adidas hiking shoes for women

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adidas hiking shoes for women - sporty footwear for your outdoor adventures

Do you love sporty hikes, trail running over hill and dale or mountain hikes? Then our adidas hiking shoes for women are just the right companions for you. The stylish outdoor footwear from the Herzogenaurach-based sports shoe manufacturer offers the perfect combination of performance, sporty look and comfort and will drive you to peak performance time and time again.To achieve this, the cult brand with the three stripes relies on innovative technologies specially developed for outdoor activities.These are used, among other things, in the shoes of the adidas TERREX series, which you can find at Hiking in many colour and model variations.Find out now what the outdoor shoes from adidas so special and find out which model suits you best.

adidas TERREX: Versatile outdoor shoes for hiking, trail running, trekking and hiking

With the TERREX collection, adidas offers a selection of shoes aimed at outdoor athletes and tailored to the specific requirements of activities such as mountaineering, mountain biking, trail running or hiking.The basis of almost all models from the TERREX range is a robust, well-profiled and torsionally stiff TRAXION outsole made of extra-grippy Continental rubber.Torsionally stiff means that the sole does not bend too much when walking over uneven tracks with branches and stones.This distributes the load evenly over the entire foot, which protects ligaments, joints and muscles and prevents premature fatigue.For extra protection, the adidas hiking shoes for women from the TERREX range are equipped with a sturdy heel and toe cap.

BOOST midsole for maximum performance

If you like to run fast, you need a shoe that supports you in the best possible way and ideally gives you back some of the energy you expend while running.Some of the adidas trekking shoes for women, but also trail running and hiking shoes, are equipped with the adidas BOOST midsole for this purpose.This has countless small cells that absorb energy when they occur and then release it again.This provides a noticeable performance boost that enables you to surpass yourself again and again.The BOOST midsole is included in the TERREX Skychaser GORE-TEX 2.0 and the TERREX Agravic F, for example, both of which you can order from us as women's models.

Lightweight and durable upper in attractive designs

The upper material of the adidas SWIFT and TERREX shoe models from Herzogenaurach is a lightweight mix of mesh and synthetic.The mesh inserts together with the - depending on the model - GORE-TEX membrane ensure good breathability, while the synthetic impresses with its high durability and the adidas women's hiking boots make durable companions for outdoor tours.Depending on the model, abrasion-resistant overlays provide additional protection in the terrain.In terms of design, adidas trekking shoes for women present themselves in a variety of ways.In addition to outdoor shoes such as the TERREX Skychaser or TERREX SWIFT R3, which come in everyday colours such as beige, brown or black, the adidas range also includes trail running and hiking shoes for women in gaudy neon shades and with eye-catching patterns.An element that can be found on every adidas shoe model is, of course, the characteristic three stripes on the side.These serve as a style element for many shoes and are sometimes dyed white, blue or even neon yellow as a contrast to the shoe colour.

Primegreen and Primeblue: Sustainable hiking shoes from adidas for women

Today, no shoe manufacturer can ignore the issue of sustainability.With Primegreen and Primeblue, adidas is doing its part to protect the environment.In adidas outdoor shoes with Primegreen, at least 50% of the upper material is made from recycled materials.In this way, adidas aims to steadily reduce the use of unrecycled polyester (plastic) and eventually eliminate it completely from 2024.In shoes with Primeblue, at least half of the recycled material is Parley Ocean Plastic.This is plastic that has been fished out of the oceans during clean-up operations.A popular model with Primeblue is the TERREX TWO ULTRA SCARLET, which you can also find in our online shop.Tip: In our shop you will find adidas hiking shoes for women with low and medium high uppers.Which one is the right choice depends on your tours.If you are walking on difficult terrain and have luggage on your back, high hiking boots for women are the optimal choice.They offer you the best possible protection against twisting due to the high shaft.On simple tours without luggage, however, shoes with a low shaft are the best solution.They give you a lot of freedom and allow you to travel at a higher speed.

adidas outdoor shoes for women: breathable and waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX membrane

If you like to run at speed over trails, ride down hills on your mountain bike or run cross-country while hiking, you may well have to cross streams or puddles.This is no problem with the outdoor shoes from adidas with GORE-TEX: The membrane reliably keeps moisture out and ensures that you reach your destination with dry feet.However, moisture generated inside the shoe by perspiration can easily pass through the microscopic holes in the membrane.The GORE-TEX membrane also allows a permanent exchange of air, which ensures a pleasant foot climate.But do you definitely need an outdoor boot with GORE-TEX? No.If you are only on the move in dry and pleasantly warm weather and know exactly that no surprises await you on your route, a shoe without GORE-TEX is sufficient.In all other cases, we recommend adidas hiking shoes for women with a membrane.

Advantages of footwear with GORE-TEX membrane:

  • waterproof and windproof
  • insulating (against cold)
  • breathable (less sweating) pleasant foot climate

Order adidas outdoor shoes for women online - now at

Whether it's a performance trail running shoe like the TERREX SPEED PRO, a robust hiking boot like the TERREX SWIFT R3 MID or a comfortable all-rounder like the TERREX SKYCHASER: In the online shop of, we offer you adidas outdoor shoes for women for a wide range of uses.And thanks to our irregular promotions, this is always available at favourable prices and, on request, with competent advice from our staff.Use our practical filter function now, select your desired size, colour and features and have the right adidas hiking shoes for women displayed with just one click.