Winter boots for ladies

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Ladies' winter boots: fashionably warm through the cold season

When storms sweep across the country in winter, when rain or snow falls for days on end or when bitter cold covers the streets and pavements with a thick layer of ice, women simply need weatherproof shoes that keep their feet warm and dry. But don't worry: you can also get through the cold season chicly and elegantly with practical winter boots for women. With the large selection of winterproof boots and lace-up boots in various colours and styles, you will find a wide range in our online shop for walking-shoes guarantees the ideal model for the winter season.

High-quality women's boots for rain, ice and snow

The fashion industry has long recognised that today's women want to be fashionably up-to-date in every situation.It's never been easier to have the right footwear for winter and look good doing it too.Elegant Chelsea boots in soft leather, flat lace-up ankle boots with contrasting soles and Winter shoes in a rustic mountaineering look are once again fashion favourites this season.
Nevertheless, caution is advised when buying shoes.Even if some women's boots look robust at first glance and ideal for icy temperatures with their fluffy, thick lining, you should always pay attention to high quality in terms of material and workmanship.First-class women's winter boots convince with a pleasant wearing comfort and durability for years.They also support your health by preventing wet and cold feet.
In addition, good winter boots for women must be waterproof and slip-resistant.Solid rubber soles with plenty of tread depth provide good thermal insulation and defy ground frost and slush even during a longer stay outdoors.To ensure that the winter boots last more than just one winter, the sole should be stitched and not glued.The use of natural materials inside and out ensures breathability; so feet stay pleasantly warm.

Buying winter boots for women: It's all about the right size

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - that's why you should take enough time to try on your winter boots.If the winter boots for women are ordered online, it makes sense to order several women's boots and ankle boots and try them on and test them at home at your leisure.After all, shoes that are too small can quickly cause unpleasant pressure points and blisters.If the boots are too big, the foot lacks secure hold and stability, which can quickly lead to an unintentional fall, especially on wet leaves and icy paths.

Women's winter boots: What women should look for when trying on winter boots

  • Since feet swell easily during the day, it is advisable to try on winter shoes in the afternoon or evening if possible.
  • Test the fit and size of the boot with winter socks.Depending on the yarn thickness, half a shoe size or even a whole shoe size more may be necessary.
  • As a guideline, lined winter boots should always be chosen one size larger.
  • In winter shoes that are too tight, the air cannot circulate and you quickly get cold feet.The toes should therefore have enough freedom of movement, about a finger's width of space to the front is ideal.
  • Always try on both shoes and take a few steps back and forth to test the fit while walking.Lace the boots up to the top orclose the zip completely.This allows you to check whether the width and height of the upper fit perfectly.
  • If the winter boot you want is too small in your size, choose half a size larger.Brand manufacturers such as Meindl, Hanwag or LOWA also offer winter boots in intermediate sizes.

Lined ladies winter boots: Always warm feet

It may sound like a cliché, but it's scientifically proven: women get cold feet faster than men.Warm boots are therefore an absolute must for ladies in the cold, wet autumn and frosty winter.The following criteria will help you choose the right women's winter boots:

  • Poorly finished seams make it particularly easy for moisture and cold to penetrate winter shoes.Quality manufacturers therefore use the largest possible pieces for the upper material and inner lining, thus avoiding superfluous edges and seams.
  • Lined boots for women are especially cosy if the winter lining is made of lambskin.Finally, lambskin-lined winter boots guarantee optimal breathability.The natural material stores heat by trapping air between the fibres and thus protects the feet from the cold for a long time.Moreover, real lambskin feels pleasantly soft.

  • Very light and thin, a GORE-TEX® membrane (GTX) is drawn under the upper.GORE-TEX® not only has a warming effect, but is also water-repellent at the same time.Women's winter boots with GORE-TEX® - recognisable by the product designation GTX - are ideal for wet and cold weather and are particularly popular for winter hiking boots due to their light weight.

Women's winter boots: shoe shapes for every taste

Trendy and practical do not have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to winter boots for women.Casual boots in black or brown or flat boots with a classic look are always the right choice.
Chelsea boots in smooth leather or fine suede are real classics.The ankle-high half boots convince with a clear line and remind of English riding boots with their sporty-elegant touch.The typical features include the stretch insert on the side.With sealed seams, waterproof membrane and non-slip rubber sole, they are also suitable for wet and cold winter days.
It's hard to imagine winter fashion without casual lace-up ankle boots.The rustic mid-height boots from top brands like Hanwag or Meindl are available in timeless black and numerous other colours.Whether leather boots or boots made of water-repellent textile fibres - the lacing additionally stabilises the foot and ensures a secure step in ice and snow.Trend-conscious fashionistas prefer to combine robust winter boots for women in a mountaineering look with thick woollen tights and a patterned maxi dress.
For a sporty, casual look, try winter sneakers from LOWA or adidas.With a non-slip rubber sole, mid-height shaft and waterproof GORE-TEX® or warm lambskin lining, these women's shoes are even well equipped for light snow hikes.

Women's Winter Boots: The Right Care Makes the Difference

Women's winter boots have to withstand a lot in the wind, snow and cold and are subject to a lot of wear and tear.To keep them looking good for a long time, to ensure that the upper material remains soft and supple and does not lose its water-repellent properties, winter shoes must therefore be particularly well cared for.

  • Carefully waterproof the winter boots before using them outdoors for the first time.To do this, use a waterproofing spray that is suitable for the corresponding outer material.The impregnation not only keeps out moisture and cold, but also prevents dirt from penetrating the outer material.
  • Refresh impregnation at regular intervals.
  • Clean winter shoes thoroughly after each wear.Snow, dirt or rolling grit in the tread sole and on the outside of the shoe can usually be knocked off, any residue can be removed with a shoe brush.
  • How to clean the footwear depends on the material.Smooth leather needs different care than suede or textile uppers.
  • Clean winter boots made of smooth leather with a soft cloth and lukewarm water.After drying, apply leather grease.This keeps the leather supple and protects it from discolouration and unsightly salt marks.
  • Nubuck or suede leather can be cleaned well with a crepe brush.Particularly stubborn dirt can be removed with a special care foam.Afterwards, roughen the shoe again with the brush and spray with a suitable care spray.
  • Treat winter shoes made of textile uppers with a damp cloth or textile brush.
  • Always dry wet boots at room temperature and do not place them under the heating.The material can otherwise become brittle.To speed up drying, stuff shoes with newspaper.
  • If the winter boots are no longer needed, they should be cleaned and pulled onto shoe trees before storage.Store the clean women's boots in the shoe cupboard, alternatively they can be stored in a cardboard box or an air-permeable shoe bag until the next winter.

Large selection of ladies winter boots

walking offers a variety of fashionable boots and comfortable women's winter boots from well-known top brands in black, brown and other colours.You can choose at your leisure, order around the clock and also shop comfortably when it rains.We accept all common forms of payment and offer you a purchase on account within Germany.As a certified Trusted Shop, we place great emphasis on buyer protection.Our first-class service in the processing and delivery of orders is confirmed by our satisfied customers, as is the excellent quality of our products.We are looking forward to your visit in our shop!

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