Winter shoes

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Sole material
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Winter hiking boots for women and men: Robust companions for winter walks and mountain tours

If you don't want to give up hiking in winter and want to enjoy the charm of snow-covered nature on extended tours, you need good shoes that are made for these conditions. The branded winter hiking shoes from the online shop are the right choice here, because with their comfortably warm and at the same time breathable lining, they ensure that you don't get chilled even in sub-zero temperatures and can relax and enjoy your time outdoors.In addition, the winterproof outdoor shoes are equipped with well-profiled soles.They ensure that your hike does not turn into an involuntary slide in ice and snow and that you reach your destination safely.Shop now for cheap winter hiking boots for men and women from brands like Hanwag, Meindl and Lowa online and start your winter adventure perfectly equipped!

What distinguishes a winter hiking boot?

Whether in the lowlands, in the low mountain ranges or in the Alps: hiking in winter weather has a special charm and is becoming more and more popular.However, when trudging through high snow and walking over slippery floors, it is important that the footwear is sturdy and well insulated so that it does not become a killjoy.Branded winter hiking boots for men, women and children are made for these special weather conditions from the sole to the upper material.A big difference to conventional hiking boots can be found in the sole.Similar to a winter tyre, it consists of a special rubber compound and usually has a coarser tread adapted to the changed ground conditions.The high-quality rubber soles from Vibram, such as the Arctic Grip developed for winter hikes, have proven particularly effective here.In addition, leading brand manufacturers such as Lowa, Meindl and Hanwag equip most of their hiking boots for winter with an insulating midsole.In most cases, a thermal sole with an aluminium coating is used here, which reflects the cold of the ground and thus ensures that your feet stay warm.In addition to high slip resistance and insulation from unpleasant floor cold, protecting the feet from wetness and cold is the top priority.Most manufacturers of winter hiking boots equip their shoe models with a Gore-Tex lining for this reason.The usually multi-layered lining material keeps feet cosy and warm, while the membrane ensures that no moisture can penetrate the boot from the outside when hiking in wet snow.However, the microfine pores of the membrane ensure that there is a permanent exchange of air and that moist air can be transported away from the inside of the shoe to the outside.This ensures a pleasant foot climate at all times on your winter excursions and sweaty feet don't stand a chance.Alternatively, there are also shoes with wool or lambskin lining, which is particularly fluffy and cosily warm.When it comes to uppers, most winter hiking boots for men, women and children rely on hard-wearing synthetic fabrics or robust nubuck leather, sometimes a mix of both.Pure synthetics have the advantage that the shoes are very light and agile, while leather is particularly durable and easy to care for.Which upper material you choose for your winter hiking boots is ultimately a question of personal taste.

The advantages of winter hiking boots at a glance

  • Non-slip and well-profiled rubber sole (e. g.B.from Michelin or Vibram)
  • Warming lining, usually made of synthetic materials with a Gore-Tex membrane
  • Weatherproof and hard-wearing upper material (synthetic or leather)
  • Insulating midsole to protect against the cold of the ground

Hiking boots for winter: Which are best?

Which winter hiking boot is the best choice for you depends on various factors.First and foremost, of course, the weather and terrain in which you want to enjoy the winter nature on foot.If you're only drawn to a relaxing snowy stroll in dry weather, a fashionable Winter hiking boots such as the Hanwag Saisa Mid or High are a good choice.The Hanwag Räven II Lady is just as stylish for a winter shopping trip.If, on the other hand, you are drawn to deep snow, a winter hiking boot like the Meindl Paluk GTX is a reliable partner.With its particularly high shaft and grippy sole, the boot is ideal for excursions over knee-high snowy paths and slippery slopes.f

Wearing and care tips for winter shoes

To ensure that you have a lot of fun with your winter hiking boots for a long time and can enjoy your time in the snow without any worries, we have put together some tips for you on how to wear and care for them.

  1. New winter hiking boots for women, men and children can still be a little stiff and need a break-in period.So before you plunge into the white pleasure, you should wear the shoes every now and then for half an hour to an hour.This way, the winter shoe will break in and your feet will get used to the feel of the shoe.
  2. If your feet are shivering despite the warm lining and insulating midsole, you can also equip your hiking boots with a heatable insole.Here you have the choice between air-activated disposable insoles and reusable insoles with rechargeable battery or battery operation.
  3. If you dare to venture into difficult terrain during winter hiking, you can upgrade your shoes with spikes/rubbers within a few minutes.They provide more grip on slopes and on very slippery surfaces such as ice-covered paths.
  4. In winter, shoes need special care because wetness and road salt from the road attack the upper material and, in the worst case, leave unsightly marks.That's why it's important that you dry your hiking boots well after each use and remove salt and dirt.In addition, you should regularly waterproof your shoes.

Order branded winter hiking boots online now - in the Hiking Boots

The next winter is sure to come, and with it beautiful days when the wintry landscape invites you to go for walks and hikes.With the branded winter hiking boots from you are optimally prepared for the next season and always reach your destination without slipping and with warm feet.Discover our range of shoes from German brand manufacturers such as Meindl, Lowa and Hanwag and order your new winter footwear conveniently and securely online.If you need help or have any questions, our friendly staff will be happy to help you by e-mail or telephone.