Walking shoes for ladies

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Walking shoes for women - the right shoes for endurance sports

Our walking shoes for women are the perfect companions if you want to be active in the fresh air and explore nature at the same time. With their profiled sole, the shoes specially developed for walking give you a secure hold both on paved paths and on narrow forest paths and cross-country runs. Their flexibility and gentle cushioning ensure that your feet can roll optimally while walking and that your joints and tendons are protected.So you can enjoy your walking tours - with or without poles - in a relaxed way and let the surroundings take effect on you in peace.

Discover cheap walking shoes for women from brands like Adidas, Lowa and Meindl in our online shop now and find out what you should look out for when choosing.We also explain what makes walking shoes for women so special and what distinguishes them from running, trekking and hiking shoes.By the way: If you want to alternate between walking and hiking, you should buy robust hiking shoes in addition to the walking shoe for women.Outstanding quality is offered, for example, by the <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brand/adidas/">Adidashiking shoes,<a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brand/lowa/">Lowahiking boots,<a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/brands/hanwag/">Hanwaghiking boots and <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/marken/meindl/">Meindlhiking boots from our range.

What distinguishes good walking shoes for women?

Thanks to their special shape and particularly high flexibility, walking shoes for women allow your foot to roll naturally from the heel to the tips of your toes.This distributes the weight evenly over the whole foot and prevents one-sided stress.At the same time, this ability ensures that you can push off powerfully while walking and optimally convert the energy into forward movement.This way you need less strength overall and reach your desired walking speed more easily.Popular models such as the adidas walking shoes for women have reinforcements at the toe that support the push-off and increase the durability of the shoes.

In addition to flexibility, good shoes offer gentle cushioning.However, this is not as intensively pronounced as in running shoes, for example, because it has to absorb less weight when walking.A sole adapted to the ground ensures a secure grip.Most models can be used on asphalt as well as on gravel and firm forest floors.However, if you want to go off the beaten track, women's walking shoes with a slightly rougher tread are the way to go.The breathability of the shoes plays just as big a role as the sole.Walking shoes with Gore-Tex for women allow permanent air exchange.This ensures that your feet stay fresh even on longer tours.At the same time, the membrane ensures that the walking shoes for women are waterproof.So you can get through meadows, puddles and small streams on dry feet.

The features of good walking shoes for women at a glance:

  • Gentle cushioning protects joints and tendons during walking.
  • Gore-Tex membrane ensures optimal foot climate and dry feet.
  • High flexibility allows natural rolling from heel to toe.
  • Shoe soles adapted to the ground ensure a secure hold.
  • Reinforcements ensure high durability and protect the feet.

How should walking shoes for women fit?

A good fit of the shoes is essential.This is the only way to effectively prevent unpleasant pressure marks or painful blisters after longer walking tours.Besides a comfortable shoe width that is not too narrow and not too wide, the toe area plays the most important role in the fit.Because of the permanent rolling, your feet are always in motion in the shoe.To allow this movement and to prevent your toes from bumping into the front of the shoe every time you step on it, there should be about a thumb's width of space between your big toe and the toe of the shoe.

What are the different walking shoes for women?

Manufacturers like adidas, Meindl or Lowa offer walking shoes for women in different designs.Which one suits you best depends on how and where you prefer to do your sport.Tours on unpaved trails make different demands on your footwear than walks through the park, around the lake or over the top of the dyke.In the following, we will briefly introduce you to the different shoe models and their suitability.

Trail walking shoes for women

If you prefer to find your own paths, you need a walking shoe for women that is suitable for this.The ideal choice are trail walking shoes for women, which give you a secure grip on unpaved surfaces with their coarse tread.Many of these robust models are reinforced on the outside and have a breathable and waterproof membrane.Adidas walking shoes for women are popular, such as the Terrex Swift R2 model, which is perfect for walking on varying surfaces.Lowa walking shoes for women can also show their strengths on trails.A good example is the Innox Evo GTX model.The high-quality walking shoes for women are waterproof, sporty and robust.

Tip: Trekking shoes for women are also suitable for walking on varying surfaces.

Comfort walking shoes for ladies

As the name suggests, these shoes focus on comfort.They offer a less pronounced profile and, thanks to their soft lining and comfortable cushioning, are made for longer walks where speed is not the primary concern.Many of these comfortable walking shoes for women are waterproof and have a high-tech membrane for a pleasant foot climate.

Nordic Walking Shoes for Ladies

For Nordic Walking, manufacturers such as Adidas, Lowa and Meindl offer walking shoes for women that are especially suitable for the Nordic sport.They allow your feet to roll optimally and give you a secure hold.There are differences in the profile.Whether this is shallower or deeper depends on whether you are more likely to be walking on normal paths or also on forest paths.
As with the other models, there are also breathable and waterproof walking shoes for women that you can easily use in autumn and winter.

How do I clean my walking shoes for women properly?

Dust, wetness, mud - your walking shoes for women have to withstand a lot when walking.With the right and, above all, regular care, you can considerably extend their durability.The following recommendations apply to all walking shoes for women - whether waterproof or not and of course also <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/outdoor-shoes/hiking-shoes/">women's hiking shoes as well as <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/women/outdoor-shoes/trekking-shoes/">Women's trekking shoes:

  • Remove the laces and insole.
  • Remove coarse dirt with a brush.
  • Clean the shoes inside and out with lukewarm water.
  • Let the walking shoes for women dry well (not on the heater!).
  • Finally, impregnate them with a suitable impregnation spray.

Order cheap walking shoes for women online

If you are looking for good walking shoes for women, but also <a href="https://www.walking shoes.net/mens/outdoor-shoes/walking-shoes/">walking shoes formen and children, you are looking for hiking shoes.net is spot on.Whether you are looking for sporty adidas walking shoes for women, classic Lowa walking shoes for women or traditional Meindl walking shoes for women - with us you can choose between the best and most popular models from different manufacturers.And as usual, at great prices and with fast shipping, so you can start your next tour soon.Thanks to our 30-day return policy, you don't take any risks with your order.Try on your new walking shoes for women at your leisure and then decide whether they fit you perfectly.

If you need help choosing the right size or have general questions, we are always happy to advise you by e-mail or by phone on 0661 480 4898 0.We look forward to seeing you!