LOWA Renegade

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Lining material
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Upper material
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Lowa Renegade - the multifunctional cult hiking boot

The Lowa Renegade is a true classic among hiking boots and still the top seller in the outdoor shoe range of the manufacturer from Jetzendorf in Bavaria. And for several reasons, because in both the low-cut and mid-cut versions, the tried-and-tested outdoor all-rounder impresses with harmoniously balanced cushioning, high stability and comfortable support. This makes the Lowa GTX Renegade a reliable partner for hiking tours on paved trails, but it also proves its qualities in everyday life or when walking the dog.In walking shoes.net Shop offers the popular Lowa Renegade as a women's and men's shoe.Choose your personal favourite from various colour and model options now and order your new hiking boot securely online.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid and GTX Lo: two all-terrain classics for outdoor fans

The Renegade GTX in the Mid variant is the perfect partner for demanding tours with luggage.Especially if your hike takes you over uneven terrain, the upper of the all-terrain classic, which reaches above the ankle, offers you noticeable support and prevents you from losing your balance and twisting your ankle.But the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid is not only a great help on sloping paths littered with stones, branches and tree roots.When running through high meadows and densely overgrown forests, as well as when climbing easy via ferratas, the robust shoe with its high shaft offers optimal protection from prickly undergrowth and sharp field ledges.The low-cut Lowa Renegade GTX Lo, on the other hand, impresses with its extra freedom of movement.The low shaft, which only reaches just below the ankle, makes them ideal for everyday outdoor use such as dog walking, light hikes and walks on flat terrain.Whether it's the Lowa Renegade GTX Lo or the Renegade GTX Mid - you'll find both models in many designs and at the usual low prices.Read on to find out what other features the two all-round hiking shoes have to offer.

High-quality Vibram sole with multifunctional tread design

For reliable grip, the Lowa Renegade GTX Lo and Renegade GTX Mid are equipped with a Vibram sole.The brand's grippy rubber, together with the multifunctional tread design, ensures a high level of surefootedness on different terrains.And that in wet as well as dry weather conditions.The special construction ensures a low weight of the shoes, effective cushioning and high wearing comfort.Here Lowa uses the injection moulding process, which is considered to be very elaborate.In this process, the shoe is placed in a mould, which is then filled with several layers of PU foam.In this way, the upper and sole form a solid unit.The advantages of PU (polyurethane foam) are its low weight and excellent damping properties, which you won't want to miss on your tours.

Lowa MONOWRAP frame for more comfort and a good fit

The midsole of the Lowa MONOWRAP frame ensures an optimum fit and effective support for the foot in low-cut and mid-cut shoes.The three-dimensionally shaped sole and frame, which Lowa developed back in 1995, comfortably trap the foot and support it when walking over uneven surfaces.Since the frame is also made of polyurethane, it is hardly noticeable and contributes to the lightweight feel of the hiking shoes.For the upper material of the Lowa GTX Renegade, the Bavarian manufacturer relies on high-quality and particularly hard-wearing nubuck leather, which is offered in different colour variations.In addition to classic colours such as espresso, taupe or deep black, you will also find eye-catchers such as reed/honey, sand/apricot or ice blue/salmon that tastefully round off your hiking outfit.

The advantages of the Lowa GTX Renegade at a glance:

- a classic hiking boot that has been tried and tested for 25 years - versatile (for everyday use, on walks or for hiking) - Lowa MONOWRAP frame for optimum wearing comfort - robust and durable nubuck leather upper - GORE-TEX membrane for the best possible weather protection - available with flat and medium-high shaft - wide range of colours (from classic to modern).

Lowa Renegade GTX: Optimal weather protection thanks to GORE-TEX membrane

On multi-day hikes or tours in cold and damp weather, a shoe with good weather protection is indispensable.Lowa therefore equips most models of its cult classic Renegade with GORE-TEX.The membrane has billions of tiny pores that water droplets cannot pass through due to their size.So your feet stay reliably dry even in rain and snow.Despite its waterproof properties, the GORE-TEX membrane is air-permeable, allowing warm, moist air to escape from the inside of the shoe and fresh air from the outside to provide a comfortable foot climate.By the way: You can recognise models with a GORE-TEX membrane by the GTX suffix (abbreviation for GORE-TEX) in the product name.B.Lowa Renegade GTX Mid).If you only tour in dry and warm weather, the Renegade LL is an alternative.Instead of the GORE-TEX membrane, the shoe is equipped with a supple leather lining that also scores with high breathability and excellent wearing comfort.However, the Lowa Renegade men's and women's shoes are not waterproof without GORE-TEX.

The most frequently asked questions about the Renegade from Lowa

Every day we receive emails from outdoor fans like you, who are interested in the classic hiking boot, but still have questions about size, fit or the differences between the individual variants before buying.For this reason, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the popular shoe model for you here - including the appropriate answers, of course.

How does the Lowa Renegade perform?

The Renegade hiking boots from Lowa have an average fit and lie between the two competitors Meindl and Hanwag in terms of the width of the standard lasts.For very narrow and wide feet, Lowa offers an S and W version of most Renegade models (S stands for narrow, W for wide).Tip: You can find out whether you have a narrow, normal or wide foot by placing a tape measure around the widest part of your foot.This measurement is the so-called bale measurement and tells you which last you should choose.

Can the Lowa Renegade be resoled?

No, due to the moulded design, the sole is firmly attached to the shoe and, unlike a glue-soled shoe, a complete resole is not possible.However, it is possible to have the heels of Lowa hiking boots renewed.To do this, the shoes must first be sent in.For a fee, Lowa will grind off the expired or otherwise damaged heel and glue on a new heel tread.For this to be possible, the shoes should be completely intact except for the heel section and no more than 7 to 8 years old.If both are the case, the service life of the shoes can be extended by several years with the repair, which is very inexpensive compared to buying new.

What are the differences between the Lowa Renegade I and II?

The Lowa Renegade II is a further development of the original model that has been on the market since 1997 and has been optimised in many areas.Among other things, the Renegade II has a new sole (a Vibram Renevo on the Renegade II GTX Lo).In addition, there are some differences in the construction of the insole as well as slight changes to the design.However, the DNA of the all-terrain classic has been retained, so that fun is still guaranteed when hiking.

Order Lowa Renegade for men and women online - now at Wanderschuhe.net

With the Lowa Renegade for men and women, you're choosing a classic that has been tried and tested a thousand times over and that you can rely on in everyday life as well as on hiking tours.In our shop you can now order this shoe, which is popular with both recreational athletes and hiking professionals, in many sizes and attractive colour combinations.