities, the Lowa Maddox is equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane.It is located underneath the upper material and reliably protects the shoe from water and wind penetration.For this purpose, the Gore-Tex membrane is equipped with billions of microscopic holes that water molecules cannot pass through.Nevertheless, the membrane is breathable, which means that a constant exchange of air can take place.This prevents heat build-up in the shoes.This prevents sweaty feet from developing in the first place, which reduces the risk of blisters on longer tours.

Comfortable damping thanks to DynaPU

The midsole has a decisive influence on the walking comfort and the rolling behaviour of the shoes.In the Lowa Maddox, it is made of the special plastic DynaPU.This resembles foam and contains millions of small bubbles that compress each time they occur.The special feature, however, is the so-called rebound effect.This occurs when the bubbles pop back into their original position after being squeezed.When wearing the Maddox, this is noticeable in that the shoes noticeably return energy - ideal on longer and more strenuous tours.

All the advantages of the Lowa Maddox at a glance

  • Lowa Enduro-Evo rubber sole with rubber compound for everyday use, leisure and hiking
  • No painful pressure points due to unnecessary seams thanks to Lowa Minimal Seams
  • Midsole made of Lowa DynaPU for noticeable cushioning with rebound effect
  • Lowa Monowrap support frame for optimum support on uneven terrain
  • 100% weatherproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane
  • Upper made of robust textile/synthetic mix
  • Practical speed-lacing closure

Questions and answers about the Lowa Maddox GTX

We frequently receive questions from our customers about the outdoor all-rounder Maddox GTX from Lowa.Of course, we don't want to withhold the answers from you, as they may help you with your purchase decision.

Maddox GTX in Lo- or Mid-Cut: Which is the right shoe for me?

Whether a Maddox GTX is ideal for you as a low shoe or with a high shaft depends on various factors.First and foremost, the type of leisure activity you want to pursue with the shoes.For sporting activities such as hiking, Nordic walking or trail running, a lo-cut shoe is the best solution, as it gives your foot a lot of freedom and allows you optimal mobility.However, as soon as you are on the move in difficult terrain with stones and/or tree roots, a Maddox GTX with a high shaft is recommended.The upper gives your feet better support and stability and prevents you from twisting and injuring your ankle or ligaments.In addition, luggage plays an important role.For example, if you have a heavy backpack on your back, be sure to Prefer to Lowa hiking shoes with a high shaft.

How can I recognise a Lowa Maddox for women?

At first glance, men's and women's feet appear very similar, but a closer look reveals some anatomical differences that need to be taken into account when designing shoes.The Maddox women's models have a last specially developed for women's feet, which is optimally adapted to the anatomy of the often slimmer and more delicate feet.You can recognise such models by the suffix "Ws" in the product name.The right shoe gives you the stability you need when walking, Nordic walking or hiking.

Is it possible to resole the Maddox from Lowa?

It is not possible to resole Lowa's all-terrain shoes, which include the Maddox, as is the case with welted shoes.However, the Bavarian manufacturer offers the possibility to have the heel renewed.The worn heel is ground off and replaced with a new part.In this way, the life of the Maddox can be increased by several years.Further repair offers are available from Lowa for the seams, hooks and eyelets of the Maddox and all other models.We will be happy to inform you about how you can commission these repairs.

Is the Lowa Maddox suitable for children?

Children love to be outside in all weathers and are not deterred by pouring rain.To ensure that kids can enjoy their time outdoors without getting their feet wet, they need a shoe that is waterproof.The Lowa Maddox for children is an excellent choice here, because its Gore-Tex membrane reliably keeps children's feet dry and at the same time gives them a secure grip with its non-slip sole.So nothing stands in the way of exploring the forest or playing by the stream.By the way: The Maddox models for kids are equipped with Velcro and/or Speed-Lacing and can thus be closed firmly and securely even by children who cannot yet tie a bow.

Order Lowa Maddox for women, men & children at low prices online now!

When you're in the mood for outdoor adventures, it's good to have a pair of Lowa Maddox for men or women in your wardrobe.Because the versatile Lowa hiking shoes are real all-rounders and feel at home on asphalt as well as on soft forest floors and stony paths.So you can simply set off without having to decide beforehand whether you want to walk around the lake with your poles or run through the forest.Besides its high functionality, the Maddox is also a real eye-catcher.Trendy colour combinations such as petrol/jade, graphite/mint or black/flame make the hiking shoes a stylish accessory that you can also wear in everyday life.Order your Maddox GTX now on hiking boots.net online!