Hiking shoes for ladies

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Operational area
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Lining material
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Upper material
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Sole material
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Shoe width
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Hiking shoes for women: Only the best for women's feet

Wanderschuhe für Damen gibts bei uns in den unterschiedlichsten Styles, Farben und Formen. Selbst bunte Schnürungen und zum Teil sogar Schuhe mit Farbverläufen sind bei Wanderschuhe.net keine seltenheit. Die optischen Unterschiede zwischen Damen Wanderschuhen und Herren Wanderschuhen sind bei vielen Modellen auf den ersten Blick ersichtlich. Aber das ist bei weitem nicht die einzige Abweichung. Schließlich ist es kein Geheimnis, dass weibliche Füße eine andere Anatomie besitzen als Herrenfüße. So haben Frauen im Gegensatz zu Herren einen breiteren Vorfuß und eine schmalere Ferse und ist in den Bewegungen des Fußes deutlich beweglicher als Männer. Daher sind zahlreiche Hersteller von Wanderschuhen mittlerweile dazu übergegangen, eine eigene Wanderschuh-Kollektion für Damen herauszubringen. Bei Wanderschuhe.ner findest Du die Aktuellsten Modelle von Lowa, Meindl, Adidas, Hanwag und vielen weiteren erstklassigen Brands der Outdoorszene.

So feel free and get your perfect hiking shoes for women today at a great price and in first-class quality - at Wanderschuhe.net!

Hiking shoes for women: What to look for?

There's no question that a stylish shoe is not only a woman's dream. However, when it comes to outdoor activities, you should pay more attention to good workmanship, practicality and comfort than to a stylish appearance. It's best to choose waterproof or at least water-repellent trekking shoes for women made of breathable material, which are also suitable for bad weather and rough terrain and fit comfortably even on longer hikes. Even if you're not planning long outdoor tours, a trekking shoe for women can serve you well, for example, when romping with a child or dog, trail running or walking.

Before buying hiking shoes or hiking boots for women, it is also important to think about exactly which occasions your shoes will be used for. The hiking shoe categories originally defined by the Meindl company will help you with this:

Which shoe suits your activity

  • Light walks and day hikes: Here, flat women's hiking shoes in category A come into question. Depending on your taste and the season, you can also choose mid-high hiking boots in categories A/B.
  • Extended hiking tours on paved paths: For easy, longer distances, you should choose a women's hiking boot in category A/B. Here the joint is perfectly supported by the high shaft, even on longer outdoor tours.
  • Multi-day tours with trekking rucksack: The ideal companion on multi-day trekking tours is the classic, lightweight women's trekking boot category B.
  • Climbing and hiking tours: Women with an affinity for climbing are well advised to choose hiking boot category B/C. This includes heavy women's trekking boots with high lacing to which dodgers or crampons can be attached.
  • Climbing tours on icy and rough terrain: Women's hiking boots in category C are very stable and heavy mountain boots that are also suitable for winter tours lasting several days. They usually have an edge on the heel that allows the use of semi-automatic crampons.
  • Expeditions up to 8,000 m: This requires hiking boots for women in category D. Shoes from this hiking boot segment are also known as expedition boots and are the most stable boots of all. They consist of an outer boot and a removable inner boot and are completely crampon resistant.

Hiking boots for women: Which brand?

Choosing the right hiking boot brand depends on personal preferences and demands. While the labels adidas and Keen are known for light to medium outdoor shoes and outdoor boots, the manufacturers Lowa and Meindl offer women's outdoor shoes that meet all demands and are also suitable for difficult hiking and climbing tours. In addition, with Women and Lady, they offer a product line designed specifically for women.

Other aspects include the desired upper material, the sole and the lining. The upper material can be either leather or synthetic, with leather still being the most commonly used. With most manufacturers you can choose between leather and synthetic. Only adidas relies exclusively on synthetic and textile for its Terrex hiking boot. The sole can be either rubber or abrasion-resistant Vibram®, which is primarily used for women's mountain boots and winter boots. Vibram® Arctic Grip is the most advanced sole technology for winter shoes and offers excellent grip even on wet ice. Leather or mesh are available as linings for your boots. Waterproof shoes also contain a Gore-Tex lining. With these waterproof women's shoes you can safely stow your rubber boots in the wardrobe.

Lowa hiking boots for women

Lowa hiking shoes for women are characterised by a soft and flexible shaft end, which is used because the calf begins earlier in women than in men. In addition, Lowa women's hiking shoes have a more padded tongue and women's lasts, which are specially adapted to the anatomy of the female foot. A variable midsole, in addition to the outsole and footbed, provides good cushioning, because the forces that occur during walking and hiking have a greater effect on the joints and ligaments in women than in men. In addition to a pleasant wearing sensation and a particularly good fit, our Lowa hiking shoes for women also score points with a particularly appealing look. Current colours such as mint blue, pink, orange, turquoise and red are at least as popular as classic women's shoes in black, grey, brown or beige.

If you're looking for Lowa hiking shoes for women that perfectly suit you and your outdoor hobby, take a look at our shop - you're sure to find what you're looking for! Our Lowa shoe tip: Be sure to try our Lowa Renegade GTX Mid or Low models.

Meindl hiking boots for women

Our Meindl hiking shoes for women keep surprising hiking fans with the latest shoe trends. The outdoor label has made a name for itself above all with its innovative and particularly trendy designs. Of course, Meindl shoes for women also impress with excellent quality and particularly long durability. Would you like to buy a pair of stylish Meindl hiking shoes for women? In our shop you will find the latest models from Meindl at a great price and in all sizes! Our tip: Particularly popular models of Meindl shoes are also our models from Meindl Identity, our Meindl trekking shoes and our Meindl winter boots.

Adidas hiking shoes for women

Adidashiking shoes for women are among the absolute favourites among hiking shoes and are always convincing with innovative technologies and the latest features. Adidas hiking shoes for women are particularly popular with sporty ladies. The Adidas Terrex hiking shoes for women are a real perennial favourite. You can find the latest models in a wide range of designs and colours - from mid to low - in our shop! Our Adidas tip: Adidas Terrex GTX models are not only stylish, but also super breathable thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. Mid Gore-Tex hiking shoes are of course also available from many other brands. Adidas shoes in sneaker style are a real favourite among men and women. These are suitable both as walking shoes and for light tours. Real outdoor fans especially love the Adidas Terrex Swift women's shoe.

Hanwag hiking shoes for women

Hanwaghiking shoes for women have a particularly traditional look, first-class quality and particularly robust material. The Mid GTX models and the half shoes of the cult brand are particularly popular. You want to secure yourself the classic shoes from Hanwag? In our online shop you can find great shoes as Low, Mid, Mid GTX or boots at a first-class price in your size!

Hiking shoes for women: Which size?

You are asking yourself in which size you should order your new hiking shoes? As with all other shoes, the foot length in mm is the main criterion for choosing the right size. When buying outdoor shoes for women, you should add half a size to a full size to the actual foot length to avoid bumping your toes when hiking and to have enough room for thick socks in winter boots. In addition, women have a larger big toe angle, which can develop into a pronounced bunion (hallux valgus). In this case, trekking shoes for women in the Comfort Fit fit are the best choice, as they have more bunion width.

Women's trekking shoes are available in the usual shoe sizes for women, in between sizes and oversizes. Depending on the model, sizes up to 43 or 43.5 are usually available, in some cases even larger. For example, the Meindl Ohio Lady 2 GTX is available up to size 44.5, the Meindl Activo Sport Lady GTX even up to size 47.

And what else is available...

If our classic women's hiking shoes aren't enough for you, why not try our chic trekking shoes for women instead? Another chic alternative for the cold season is our winter hiking shoes for women or our hiking boots for women. In summer, our airy trekking sandals for women are the right choice for hot days. As you can see, you are spoilt for choice with us!

Buy women's hiking boots online - at Wanderschuhe.net

At Wanderschuhe.net you will find a large selection of stylish and high-quality outdoor shoes for women. We also offer you the right accessories for your tour. You will find socks for a wide range of applications as well as laces and products for body and shoe care. All shoes and products ordered from us have a 30-day return policy and can be ordered SSL-encrypted. If you are unsure which hiking shoe or hiking boot is the right one for your trekking adventure, simply call our free advice hotline. We are looking forward to your call!