Winter shoes for ladies

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Women's winter shoes: Well protected against wet and cold

When it's stormy and snowing outside, ballerinas, loafers and high-heels have to make way from the shoe rack; it's time for waterproof and cosily warm-lined winter shoes. But that doesn't detract from a stylish look: with casual boots, high winter boots and lace-up ankle boots in black or the season's current colours, women can get through the winter in a trend-conscious and non-slip way.

The best winter boots for snow and ice

On icy paths and in slush, slippery rubber boots, sneakers or high-heeled ankle boots made of delicate materials like patent leather are definitely not the right choice.Good women's winter boots and Men's winter boots are made of robust, water-repellent materials and should always be flat, i.e., not too equipped with a low heel height.This ensures a secure grip on slippery surfaces and at the same time prevents incorrect stresses in the arch of the foot and metatarsal bones.To brave the wind and cold, it is advisable to choose ankle-high boots or booties instead of loafers.This keeps the foot warm and protects the sensitive joints from injuries caused by twisting.The selection of functional winter shoes is large, but by no means every winter shoe for women delivers what it promises visually.Good quality can be recognised by the following characteristics:

  • Thick soles with deep tread for slippery conditions.Ideally, the sole profile is designed to clean itself of snow and mud as you walk.
  • The sole is made of a soft rubber compound that provides better grip in lower temperatures.In addition, the material insulates better than synthetics and does not wear out as quickly.
  • The sole is sewn and not glued.This increases the density of the winter boot and guarantees long durability.
  • The upper material of the boots is made of leather or high-quality nylon fabric with as few seams as possible.
  • Quality shoes for winter have a breathable, waterproof intermediate layer, e. g.B.made of GORE-TEX® (GTX).This prevents moisture from penetrating the boot, but body moisture can still escape to a certain extent and does not remain in the boot.
  • The insole of the winter shoe also plays an important role.It additionally protects against the penetration of moisture and must at the same time absorb the moisture released by the feet.High-quality insoles therefore consist of several layers, the top layer is usually leather.

Ladies' winter shoes lined against cold feet

Whether you choose unlined or lined winter shoes for women depends on the intended use.If you only have short distances to cover and wear the boots primarily in the dry workplace, you will probably opt for an unlined winter boot.Nevertheless, attention must be paid to the insulating intermediate layer.A thin GORE-TEX® membrane ensures that the shoe is waterproof and at the same time provides a comfortable foot climate.This is especially appreciated by ladies whose feet tend to perspire heavily with odour.If you like to go for long walks outdoors in winter or have to deal with long waits at draughty bus or train stops, you should opt for lined winter shoes.Real lambskin is particularly popular as a lining.The 100 % natural material is not only wonderfully soft and fluffy, but also guarantees to keep your feet toasty warm even in persistent sub-zero temperatures.

Winter Shoes Ladies Shoe Size

For a healthy course of movement resp.the complete rolling movement, toes and foot need sufficient space in the shoe, and at the same time the foot should find a secure hold with the heel.In a perfectly fitting shoe, the heel does not slip and the shoe fits snugly in the midfoot area without pressing.The foot is thus optimally supported.This also has a positive effect on tread resistance, which is particularly important in winter on wet leaves, mud and snow.Not all feet are the same.While some women need more slim-fitting winter shoes, others need more width because of a wide foot.When trying on winter boots, you should therefore take plenty of time to find the perfect-fitting pair.It makes sense to order several pairs of shoes from our online shop for women's winter shoes and try them on at home.You can return shoes that don't fit or you don't like within 30 days.

Tips for choosing the right women's winter shoes

  • Shoes that are too tight can restrict circulation and cause cold feet.Therefore, winter shoes should always be tried on with warm socks.
  • Winter shoes lined with lambswool usually have to be chosen one size larger.
  • Make sure that the shoe fits well at the heel and is neither constricted nor slides back and forth.
  • The toes need sufficient room to move.To the front, therefore, always 10 to 15 mm, d.h.about a finger's breadth, be space.
  • Be sure to try on both shoes and walk a few steps to check.If available, winter shoes should be laced up or worn during the test run.the zip can be closed completely.In this way, not only the wearing comfort can be reliably checked, but also whether the boot has the right shaft width.
  • The distance between the shoe sizes common in Europe is exactly 6.67 millimetres.Since this gradation may be too large, manufacturers such as Meindl, Hanwag or LOWA also offer their brand shoes in intermediate sizes.
  • If possible, choose models that are specially tailored to the anatomy of the female foot, for example LOWA Women.

Women's winter shoes lined and waterproof: Warm feet for winter hiking

If you don't want to miss out on long hikes even when it's freezing cold, winter hiking boots for women that are specially designed for icy temperatures are the perfect choice.For example, Meindl offers women's hiking boots that keep feet warm down to minus 30 degrees outside.With its Cold Weather Boots, the manufacturer LOWA also offers the right companions for outdoor activities in the cold season.In any case, it is important that the winter shoes for women are lined and waterproof.First and foremost, winter shoes with a waterproof and breathable membrane (GORE-TEX®) that protects the foot from external moisture and allows sweat to escape in the form of water vapour.Leather or synthetic fibres are suitable for the upper material of women's winter shoes, both of which can be well sealed against moisture from the outside.The hiking-boots should be robustly made and have few seams through which cold and wetness could get inside.Other features on some models include a protective toe box and a raised rubber rand.A high shaft provides additional support and, in combination with waterproof gaiters, prevents the penetration of cold and snow.Special attention is paid to the sole when manufacturing winter hiking boots for women.At low temperatures, the ground is harder, so the rubber compound and tread are adjusted accordingly.If the sole is sufficiently stiff, it is possible to attach a grödel on steep trails.

What to consider when caring for winter shoes

Investing in a high-quality winter shoe for women is worthwhile, because a quality product from a brand manufacturer will last for many years if it is well cared for.

This is the best way to proceed:


  • winter boots before using them outdoors for the first time.Regular spraying with a waterproofing spray suitable for the upper material keeps winter shoes dirt and water repellent.
  • Clean shoes thoroughly after each wear: tap off coarse dirt or remove with a shoe brush.
  • Allow shoes to dry well at room temperature before further treatment.
  • Smooth leather remains supple if it is regularly cared for with shoe wax.
  • Wooden shoe trees keep winter shoes in good shape.

Ladies winter shoes and boots from top brands

The online shop from offers a wide range of winter shoes for women and walking shoes of well-known brand manufacturers in various shapes, colours and sizes.Women's shoes with wide lasts for a slightly stronger female foot are also available.Find your favourite shoe in the comfort of your own home and order around the clock.For all questions about sizes, fit and materials, our free advice hotline will be happy to help you.We accept all common forms of payment and offer you a purchase on account within Germany.We are looking forward to your order!

Our advantages at a glance:

Large range of women's winter shoes and hiking boots

  • Many models also available in between sizes
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  • Extensive range of foot and shoe care products
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