Walking shoes

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Walking shoes - comfortable shoes for brisk walking

If you like to be active in the fresh air and consciously experience the nature around you, walking is the ideal sport for you. Because the gentle mix of walking and jogging is suitable for beginners as well as for trained people who want to do something good for their cardiovascular system and boost fat burning with outdoor exercise. However, before you start walking, you should definitely get yourself a suitable outfit.In addition to functional and comfortable outerwear, shoes are especially important for endurance sports that are easy on the joints.Walking shoes take into account the special movement sequences during walking and support the rolling behaviour of the feet with their sole.This is easy on your joints and ensures that you can enjoy the sport without any worries.

Depending on the type of walking you want to do and where you prefer to do your rounds, different shoe models are available.For brisk walking on flat and asphalt routes, light walking shoes with little tread are particularly suitable, while walking in mountainous terrain requires shoes with a grippy sole and possibly a higher shaft.In walking shoes.net online shop we offer you walking shoes at low prices and in many variants.These include brand highlights from manufacturers such as Hanwag, Lowa and Meindl, which are characterised by pleasant wearing comfort, high-quality materials and an attractive price-performance ratio.Find out why a suitable shoe is so important for walking and what you should look out for when buying one.

Facilitate rolling and protect joints: That's why a walking shoe is indispensable

Whether power walking or Nordic walking, the movements involved in walking are fundamentally different from those involved in running or jogging.A characteristic feature of walking is that one foot always remains on the ground and is deliberately rolled from the heel to the toe.The roll-off takes place in three phases: In the first phase you hit the ground with your heel.Then you roll your foot over the full surface and move smoothly into the propulsion phase, where you push off strongly with the tip of your foot and thus provide propulsion.

However, in order for you to be able to perform this rolling movement smoothly, the shoe must have special features.These include a bevelled heel and movement grooves in the sole, which give the shoe more flexibility and thus facilitate rolling.Normal sports or running shoes that do not have these rolling characteristics are less suitable for walking and can even increase the strain on your joints in the long run.A good walking shoe is characterised by other features in addition to good roll-off behaviour.

Breathable materials and a grippy sole: this is what makes a good walking shoe

A good walking shoe should not only be flexible and allow your feet to roll naturally, but also offer a high level of comfort.This includes pleasant cushioning, but it should not be too pronounced.Unlike jogging, where 2 to 3 times your body weight has to be absorbed, walking shoes only have to absorb about 1 to 1.5 times your body weight.Another important feature of walking shoes is a grippy sole.Depending on where you walk, the tread of the sole should be more or less pronounced.In addition, the walking shoe should have a reinforcement at the toe.This is made of rubber and enables you to push off powerfully when rolling and thus optimally convert your energy into a forward movement.For brisk walking, however, not only good grip on the ground is required, but also the best possible lateral support.And this is especially true when you leave paved paths and walk over gravel tracks, forest paths or meadows, for example.In this case, a walking shoe with a higher upper is recommended, as it provides optimal protection against accidental twisting of the ankle.

Intensive walking can be sweaty.Therefore, it is important that the shoes are made of breathable materials.For this reason, many manufacturers such as adidas, Hanwag and Lowa rely on synthetic materials and a Gore-Tex membrane for many of their models.The latter sits between the upper material and the inner lining and has billions of tiny pores.These help prevent heavy sweating by allowing moisture to escape quickly from the inside to the outside.A practical side effect: the membrane makes the walking shoes waterproof. Waterproof shoes enable you to walk in wind and weather and also cross puddles or streams dry-footed.

At a glance: Here's what you should look for when buying walking shoes

  • Profile: For walking on unpaved surfaces, the profile of the walking shoe should be coarser and deeper.On asphalt or paved paths, on the other hand, a less pronounced profile is sufficient.
  • Material: Lightweight walking shoes made of synthetic materials are suitable for athletic power walking.For alternating walking and hiking, leather shoes are an option as they are particularly robust.
  • Membrane: If you don't only want to walk in good weather, a Gore-Tex membrane is indispensable.It is breathable and at the same time ensures that the walking shoes are waterproof.
  • Sole: The sole of walking shoes for men, women and children is ideally slightly bevelled at the heel and equipped with movement grooves over the entire surface that enable a smooth rolling motion.

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Whether you are just starting to walk or are already an old hand at walking: In our online shop you will find the best Walking shoes for women, men and children, with which you can enjoy sporty walking in nature safely and comfortably.Choose the walking shoes that suit you best from our constantly growing selection of top models from renowned manufacturers.You'll find sporty models for power walking like the TERREX from adidas as well as warm and waterproof shoes from Meindl, so you don't have to give up walking even in bad weather and on soft surfaces.And of course, as usual, at an attractive price-performance ratio and with fast shipping.