adidas Terrex for Ladies

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adidas Terrex for women: trekking and hiking shoes for outdoor athletes

As a passionate outdoor sportswoman, you rightly place high demands on your shoes. They not only have to offer you a secure grip at all times when running, trail running or hiking, but also protect your joints and keep you dry and cold. At the same time, it is important that they give you the freedom to develop your full performance potential. A trekking and hiking shoe that meets these requirements and spurs you on to new heights when worn is the adidas Terrex.The shoe was worn by mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner on Mount Everest in 1978 and is constantly being further developed with the help of well-known free climbers, mountain bikers and trail runners.Find out now what makes Terrex for women stand out and which adidas Terrex women's model suits you!

adidas Terrex for women: What models are available?

Adidas Terrex GTX for women

The classic among trekking and hiking shoes is the adidas Terrex GTX for women.With this outdoor shoe, available in low or mid cut, you can easily master any trail.This is ensured by a sophisticated combination of low weight, reliable grip and light cushioning.For a pleasant foot climate, the adidas Terrex GTX for women is also equipped with a breathable and waterproof lining made from GORE-TEX.On more demanding hiking, trekking and trail running tours, the adidas Terrex Skychaser GTX for women is the perfect companion.Here, the Continental rubber sole provides outstanding grip on both wet and dry surfaces.At the same time, the Boost midsole, made up of thousands of small cells, absorbs hard shocks and returns the energy to you.This is how you can improve your performance.In this adidas Terrex for women, a GORE-TEX lining also ensures well ventilated and dry feet at all times.

Terrex Agravic GTX for women

adidas has developed the Terrex Agravic GTX for women especially for trail running.Thanks to its rubber outsole from tyre manufacturer Continental, the Terrex for women offers first-class grip.The Boost midsole also provides relieving and responsive cushioning and the GORE-TEX membrane ensures an optimal foot climate.The adidas Terrex Agravic for women, available in many designs, and the adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX for women, suitable for trail running and hiking, bring similar qualities.

Adidas Terrex Trail Crass for Women

If you're looking for an all-round shoe for bike and hike tours that does an excellent job both on foot and on a two-wheeler, the adidas Terrex Trail Cross for women is just the ticket.Also known as <a href="https://www.walking">Adidas Terrex for men available Trail Cross features its unique Stealth sole with maximum grip, a Pro-Moderator midsole for more support and a breathable lining.

Find out below why it's so important that your adidas Terrex for women fits properly.

How should the adidas Terrex for women fit?

In order for your adidas Terrex hiking shoes for women to fit comfortably and provide you with a secure grip, it is important that they fit your feet perfectly.Because no two feet are the same and even hiking, trekking and walking shoes are different.You can tell that an adidas Terrex for women fits you perfectly by the following features:

  • Your toes have about a finger's width of space to the front.
  • Your midfoot does not float to the sides when you move.
  • Your heel is not too tight, but also not too loose in the shoe.
  • The lacing of the shoe does not press uncomfortably on the back of the foot.

Important: When you try on adidas trekking shoes for women or measure your feet, make sure you wear the socks you plan to wear later on your tours.This also applies to orthopaedic insoles.

By the way: In order to form a unit with your Terrex, you need to break in the adidas outdoor shoes for women properly.It is best to run a few short tours first until you no longer consciously feel the shoes.If you notice that there are pressure marks, take a break for a day.After that, the adidas trekking shoes for women are ready for bigger tours.

Is the adidas Terrex for women also suitable for snow?

With the right trekking, trail running or hiking shoe, you can confidently follow the call of nature and do outdoor sports even in winter.It is important that the sole offers good grip and that you reach the destination of your hiking or trail adventure with dry feet.Ideal for wet and snowy trails is the Traxion outsole from adidas.It is made of Continental rubber and has a profile that gives you more safety on slippery surfaces.A GORE-TEX finish also ensures that moisture cannot penetrate to the inside, but sweat can always escape to the outside.A convenient <a href="https://www.walking">Adidas winter shoe for women is for example the adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX for women in mid-cut.On the outside, the popular outdoor shoe is made of durable textile and synthetic material.Underneath, a GORE-TEX membrane keeps feet dry and warm on winter trails.For maximum grip on frozen, wet and unpaved surfaces, the adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX for women is equipped with a Traxion outsole made of Continental rubber.The adidas Terrex Skychaser LT GTX in mid-cut offers similar advantages in winter conditions.

How do I care for adidas hiking shoes for women?

With the right care, your adidas Terrex for women will last for countless tours over hill and dale.It is important that you always clean the shoes immediately after wearing them.This prevents dirt and unpleasant odours from settling in the first place.We have put together a few tips for the optimal care of your adidas Terrex hiking shoes for women:

  • Remove coarse dirt with a brush.
  • Take the insole and laces out of your Terrex for women.
  • Clean them inside and out with lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid.
  • Let your adidas Terrex for women dry completely.

You can also apply this care routine to all adidas Terrex for women with a GORE-TEX membrane.However, you should re-waterproof your shoes every now and then to ensure durability.

Order your new adidas outdoor shoes for women now - at!

No matter whether your heart beats for sporty hiking, extreme trail runs or leisurely hikes, with an adidas Terrex for women you are optimally equipped in any case.In our shop you will find various Terrex models in different designs, from the trail run expert Agravic GTX to the bike & hike shoe Trail Cross.So order your adidas outdoor shoes for women now, completely convenient and risk-free.If you still have questions, call us or send us an email, our team will be happy to help you!