Meindl hiking boots

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Meindl hiking boots - trendsetters in the outdoor industry

Meindl Air Revolution®, MFS Vakuum®, Ergonomic-Fit technology, Heelcuff-Freeflex, Memory Foam System (MFS) and GORE-TEX® SURROUND® on the one hand, tradition and craftsmanship on the other: hardly any hiking boot label manages the balancing act between innovation and durability as well as Meindl. For example, the manufacturer is constantly developing new ideas to further increase the comfort of wearing the boots. Numerous hiking boot standards, for example the categorisation according to purpose, can also be traced back to Meindl.Whether for women, men or children - Meindl hiking boots are the ideal solution for every active person and offer maximum comfort and the highest quality for trekking.

The manufacturer Meindl: Traditional craftsmanship & forward-looking innovations

Meindl hiking boots look back on a long history of development.After all, they have been made in true shoemaker quality in the Bavarian town of Kirchanschöring for over 300 years.Despite constant further development and innovative techniques, production is still based on traditional craftsmanship.For example, the manufacture of a high-quality trekking shoe alone involves over 200 work steps, which are carried out under the supervision of experienced master shoemakers.The functionality of the outdoor shoes is tested by a team of professional mountain guides and constantly developed through innovative ideas.So it is no wonder that the manufacturer has already received numerous national and international awards for its quality and innovative strength, including the coveted European Outdoor Award.

How good are Meindl shoes?

Even in extreme situations, Meindl women's hiking boots, Meindl men's hiking boots and Meindl children's hiking boots loosely do their job and optimally protect the feet from external influences.For example, Meindl is one of the few hiking boot manufacturers that uses double stitching, which significantly increases the durability of its boots.

Long hikes are no problem in Meindl hiking boots and put minimal strain on the feet thanks to their high wearing comfort.With its Fit System concept, the manufacturer offers hiking shoes with different last widths, so that comfortable shoes are also available for narrow or wide feet.Depending on the model, the Memory Foam MFS Vacuum® between the stable outer upper and the soft inner upper ensures optimum adaptation to the shape of the foot.Children's hiking shoes from Meindl make it very easy to check whether the shoe size is still the right one thanks to a removable Best-Fit footbed.

Other innovative technologies include the Air Revolution® strap made of 3D mesh, which ensures an optimal foot climate, the Alpine sole concept for Meindl hiking boots and mountain boots, the variofix® lacing system and the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® waterproof system, which keeps the hiker's feet dry all around.

Which Meindl shoes are the right ones?

With "Meindl Shoes for Actives" and "Meindl Identity", the manufacturer of innovative shoes is launching two first-class product lines on the market.Which one is right for you depends primarily on the intended use of your Meindl trekking shoe.While at Shoes for Actives models of all hiking boot categories, Identity with categories A, A/B and B only offers lighter hiking boots and hiking boots that are not suitable for extreme mountaineers.

Meindl Shoes for Actives

The brand slogan says it all: in this product line you will find hiking shoes and hiking boots for all purposes.Whether as an everyday sports shoe, trekking boot for multi-day tours or as a Meindl mountain boot for the high mountains.You can choose between different features, such as rubber or Vibram® soles, a leather or GORE-TEX® lining and a nubuck or suede upper.

Meindl Identity

When buying Meindl Identity shoes, you have the option of obtaining a detailed proof of origin of the upper leather on the manufacturer's website by means of an ID number embossed into the shoe.This is how a Meindl Identity shoe is created in five individual stages: starting from the alpine meadow to the farmer, the tannery, the production and the final result.The ID gives you complete transparency about the origin of your outdoor shoe and thus a unique shoe with its own identity.The models in this range are suitable for use up to hiking boot category B at the most.h.for multi-day tours with a trekking rucksack weighing up to 70 litres.

How do Meindl hiking shoes turn out?

Meindl hiking shoes, like all walking shoes should be bought slightly larger to avoid bumping your toes when walking.It is ideal to add 15 mm to the actual size for adults and 12 mm for children.When choosing your hiking boots, you should also make sure that they have a suitable last width.

How do I care for Meindl hiking boots?

Meindl hiking shoes for women and Meindl hiking shoes for men are characterised by high-quality materials and perfect workmanship and can last a very long time with the right care.Basic cleaning is best done in the classic way with a soft to medium-hard brush and a little warm water.The finer the leather, the softer the brush should be.Subsequent impregnation can be carried out every three weeks with commercially available impregnation products.We also recommend wax for leather care.

For hiking you will find the right Meindl trekking shoes.

If you are looking for new and high-quality hiking boots, you will certainly find them in our online shop.We offer you a wide selection of high-quality hiking shoes and hiking boots from Meindl.From the Meindl Borneo to the Ohio Lady: you are guaranteed to find the right footwear for your tour.Of course, always at a favourable price and with the service of a specialist retailer for exclusive and individual hiking boots.Just browse through the different categories and find the boots that suit you! We will be happy to advise you free of charge.