Hiking sandals

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Hiking sandals - airy outdoor all-rounders

If you want to explore nature on foot in summer temperatures, hiking sandals are the perfect companion. With their grippy sole and firm fit, these outdoor all-rounders give you a secure hold on asphalt paths as well as on gravel and forest floors. At the same time, they cushion hard impacts and shocks with their gentle damping and ensure optimum ventilation for your feet with their open design.This is particularly advantageous on longer hiking tours and in high outdoor temperatures and prevents unpleasant sweaty feet.

In walking shoes.net Online Shop you will find a large selection of sandals for hiking from outdoor specialists such as Keen, Lowa and Meindl at reasonable prices.These include waterproof sandals such as Keens Newport H2, which can easily withstand a trip into the cool water and dry out again in a flash thanks to their special material composition.Learn more about the benefits of outdoor sandals and how to find the right pair for your outdoor adventures.

Tip: Our filter function helps you find the perfect walking sandals for women and men.Simply select your size, the desired colour and material, as well as whether the sandal should be vegan, and have all the matching models from our range displayed with one click.

Hiking sandals: The advantages of airy footwear

Light sandals are a popular alternative to closed shoes, especially in summer, and are perfect for light hiking tours, exploring cities or relaxed walks on the beach.Especially on hot days, the open design of the sandals ensures a pleasantly airy feeling and prevents heat build-up.This keeps your feet fresh while running and you arrive at your destination more relaxed.For reliable grip, our hiking sandals, like their closed counterparts, are equipped with a thick and well-profiled sole.This finds a foothold on solid ground as well as on scree and soft sandy or forest soil.Just as important as the grip is the protection of your feet from sharp and pointed objects.Most of our wandering sandals for men, women and children are equipped for this purpose, among other things, with a closed toe and heel section through which no stones or wood splinters can penetrate into the interior.

Despite good grip and reliable protection of your feet from foreign bodies, you don't have to compromise on comfort with our branded outdoor sandals.Pre-shaped footbeds, flexibly adjustable straps and laces as well as pleasant cushioning protect your joints, prevent unpleasant pressure points and allow you to adjust the sandal to your individual foot.The latter is particularly advantageous on longer hiking tours, because the feet swell over time and increase in circumference.With adjustable straps resp.The adjustable lacing allows you to make the outdoor sandals a little wider if necessary.Last but not least, most hiking sandals for women, men and children are waterproof or water-resistant.water-repellent and quick-drying.This means they can also be worn when crossing mountain streams, rivers and puddles, as well as on hot days when swimming in a lake.

The advantages of hiking sandals at a glance

  • classic to sporty look
  • airy design for good all-round ventilation of the feet
  • moulded footbed with cushioning for maximum walking comfort
  • non-slip sole with non-slip tread for different surfaces
  • wate
  • rproof or water-repellent s
  • ole for different surfaces Water-repellent and quick-drying material
  • Lightweight and therefore easy to store in your luggage
  • Adjustable straps / laces for individual foot adjustment

Are sandals suitable as a substitute for trekking or hiking shoes?

Although most outdoor sandals are waterproof and have a grippy sole, they cannot replace a full trekking or hiking boot on demanding tours.Because especially on slippery surfaces, on sloping passages and on longer hikes with heavy luggage, a hiking boot gives your feet better grip and thus more surefootedness.Even in cold and damp weather and in regions where the weather can quickly change from warm to cold, a closed shoe offers your feet more protection than an open sandal.

However, hiking sandals for men, women or children are always a useful addition to outdoor tours and can be easily carried in a backpack thanks to their light weight.So you can always take off your hiking boots on easy stretches and switch to comfortable sandals to give your feet a soothing break in the fresh air.Even relaxed day trips with a daypack are no problem for lightweight sandals.

Leather or synthetic: Which material is better for sandals for hiking?

When buying hiking sandals - whether for children or adults - you basically have the choice between leather and synthetic.

The classic for outdoor sandals is still leather.Sandals are usually made of soft and supple leathers such as nubuck or velour, which are flexible and fit the foot comfortably.This ensures a high level of wearing comfort and prevents unpleasant pressure points when worn for long periods of time.In addition, leather is naturally breathable, odour-resistant and water-repellent, but requires regular care.

An increasingly popular alternative to leather is synthetic.Because the modern synthetic fibres are extremely hard-wearing, water-repellent and prevent the formation of odours.They also offer similar wearing properties to leather and can often even be worn in water and washed in the washing machine if necessary.One specialist for particularly robust and waterproof sandals is the US manufacturer Keen.The fashionable synthetic sandals are a great choice for outdoor adventures on land or in the water thanks to waterproof materials and protective toe caps.

Buy hiking sandals cheap online - now on Hiking Shoes.net

With our affordable sandals for hiking, the next holiday can come.Whether by the sea or in the mountains - with the airy outdoor sandals you can enjoy walks and hikes in complete relaxation.The grippy soles offer you reliable grip on a wide variety of surfaces and guarantee that you reach your destination quickly and safely.Of course, design also plays an important role in hiking sandals for men and women.That's why we offer you a wide range of sandals, from models in subtle colours to stylish highlights like Keen's Uneek series.Discover your personal favourite now and order your new sandals securely online.

Did you know that in addition to wandering sandals for children and adults, you will also find a large selection of trekking sandals and vegan sandals, in which no animal products are processed.