Winter boots men

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Men's winter boots: Non-slip shoes for winter outdoor activities

Sporty, active men need shoes that are hard-wearing and resilient and can cope with all activities without any problems. This is especially true for outdoor sports in the cold season. In winter, light sneakers made of fabric and elegant men's shoes with smooth leather soles belong in the back row of the shoe cupboard. Instead, robust boots are now in demand that provide a firm grip on slippery surfaces and keep feet warm and dry even in sub-zero temperatures.

How to recognise a good winter boot for men

Which men's winter boots are really weatherproof and how can you recognise good quality? What does a man wear with a suit and what is the best material for lined winter shoes? To keep feet warm for a long time even in frosty temperatures and to ensure a secure grip on icy paths, high-quality winter shoes must have numerous features:

  • Sufficient shaft height; for a better grip and protection from wind and cold, winter shoes should reach at least above the ankle or higher.
  • Thick soles with deep tread
  • Robust upper made of waterproof material
  • Breathable mid-layer , e.g.B.GORE-TEX® (GTX)
  • Removable inner sole made of several layers
  • Warming inner lining, for example made of lambskin

Sturdy rubber sole for good grip

The cold comes from below.Therefore, special attention should be paid to high-quality soling in winter boots for men.Non-slip soles are thick and have a deep tread that cleans itself of mud and snow as much as possible while walking.The most suitable material is a soft rubber compound.Finally, rubber insulates better than synthetics, has less abrasion and ensures a good grip even at lower temperatures.High-quality men's winter shoes also have a stitched sole instead of a glued one.This ensures that no water can penetrate the boot.

Good foot climate thanks to breathable materials

Faux leather or cheap synthetic material has only insufficient insulation, which is why leather such as robust nubuck or smooth leather as well as nylon should be preferred as upper material.Here, however, it depends on the processing.Your winter boot should have as few seams as possible, as this is where cold and water can penetrate most quickly.In addition, a waterproof, breathable intermediate layer keeps the wetness out.A GORE-TEX® membrane has proven itself for this purpose.The thin, lightweight material is not bulky and ensures that moisture can escape from the winter shoe.Shoes with GORE-TEX® can be recognised by the GTX product designation.High wearing comfort and a pleasant foot climate are also supported by a multi-layer insole.The cover sole and insole, i.e. the top layer and the layer underneath, should preferably be made of leather.Foot sweat can be absorbed best this way.Cardboard insoles, which are often used in cheap boots, soak up moisture quickly and dry slowly.

Winter boots men lambskin: Warm feet guaranteed

Men who spend a lot of time outdoors in winter cannot do without lined winter boots - for example lambskin boots.Lambskin is particularly suitable as a warming lining, as the air can circulate well through its fibres.This means that neither heat accumulation during heavy sweating nor cold feet can occur in the winter shoe.Lambswool is soft, easy to care for and comfortable against the skin and can keep feet warm in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees.

Men's winter boots: Perfect fit and size

No matter which winter boot a man chooses - the shoe must fit perfectly for optimal tread resistance and wearing comfort.Therefore, it makes sense to take enough time to try on boots and boots and only try on men's winter boots in the evening hours, as this is when the foot circumference is greatest.The following criteria should be observed during the fitting itself.

  • The shoe must fit well at the heel, it must neither be constricted nor slip back and forth.
  • The toes need sufficient space when walking.So that they do not bump against the toe of the shoe when walking fast, there should always be 10 to 15 mm of air to the front.
  • Please always test your winter boot with thick socks.Depending on the thickness of the stockings, it is advisable to buy the shoe one or two sizes larger.Shoes that are too tight restrict circulation and the feet quickly become cold.
  • Winter boots for men, lined with lambskin should be chosen one size larger according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Our feet are rarely exactly the same.Therefore, always try on both shoes and walk a few steps to test them.Lace up your winter shoes or wear a pair of shoes.close the zip all the way to the top.This is how you can tell if the winter boot fits comfortably on the foot and the shaft.

Classic boots, lace-up boots or winter sneakers: men's boots for every occasion

Today's men value a well-groomed appearance, are enthusiastic about men's fashion and are open to current fashion trends.This season, too, the fashion market is buzzing with a variety of men's winter boots and booties in different colours and shapes, which doesn't necessarily make choosing the right winter boots for men any easier.Men are often unsure whether winter boots are also suitable for business and go with a suit, and which colour is the right one for the office.

Styles to the point

Simple and classic boots can be combined as business shoes with suits or worn with casual leisure outfits, so that men don't have to do without a warming winter boot at work either.The Meindl Identity, which with Seefeld and Schladming has produced lambskin boots that impress with their simple elegance, a robust rubber sole and a warming inner lining.Both models are available in a dark brown.The special highlight of this range of shoes is the complete proof of origin of the upper leather, so that each men's boot has a unique identity.Lace-up boots for men are perfect companions for the trendy casual wear style.The hearty boots, whose look was inspired by traditional mountain boots, are particularly popular in leisure time.Depending on the individual outfit, lace-up boots from brand manufacturers such as LOWA, Meindl, Hanwag or Timberland also suitable for extended winter hikes.Laced winter boots for men are available in classic black and hazelnut brown as well as rust red, olive or light brown shades.If you don't want to do without casual sneakers in the cold season, a lined winter sneaker is the perfect choice.With its sporty appearance, the Terrex Free Hiker, the weatherproof winter boot from adidas very well with jeans and a cardigan.

How to care for men's winter boots properly

Even extremely robust winter boots are subject to heavy wear in ice and snow.White salt marks often remain on the leather, which not only looks unsightly but also attacks the material.To prevent the residues from causing permanent damage, the stains should be removed immediately.

  • Colourfast winter shoes made of smooth or rough leather can be treated with a leather shampoo when damp.
  • Then leave the shoe to dry well at room temperature.
  • Do not place winter boots under the heating, otherwise the leather will become brittle.
  • Once the shoe is dry, apply shoe wax to smooth leather ora liquid care for suede and nubuck leather.
  • Finally, impregnate the winter shoes.

Regular waterproofing not only ensures that winter shoes remain waterproof.Thorough treatment with a waterproofing spray adapted to the upper material also prevents salt residues from penetrating the leather.

Men's winter boots: 24/7 shopping pleasure

Winter boots for men lined and unlined, waterproof boots and casual shoes, leather boots and shoes made of synthetics: the extensive range in our online shop leaves nothing to be desired.You can order around the clock and try them on in the comfort of your own home.If you have any questions about the available sizes, fits and materials, our free telephone hotline will be happy to help.Let's go on a shopping tour!

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